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The Making of the Music of The Raven Boys

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I believe I have worn two or three inches off my legs running around Javits Center for BookExpo. I sort of fell asleep last night in a puddle of my own drool. So I’m sorry for my slowness in replying to blog comments and Twitter stuff. You guys have been amazing about the book trailer! (Also, those of you who are concerned about getting multiple e-mails about seemingly duplicate entries on the Contest Machine site, it is all working on my end, so don’t worry!)

Folks have asked if the music will be available for download on my site like the others and yes, it will, but not until I get back into my office at the end of the month. On the topic of music, I do have a video of the studio process if you’re curious:

I might do a making of the art post after I get back. Possibly?

  • Cristina

    Awesome. I really love these “making of” posts that you do.

  • Yes — I think you should do a making of the Art. I’m really curious how you do it, Maggie.

    A fountain of creative juices, you are! I’m so impressed how you did this.

    It makes me wonder what would happen if some big-wig wanted to come and make a movie based on one of your books (scorpio races would make a kinda cool thriller, don’t you think?) and didn’t make you director …

  • Jen

    Your talent know no bounds. Amazing!

  • Emily

    You’r so amazing at music, with you’r books and art, you’r just full of talent 🙂

  • Christina

    Yes! Please do a making of the art!! 🙂

  • Lovelovelove this video and please do make one about the animation side of it all. And, I’ll brazenly usurp everyone else’s voice and say that we don’t mind if it sounds so damn Celtic. We like damn Celtic. 🙂

    I also love how the very end of the “Making of…” video says “find out more at–” the…website…we saw…the video at….? *looks away, looks back* Love it!


    Are you still planning to release a CD this year??

  • JKW

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of your creativity of The Raven Boys. I feel like I am a part of it. Blessings, Janet

  • Anonymous

    I play or try to at least but that was amazing.

  • Melly

    Looking forward to the art post, the trailer was done in a realy unique style. Did you do a new picture for every frame or did you do some snazzy editing? Seems so frustrating if you did hundreds of drawings.
    I’d love to make me own animations, if I ever do I think they’ll be in a simaler way to what you did for Ballads trailer (even that seemed confusing).

  • Anonymous

    Cool harp!

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