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The Raven King Tour & Art Post

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Here is the massively long post with all of the information surrounding the Raven King release — the tour, the pre-orders, the giveaways. Why do I interview myself? They say a good interviewer knows their subject in and out. I’m going to try to hit all the questions I ordinarily get about these things, but let me know if I’ve been unclear. Let’s do this thing:


For months, I’ve been talking about how Scholastic and I were working on a special thing only available on tour. Here it is. They tell me it’s called a book hugger (which I think is technically what readers are) but it’s this:

Make Way for the Raven King Stiefvater

Make Way for the Raven King webready


Scholastic asked me to create a piece of art that would fit around the complete series as it sat on the shelf (or could be taped to a wall, if you prefer). All you have to do to get one on tour is buy copy of The Raven King from the hosting store. And before you ask, yes, even if you’ve bought The Raven King from somewhere else. These are spendy bits of tour swag and really are meant to support the stores who host my tour. If you’re desperate for a book hugger and can’t make it to an event, you can call a hosting store to buy a copy of TRK from them and ask them to reserve one of the book huggers at the event, but there’s also other ways to get TRK related art (see below).



At some of the tour stops, Scholastic’s also arranged a special offer designed for people who are trying to convince their friends to start the Raven Cycle. At the tour stops with a star next to them, anyone who buys The Raven King can purchase The Raven Boys (in either hardcover or paperback) for 50% off. (This is only available the day of these events.)



Here’s another way to get my art on a book. If you pre-order a copy of The Raven King from Fountain Bookstore (any order before April 26th), you will get the signed bookplate that I designed as well as a hand-drawn sketch. If you order before the 15th, the book is guaranteed to ship before the on-sale date. Right now, I have over three-thousand copies in my garage that I’m slowly filling with little sketches.




I get asked a lot if other stores will have this offer. Nope, it’s just Fountain Bookstore, because the logistics of it mean I can only manage this if I work through one store. Because there are a billion of these books in my garage, I can’t do requested sketches, but I can personalize them if you ask for it in the comments section when you order. Fountain ships internationally, but if you’re in the UK or Europe, there’s a cheaper option (see below). Also, if you have a question about Fountain shipping, please contact them, not me. Because of how messages I get a day, there’s a really good chance I won’t see it in time. I promise they are very approachable and easy-going — we’ve slowly and lumpily worked out a process for this over the last six or seven years of working together, and they want the same thing as you: for you to end up smiling with a copy of the book in your hands as close to the release date as possible.



I reprinted a limited number of the bookplates that came with the pre-ordered copies of the first three books in the series, and if you buy one of the first books in the series from Fountain Bookstore before April 26th, they’ll ship you the bookplate that matches it, in case you want to complete your set.

The raven boys bookplate

Small Dream Thieves Bookplate

Blue Lily Bookplate Small



Seven Stories is a great UK bookstore who will offer the signed TRK bookplates (no doodle in these copies) with every copy of The Raven King pre-ordered before the UK release date (which I think is actually a week later). (This is the bookplate on its own: it will have my name on the bottom when it makes its way to you).

The Raven King bookplate small


Finally, the nitty-gritties of the tour events. I’ll be hitting the road from April 26-June 9th, then leaping onto a plane for a few UK events in July. I’ll be adding at least one other UK event, but the U.S. tour schedule is complete. If you’re intending on driving from a long way away for one of these events, please double-check the location and time with the hosting store to make sure you end up there on the right weekend/ right hour. I have only had a handful of people show up a week late, but trust me, I remain eternally scarred by the memory of their disappointment.

Timing-wise, I usually talk for twenty minutes or so and then take questions for twenty minutes or so, and then we get to signing. The moment to chat in the signing line usually goes quicker than you expect — it’s a lot of waiting and then two minutes to stare at the top of my head while I sign and chat at you. The store will give you a post-it note for you to write your name on it if you want me to personalize it, so we don’t have to spend time shouting HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT? If you’re the tongue-tied sort, know that I always like to hear about a favorite scene or character or book. And if you feel like it, you can also bring me a friendship bracelet or leather cord in either brown or black and tie it on my wrist and I’ll wear it till it falls off.

