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The One Where Maggie Buys a Race Car

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Right. So. I’ve bought a race car.

I just feel like there’s a point in everyone’s adult life where they think to themselves: we have an adult decision to make here. Do I set up a 401k, do I actually decorate the guest bedroom, or do I buy a race car?

In a way, I feel this decision has been fated for my entire life. I went into kindergarten one year early, I got engaged just a month and a half after meeting Lover, and I published six novels in four years. I just like doing things fast. And what better way to go fast than in a race car? Well, the answer is: in a fighter plane. But let’s not be ridiculous here.

Although I do own a pair of aviator sunglasses.

My New Cheap Sunglasses

Those of you who read the blog regularly will know that I already have a Car Slightly Slower Than a Fighter Plane, i.e., Loki* the ’73 Camaro, which went with me on my FOREVER book tour last July. And Loki didn’t really break down at all during that, unless you count the total failure of the air conditioning system outside of Nashville, which I don’t. Mostly because I don’t remember anything from those parched days of 190 degree heat and 127,000% humidity.

*so help me, if anyone comments on this post with “You mean Loki like THE AVENGERS!?!?!?!” I will punch them in the face with a Wikipedia article. Although I enjoy that Loki, that is not the Loki to which I refer.

Parking the Camaro in London, Ontario

But despite Loki’s totally trust-worthy nature (I am laughing even as I type this)(anyone who has ever had to push/ pull/ rescue/ fuel/ pump/ lift/ tuck Loki and I from the side of the road is probably also laughing at this point), he is ill-suited to the sort of racing I want to do in 2013. Which is this sort:

Rally racing involves gravel and dirt and rocks and also cars with speed restrictors on them to keep you from driving off (too many) cliffs. It requires a rather rugged sort of race car, with two people in it. One to steer. One to shout the blind turns as they come up. I shall be one of these people. The other person shall be Bill Lauze, a brave soul who seems strangely untroubled by putting his life in my hands.

So. The car. This is what it is supposed to look like by 2013. That’s right, there’s just no point in driving a race car unless you can plaster your book cover all over the outside.
R2 Mock Up winged copy

But this is what it actually looks like at the moment.

Face Off, R2

Butt Shot, R2

Guts of the R2


Observe that button right there.  That button would ordinarily start the car. I believe at the moment that the word “POWER” is what we like to call “a lie.” Do you remember when you were a child and your parents used to give you old, broken remote controls so that you could pretend they were your cell phone? That is what that button is right now. It is a pretend button. You can push it and pretend your race car has started. And then you can make thrum-thrum-thrum noises as you run around the shop. You know, like a grown-up.

I realize that all of these car photos are rather technical, so I have taken the liberty of demystifying one of these shots for the layperson.

r2 demystified

Of course, Bill is the one suffering through eviscerating the car at the moment, while I labor at finishing as much of the sequel to THE RAVEN BOYS as I can before I head out on tour. Which starts in two seconds. So I should get to that. I’ll leave you with an image of me wearing a very silly helmet and getting my other car grubby.


  • Sometimes I have no idea what to say. This would be one of those times.

  • For going fast, there is also a bullet train. Which rhymes with fighter plane. But somehow I suspect that you want to be in control of the fast going.

    Wow! I am all adrenaline-y from just watching that video. That looks crazy fun, and I hope you blast that mastermind song while you drift through the blind turns.

    On my wish list for life, I will now add “call turns for Maggie Stiefvater while she races her rally car”.

    • It’s true. Maybe if I drove the bullet train.

      Can you imagine! Win a chance to risk your life with Maggie Stiefvater!

  • That is just way too awesome (still giggling at the Loki note) and that car looks badass. I truly hope you get it up & running soon so that I can live vicariously through your adventures.

  • HollyB

    Oh. My. God. Funniest thing I have read in such a long time!!! Ahhh, thank you for that, I needed it 🙂 Phew. Your droll sense of humor combined with the pictures is just perfection _- I was drooling at the pic of the Raven Boys car (to-be!), and then…well, LMAO. Thanks!!

    • DROLL! Yes, I haven’t heard that word in a long time. And thank YOU.

    • Gail

      Oh, I so agree with you. This was one funny read. Thanks for the laughs, Maggie. <3

  • Erica

    Rock on, Maggie. Rock ON.

  • Leigh Smith

    I don’t know who’s crazier. The people in the car, or the people standing on the side of the road watching the race.
    Please don’t kill yourself. I enjoy you books very much.
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Concerned Reader

    • Definitely the people by the side of the road. At least the driver has some concept of the physics of the moment. One would hope.

