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Well. This is Pretty Much Perfect.

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Today I was driving back home from signing Raven Boys pre-orders at Fountain Bookstore, and the mountains were looming attractively all around the interstate, and the sunset was smiling ferociously over the top of them, and the car was charging tremendously fast beneath me, and I was playing 80s music because, why the hell not, and I thought to myself that my current life sure did compare rather favorably to my childhood dreams.*

P. S. New Line/ Warner Brothers just optioned The Raven Boys’ film rights, with Akiva Goldman producing. And if Akiva’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because he was a writer for Fringe, Angels & Demons, I Am Legend, and Cinderella Man, and producer for yet more awesome like Constantine, A Beautiful Mind, and Da Vinci Code.

*thank you, readers, for that.

  • Kaida

    lol who doesn’t love 80s music?! Love the pic XD

  • Gwyneth

    YAY 80’S MUSIC, FAST CARS, AND FILM RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *you’re welcome, author, for that.

    For my minuscule part, anyways.

  • Leanne

    You’re welcome! We are all clearly grateful that you spent hours perfecting your craft and even more hours sharing your wisdom for FREEEEEEEE in all of the awesome blogs you’ve run over the years!
    Also, you're an over-achiever.
    Don't change.
    Keep 'em coming.

    * 'em is the brilliant words you put together to make magnificent sentences which form perfect paragraphs that tell phenomenal stories.

  • Ameriie

    Congrats on the film news. Can’t wait to see this on the big screen!

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