Logistics-wise, some of the events are ticketed — again, check with the store if you’re uncertain. Most of the events require you to buy book of mine to get into the signing line, and some of them ask you to specifically purchase the Raven King to get into the signing line. For my part, I’m happy to also sign books you bring from home as long as you buy at least one from the hosting store to support them — if you have a ton of books for me to sign, it’s generally polite to hang back to the end of the line, if you can. I’ll also cheerily sign e-readers and shirts, but I will not sign body parts in specific or babies in general. I’m happy to take photos (without flash, please). I can no longer doodle in books in store, because my hand is usually already in a very liminal space from all the pre-order doodling before I go on the road.

Readers are sometimes curious about my cars — I’ll be flying to events for the first week of events (April 26-May 5), but I’ll be driving to everything else, because if I’m not driving, how can I truly love life? I don’t know yet which I’ll be in. Whichever isn’t broken.




All events are detailed on my Appearances page. The ones with asterisks are the ones with the friend-discount copy offer mentioned above.

4/26: Alexandria, VA. Hooray for Books, 7 p.m.*

4/28: Houston, TX. Blue Willow Bookshop, 7 p.m.*

4/29: Wichita, KS. Watermark Books & Cafe, 6 p.m.*

4/30: Denver, CO. Arapahoe Library, 2 p.m.*

5/2: Salt Lake City, UT. King’s English Bookshop, 7 p.m.*

5/4: St. Paul, MN. Red Balloon Bookshop, 6:30 p.m.*

5/5: St. Louis, MO. Main Street Books, 7 p.m.*

5/9: Cincinnati, OH. Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7 p.m.*

5/10: Chicago, IL. Anderson’s Bookshop (Naperville), 7 p.m.*

5/11: Milwaukee, WI. Books & Co., 6:30 p.m.*

5/14: Chicago, IL. BookCon signing & panel, 11 AM & 5:15 p.m.

5/16: Detroit, MI. Barnes & Noble (Northville), 7 p.m.

5/17: Cleveland, OH. Barnes & Noble (Westlake), 7 p.m.

5/22: New York, NY. Books of Wonder. In Conversation with Editor David Levithan, 2 p.m.*

5/23: Rhinebeck, NY. Oblong Books, 6 p.m.*

5/24: Westerly, RI. Westerly Library, 6 p.m.*

5/25: Plainville, MA. An Unlikely Story, 7 p.m.*

5/26: Boston, MA. Brookline Library, 7 p.m.*

5/28: Saratoga Springs, NY. Northshire Bookstore, 5 p.m.*

6/8: Miami, FL. Books & Books, 7 p.m.*

6/9: Orlando, FL. Books-A-Million, 7.m.*


UK (please note the book huggers will not be at the UK events)

7/31: London, UK. YALC.

Manchester event to come.



And finally, you can always order a piece of my Raven Cycle themed art no matter when or where you are. The poster I did for the American Library Association supports libraries with every sale:


ALA Raven Cycle Read

And the t-shirt I have up on Society6 supports my car parts with every sale. You can decide which cause is worthier.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 2.08.32 PM


Lemme know if I missed anything.

  • SUPER excited

  • Sarah

    SUPER excited. Thanks for all that you do

  • Is there any way to get a book hugger if you don’t live in the UK?

  • Michella

    Yesss!! See you at Books of Wonder!! 😀

  • Caoimhe Fleming

    Is there any way you can come to Ireland on tour? Galway would be preferably

  • Carrie Wee

    No California date?? 🙁

  • Madison

    I love your books but I especially love your art and I even used it to help inspire this art piece for my class. I used this piece of yours to help me with this:

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  • Karla

    Seriously? No California date???? (Forever sad face)

  • Crystal Wu

    Is there any chance of a Toronto date?

  • Sabrina Davis

    Not even a single location on- or even near- the US West coast?????
    I mean, really? 3 in NY, 2 in MA, 2 in FL but not any within relatively easy reach of the West.

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  • Tricia MacKinnon

    Why, oh why, is NH never deemed worthy enough for events like this? If its good enough for Jodi Picoult, than really can’t it be good enough of you and John Green?