      I will endeavor to remain alive. I enjoy living.

  • Sherie

    Well I guess we all have our, umm, unusual interests/hobbies. Some people scrapbook or collect dolls, you race cars. Ok. Just please keep that silly helmet on, because I, for one, would really like to read the complete Raven boys series, and that last novel in the lament series, should it ever get published. Oh and anything else you come up with in the future.

    • I have a far sillier helmet for the real racing, so fear not for my skull. And that last novel definitely will be — 2014 is the date at the moment (I am the slow part in this equation, for once).

  • Nancy

    Don’t want to rain on your parade…but Thing 1 & Thing 2 are going to follow your example in a few years. I should know, I thought sharing with my 3 year old my love of roller coasters was great idea…until he informed me (while away at college a “few” years later) that he was sky diving!!

    • Oh ha! Also, I certainly hope so. Car racing is far better than some of the alternatives.

  • How absoloutley perfect that it will be the Raven Boys race car. May it work so much better than Gansey’s Loki tribute-mobile!

    • Oh, man, fingers crossed on my part too. I have faith in Bill’s rebuild.

  • Sweet! Your earlier post about research inspired me to do go trolling for old school cars for a story I’m working on. Chevrolet Brookwood! I need to find some heaps I can find cool cars in also.

    Happy touring and have fun with the new car project. Can’t wait to see the final result!

    • Ooooh, have fun with the research. That’s often my favorite part of writing. Oh, well, that’s a lie. But it’s up there.

  • Chelsea

    I, too, am an incredibly impatient person who needs things to go fast….therefore I am incredibly jealous of your new race car!! It looks awesome even in its current state. Having read your blog posts about the saga of Loki and the tendency for it to break down I laughed at the remark about the reliability of Loki 🙂

    Does said race car have a name yet? (hopefully one as awesome as Loki)

    • No, it has no name yet . . . possibly I will avoid any names that resemble a god of mischief and instead aim for the gods of speed and safety?

  • first of all, awesome. Ants and I have been watching Rally Car Racing since we met. you’ve got a lot of balls!

    second! that is quite possibly the coolest Rally Car i’ve ever seen! 🙂 when it’s finished, of course! all you need now is to get it on Top Gear UK 🙂

    • TOP GEAR *dreams*

      • Jennzah

        Jeremy Clarkson loves a woman who loves cars. 🙂 i wonder how you go about requesting to even BE on the show…. hmmm!

        but it has to be Top Gear UK….. Top Gear USA is kinda…. well not as good 🙂

        once again, LOVE IT! 🙂

  • What the what?? You’re crazy amazing and I’m kind of jealous! I’d love to catch you rolling around VA in it. Is something like that street legal??

    • Yes! Rally cars have to be street legal because they drive on real roads in between stages.

  • i wish i could write a cool comment but o well,
    your raven boys car looks amazing, i’m sure you’ll have a great time rally racing.

    also good luck with your tour. 🙂

  • What does your racing outfit look like? Like the Raven Boys cover? Draw us a pic please!

    • It does match the car, but I’m afraid it looks more like a Power Rangers suit than the cover. 🙂

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  • That’s so cool!! Love the paint job by the way,!

  • ReD

    I like to think I’m incredibly cool (and I am, at least in my own mind) because this is often the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds when I tell them I’m taking Rally-O classes.

    “Oh sweet!” They say. “You’re going to drive cars?! That’s pretty awesome, especially for a chick.”

    I take this moment to retreat before I have to tell them that Rally-O classes involve myself, two-middle aged woman, and my dog all standing together in a basement.

    I only wish I was that cool.

    I’m glad there’s the real-deal out there, though.

    Will there be lucky charms inside the car?
    (I don’t mean the cereal either.)

  • Anisah

    So… you went and bought the car. I’m speechless; I actually don’t know what to say.

    It turns out I do! First things first are you sure you can trust fancy new cars with your life? I quote: “Better that your heart’s your own” 😀 No; I’m only joking. I think the car looks very cool and will show you off (Which is a good thing – right?) Anyway this post did make me laugh out loud multiple times (Which got me odd looks from my parents) I hope now you can go to all places faster with less stops!

    Always a fan, Anisah
    (P.S The voices tell lies. You should always trust me)
    (P.P.S Your fancy shoes are very modern)

  • sdn

    Holy. Crap. I have no more words.

  • I would expect no less than such coolness from such a cool author. Thanks for this update. . . I shall share with all the teens Iknow, and I do know a passel of them.

