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Two Virginia Events Added

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I always feel a little tremulous about adding Virginia events to my calendar because I, like all authors, fear the prophet-in-your-home-town effect of local events. There is nothing weirder than having lovely events elsewhere and expecting to come home to a lovely event bolstered by family and friends and then discover that somehow, you have lost your family and friends and in fact, no one else got the memo either. In past years, I’ve actually managed to have more family and friends show up at the events hundreds of miles away than just down the road.

NONETHELESS it has been a long time since I’ve done events really close to my stomping grounds, and we have added two to the May calendar. Also, they’re not just events but awesome events because John Corey Whaley will also be at them. You will recall, gentle readers, that I adored his book.

So here are two events that are really, really in my stomping grounds. In fact, the Jabberwocky Books store is about 50 feet away from where I first took bagpipe lessons, 500 feet away from where I first met my husband in college, and a mile away from my old alma mater. It’s also really close to the used bookstore that I completely ganked for the bookstore in the Shiver series. The plus side to coming to the events close to my house, though, is that I tend to bring loads of extra foreign editions and swag to give away, because I don’t have to bring it on a plane.

May 17th, Printz Event with John Corey Whaley, 6 p.m.
Jabberwocky Books, 810 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

May 18th, Printz Event with John Corey Whaley, 7 p.m
Hooray for Books, 1555 King St., Alexandria, Virginia 22314

  • So, like a good little reader, I added this feed to my Google Reader earlier this week when you made the announcement about slowly moving all your bloggy goodness to this site. When the posts from this site come across my Google Reader, however, they only show the first three lines as a teaser, and one must click on the teaser to come to this site to read the entirety of the post. Is there some way around this of which you are aware? I like reducing the clicks in my life. 😉

    • Hmmm I’m sure there is (I controlled that aspect when I was doing my Blogger feed), but it’s probably in my webmaster’s hands. I’ll see what they say.

      • Great! I’ll look forward to hearing what they say. Another potential problem with this blog set-up is that it doesn’t give notification for replies. Instead, I had to check back here to see if you had replied. Is there some way to set it up that I’m missing so as to receive replies ? Reading your responses is my favorite part of the blog experience. 🙂

  • I LOVE-LOVE your new website!!!! So creative!! and Beautiful!!!

  • Lauren

    I live two hours from Fredericksburg, but my cousin absolutely adores you and your books, so she has somehow “bribed” me into going to a book signing in Fredericksburg, a drive two hours away. However, I have nothing against the books, looking forward to going!! 🙂

    • Hahaha, aren’t you a good cousin! We’ll try our best to be entertaining for non-fangirls as well. 🙂

  • Rose E. Lacey

    When will you come to Canada? I just finished The Wolves of Mercy falls and I can’t wait to read the Scorpio Races and I would be a dream come true to see you!

    • Ah, I came to Canada last year and it was great! I’m not sure when I’ll make it back up there, but I hope soon. 🙂

      • Rose E. Lacey

        Looks like I read the books a year too late! 😉 Guess I’ll be waiting partiently till that announcement comes!
        P.S: OMG MAGGIE STEIFVATER REPLIED TO MY COMMENT!!! EEK!!! I”VE NEVER HAD MY AVOURITE AUTHOR DO THAT BEFORE (cause when I read your book two weeks ago, you flew right to the top :D)

  • Hayley

    Hi, I was Just wondering if there was going to be a second book for The Scorpio Races?

  • Erin

    Hi! I’m sure you’ve heard this before but I love the way you write. I guess part of that is because it’s exactly how I like to write. For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to write a novel and for some reason or other I’ve given up on every effort I make. About a week ago I read The Scorpio Races and I looked up your website to see if there was a sequel to it. I then totally found myself addicted to reading your blogs.. Especially the ones where you give tips on writing. I think that finally, thanks to your advice, I know what I’ve been doing wrong all this time.. But my problem now is that I have NO IDEA how to start my book… This is a problem I’ve never had before.. I tried listening to music that goes along with my themes and mood and all this different stuff to inspire the beggining but I’m stuck. I have several scenes that are for later in the book that I am so excited to write and I already know how to word them but I just can’t get the beginning. Any advice???

  • Emily

    hi, is there going to be another book after Forever? And is Shiver, Linger and Forever becoming a movie?
    I am 10 and I love all your books.

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books, Emily! As to your questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions at the top of this page (there’s a link that says FAQ). I think that should do the trick!

  • Phoebe

    Hiya, this is one of many comment but i would just like to ask as i am sure many others have, can you please create another book following forever 🙂 All the girls in my year at school love the way your books are written and we would just like to say thank you for writing such great books. Also will the SHIVER trilogy be turned into movies any time soon?
    Your new website look Fab by the way!!!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with how the site turned out, too!! I’m so glad you’re loving the books. If you check out the FAQ at the top of this page, you’ll find out all the info about Forever and the movie, etc. Hope that helps!

  • EmmaZ

    Hi Maggie…Lament is my favorite book ever!! I’ve read it three I know that Ballad is the sequel to Lament but I was wondering if you are going to write another book that continues the Lament story? I would love to know what happens with Deirdre and Luke!

  • Melody

    Hi Maggie .
    How did you become a professional novelist ? Did you have any formal studying in English Literature ? I know you do not need that to become a novelist , but any training helps.
    Also , did you ever have sense you should do something important in your life but not know why ? If so , what did you do with that ? I have this mysterious feeling that I should do something that I can not explain , but is really rather important.
    I visited this city when I was kid , and know I want to move there. I have only been to this city less than a dozen times and barely know anything about it.
    I love blogs ! Keep it up . And I also like how you answer ever single comment , unlike most blog masters who never do anything with them at all.

    From , Melody
    in Canada

  • Fruzsi

    Hello! When will you go Hungary again?(sorry the errors, I’m hungarian :)) 😛 )

  • Anonymous

    My reaction~

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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