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  • Jessica Frider

    I so wish I could make it to the signing. I love love love your books ♡

  • Isabel Falabella

    It makes me want to cry… so many amazing things and except for one thing, none of them available for people who don’t live in the US *cries*

  • Terri Bynum

    I am sitting here STUNNED because you’re coming to Westerly, RI!! I can walk to the library from my apartment…I cannot tell you how totally & completely happy I am right now; usually signings are nowhere near my obscure little abode. 🙂

  • Amelia P.

    Disappointed that you won’t be stopping by anywhere near my current locale, since a year ago I lived just down the block from your Cleveland stop!

    Hope the tour goes well!! Really looking forward to getting my hands on TRK 😀

  • Nicky Bellemans

    hi, do you have any news on the release of blue lily, lily blue in Belgium (dutch version)?

  • Krissy

    Was The Raven King supposed to be released on April 24th (St. Mark’s Eve) at some point, or is that just something unreliable I had heard on the internet?

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  • Austin Miller

    Is there a way to purchase any of the book plates…even though I missed all the preorder dates? 🙁

    • Mathias Cronxuist

      I’m curious of this as well

      • Austin Miller

        Right!? 🙂

  • Jennifer Masters

    Wow, wow, wow! I read you are an artist, but I just saw your raven art (for Scholastic) for the first time today on GoodReads, and I want to frame a print of it and hang it on my wall! Wish it was available just for that. Beautiful! Is it watercolor pencil? x

  • jenny england

    THANK YOU!!! For continuing to write such engaging books, that remind me of who I am-no matter how many wrinkles awaken! I feel kinship with your works, and feel privileged to read all of them repeatedly. You blend the perfect cocktail of storytelling, and your “endings” are forever worth the anticipation that comes with the turning of each page! Thank you for sharing! (Would love more faerie!)

  • hollywoodfrodo

    The Raven King was everything the final book of this series should have been! Truly one of the best book series ever by one of the most amazing authors. Now, just don’t let anyone F*$# it up by trying to condense all this amazingness into a movie! The Raven Cycle should be a series – HBO, Netflix, Amazon maybe… I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Josie Betten

    Umm hi. I don’t know if this will get to you but since it is one of your websites i really hope it does. Someone very dear to me is incredibly inspired by your work. She calls you her idol and absolutely loves all of your books and art. I think in many ways it was because of you she decided to major in English to become an author and I truly appreciate how big of an impact you have had on her. Personally I have not had the chance to read your books because of work and school. Now then to the point of this comment, I was wondering if there is any way to purchase a signed book from you called “The Raven King” from what I have seen on here it is your most current book. She could not get to your book signing today in Orlando and it made her really sad so I could think of nothing else to do then to ask you if there was a chance. If there is not I understand, you are a busy person with a lot of followings. However I thought it never hurts to ask and if you say no she will never have to know I asked and if you say yes then it will be a wonderful surprise. I hope I have not disturbed anyone who’s reading this and I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day.

    • maggiestiefvater

      Hallo! This is very kindly of you. If you give the Kissimmee Books-A-Million a call, you should be able to buy her a signed copy of the Raven King with the book wrapper included (I left some signed ones behind).

      • Josie Betten

        Hi I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply but thank you so much. I don’t think she has ever smiled that much so I really appreciate it!

  • Pirx’s_Copilot

    Hi Maggie!
    Having just finished The Raven King…am I crazy,or,is the ending the set-up for a spinoff,where Blue,Gansey and Henry will be the main characters? I mean,Cabeswater had just re-created Gansey in its image…re-created imperfectly,but,good enough…so,Gansey is the living embodiment of the ancient magic,and Blue is a half-Tree God.

    So,I just feel you are planning something. Am I right? Say it is so! ;^)

  • Amanda Large

    Hi Maggie! I have a question, but I do not want to spoil anything for those who have yet to read the book. It’s more of a theory really, but it’s suspicion I have had since the first book. I wanted to ask at the book signing in Cleveland, there was a lot of people and it seemed rushed. I do not know how to word this without giving anything away.

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