  • Beckie

    As I watched the rally cars leap and fly through the different courses the irony of Raven wings painted on your future car was not lost!
    I think your racing passion is an exciting but not without risk endeavor so I looked up a Race car payer for you. Given by Pastor Joe Nelms for NASCAR last year.
    “(May you) put on a performance that’s worthy of the great track and in Jesus’s name Boggety, Boggety, Boggety, Amen!” It’s the best I could find and decided ‘Boggety’ means squeal when you’re drifting because it’s sooo much fun and be safe!

  • Ananya

    I am lost, astonished, and thinking that the Raven Boys car is looking pretty awesome. 🙂 But have fun driving your race car!

  • sam

    hey, i just finished reading the shiver trilogy and it is my number one favorite book and the weird thing is my name is sam and my middle name is grace!!! i wish you would make another book on how there lives turned out that would be wonderful you are now my number one favorite author thanks and i cant beleive how a good writer you are thanks.

  • sam

    hey iam so upset that the series shiver, linger,and forever is over i love the way you wrote the book and that would be an exellent movie as well as it is a book were did you get that idea from its an exellent idea!!! sorry for writting to you so much i have so many questions my heart is like broken from that series i wish it could go on forever!!! i wish i was grace in that situation

  • sam

    hey its me again you really should make a sequel to the shiver series. i have so many questions like, did the cure work for grace, did grace and sam get married, did cole get shot, were did he get shot, did cole ever see isabel again, did they live happely ever after, did isabel actually move, were did sam and grace go, do they still live at becks house, how did sam live with beck dead, does grace still visit her parents, i have tons of more questions but i cant live without knowing them ugh suspense. please make a sequel!!! !!!!!!!!!!! does sam get cured, do they live together without being wolves

  • sam

    iam so sorry for leaving you so many comments i just really love this book and yah im overwelmed with questions well please reply

  • Kiarna Ryman

    Hi Maggie Stiefvater,

    I am Kiarna and I am in year 6 and go to Toormina Public School in Australia, NSW. I have a project called Novel Study and I have chosen Shiver to study. To start off, I love Shiver. It is one of my favourite books and I must say that I had soo much trouble trying to put it down at night before bedtime. The way you have written Shiver from Sams and Graces point of view, I think, is very creative. I love the storyline and I love Sam and Grace. The book Shiver is sooo hard not to falll in love with. And I just had to get Linger and Forever as well. The genre being Pharanormal romance also catchs my eye and I know that a lot of girls in my class have read Shiver and have loved it. The story isn’t boring either or even hard to read. It can be for average readers or advanced which also makes it more popular.
    I would like to ask you a few questions about Shiver.

    Are you going to write another book in the Shiver series? If so what would you call it?
    Will Shiver ever be made into a movie? If so what actors and actresses would you put as Sam and Grace?
    What did you do to come up with the ideas that make up Shiver?
    I love to write. Are there any tips you couold give me to write creatively?
    Are there any other books that you have written? If so what?
    Are you working on anything now?
    Is it hard being an author? Why/Why not?
    Being an author what do u plan to write next?
    Do you have a favourite book or series?


    • sam

      hey im sam and guess what i apsolutlylove the book series of shiver as well. the weird thig is that my middle name is grace and my first name is sam. weird right yah well i really hope that she makes the books into a movie. it would be like a dream come true right

    • sam


      • Anisah

        Sorry to burst your bubble but it was an april fools joke. There is no litter 🙁
        Once again,

  • grace

    hello maggie im grace but people call me gracie um i apsolutly love the wolf series you’ve writen. i wish i was that grace my friend katy suggested this book for me just because my name was in the book weird right. i apsolutly love wolves as well and i wish i could have true love like the grace in the book had with sam!!! if only. i hope you create another series of siver, linger, and forever but i dout you will. the series is now my number 1 favorite book and please reply at my gmail account thanks your a great author.

  • Vicki

    Nothing like a some-assembly-required-sports-car to get you where you need to go.

  • sam

    Hey are you creating a sequal to the shiver,linger,forever series if you are i would love to no.

  • Kiarna

    Maggie can u please respond asap. Please. I need this information for an author repot and an email.

  • PurPleDog

    So, hi Maggie. Just wanted to say hello and say I love your books. (Of course). Also, OMG YOU BOUGHT A RACECAR??????
    Livin in the moment you are. Is there any other way?
    Thanks for the amazing books!
    Bye bye

    Just felt like telling everyone, Loki is not just a character in a very successful movie. He is originally a Norse god of mischief. Who killed his brother, the god of peace. What a pleasant name for a car!

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