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The Giant Sinner Tour & Also Book Wrappers & Guitars

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Readers who have followed me for a while will know that each year, I try to do something special to some of the pre-ordered copies of my novels. This year I had a really ambitious idea and Scholastic was lovely enough to help me take this concept and run with it.

First, I did portraits of Cole, Isabel, and a wolf:
sinner, maggie stiefvater,
and Scholastic is printing them on posters that just happen to be perfectly sized to do this:


maggie stiefvater, book wrapper, sinner


Coincidence? I think not.

Scholastic was also kind enough to ship three white electric guitars to my house, and I did things to them too.

maggie stiefvater, electric guitars, sinner

maggie stiefvater, book wrapper, sinner, isabel culpeper


The guitars will be raffled off on the first and last event of the Sinner tour. One of them will be given away during a Scholastic/ This Is Teen online thingy. I’ll be sure to pass along info when this happens.

The book wrappers require rather less luck to acquire. Every copy of Sinner pre-ordered from Fountain Bookstore will be signed and come with one of the them. (Also, FB would like to remind everyone that if you pre-order Sinner and Blue Lily, Lily Blue at the same time, both books will ship in October when BLLB comes out — if you want two shipments, you will have to pay two shipping costs).

Also, the book wrappers will be available at every single stop on the Sinner tour.

I’m also pairing up with Seven Stories Bookshop in the UK again this year, and their pre-ordered copies of Sinner will include this signed custom bookplate.


Now, on to the tour! Again, because Scholastic loves me, they are allowing me to do a coast-to-coast driving tour for Sinner in Loki, my Camaro. I did this for the Forever tour back in 2011, and I think it’s sort of nice and circular to head out again in the car for this return to Cole and Isabel. Also, it means I’ll smell like gasoline and exhaust at every event.

maggie stiefvater, camaro

Here is the schedule. I’ve done a bit of math and it seems to be 3,964 miles one way.

7/2: Charlottesville, VA

7/3: Baltimore, MD

7/5: Pittsburgh, PA

7/7: Chicago/ Naperville, IL

7/8: Chicago, IL

7/8: Milwaukee, WI

7/9: Madison, WI

7/10: Iowa City, IA

7/11: Omaha, NE

7/14: Denver, CO

7/19: Salt Lake City, UT

7/21: Reno, NV

7/23: San Francisco, CA

7/24: San Francisco/ Menlo Park, CA

7/28: Los Angeles, CA

7/29: Los Angeles/ Montrose, CA

Full details here on the website.

Note: I will also be at BookCon/ BEA in NYC, IRA, ALA, BYU Symposium for Young Readers (Provo), and Decatur Book Festival.
Note, part two: I will not be touring overseas this year because I am going to need every second of spare time to finish the Raven Cycle on time (I trust you’d rather have that book than my body).

  • Dallas…………

  • appifanie

    So sad I’m never very close to your touring spots! I’m in NC now but moving to way northern NY in July.

    What do the pre-ordered BL,LBs come with? Signed? Signed and pictures? Just curious 🙂

  • honeybunny289

    nevermind. i feel dumb. didnt see the “shop” sign.

  • Amanda Fisher

    If we come to an event, do we have to buy Sinner to get a poster? Because I like paperbacks… so I’d kind of rather wait on getting it. BUT the poster/wrap is AWESOME and I WANT one!

  • Eve Langell

    Sigh never anywhere near South GA. I am on my way to order my copy now though and I’ll be checking back for the options to win the awesome guitar.

    • Julie Scoggins

      Eve….how much was your shipping cost? I want to order it, gives my two options. One priority for 6.50 or UPS ground for 10.90. Is that seem right for shipping to Georgia?

      • Yeah it is $6.50 for me and seems pretty normal. I have paid for shipping depending on weight and location from $2.99 to $8.00 so seems good for a book

    • richelle24

      I saw the Decatur festival in Atlanta listed. It’s at the end of August, though. No details on the site, but hey, Maggie herself says she’ll be there…that’s as close to South Carolina as she’s likely ever going to be!

      • What??? How did I miss this? I might have to figure out a way to be there.

  • Jenn Baker

    Fantastic colors on the guitars and posters. Fan-tastic. I might not be able to make the tour stops outside of BEA, but am looking forward to hearing your keynote at SCBWI in August.

  • Julie P Gallegos

    So, to be included in the raffle for the guitars, do I need to be in Charlottesville or L.A.?

  • Ay-me Wok-er

    Milwaukee, Illinois….I smell a typo.

  • Keri Miller Whitmore

    I am the librarian at the library you will be at in Milwaukee…it is a typo – we are in Wisconsin 🙂 Although, not that far from Illinois,…but still.

  • St. Clair

    And what can I (one of your Spanish biggest fan) do?? I want the guitar and the book. The are amazing

  • James Booth

    I will be at the Charlottesville event and for the whole time, not just accosting you as you are leaving. 🙂 So excited!!

  • Me, My Shelf and I Blog

    It seems you missed Minnesota on this tour. I’m sure it was a typo. I’ll wait here while you fix it. Take your time. 🙂

  • Aw, sad. Chicago is close to Indianapolis, but not a fun place to drive to from here. Better see if I can get the day off. Can’t miss this tour like I did the last one! 🙂

  • I’ll see you in Denver!

  • Taylor S.

    Why isn’t Minnesota on that list??! The books are based in Minnesota! Im sad.

  • Keisu IronSheep Gyula

    ;_; Wish it were San Diego instead of LA.

  • corrina

    why do you never come to Arizona???? D:

  • Darith L.

    Why isn’t there a specific time for each stop? I’d love to go to a signing in Alameda! It’s close to me! 😀

  • So you will be driving right through my town on your way from Reno to San Francisco if you are taking the most direct route. This is wise, because it’s gorgeous, and also very interesting…

  • Shelby C.

    Ugh, you still won’t come to Texas. Authors never come to Texas!!!

  • YES!!!! I’ll see you in Denver!

  • Nancy L.

    Sad that you won’t be coming back to Texas.

  • Rebecca Boucher

    So excited to have more Cole and Isabella. I haven’t had time to read and comment on your blog like I have in the past, mostly from promoting and working on my own novels now, but you still remain one of my inspirations and idols. You have defiantly influenced my writing style. And for that I a eternally grateful. <3 I am a little sad to see you won't be up in Boston this time, but I'll live. Def going to pre-order. Keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  • Kusanar

    Perhaps I might actually make it to your Charlottesville event for once. ::fingers crossed::

  • Jill

    Will the book wrappers be available at the Decatur Book Festival, too?

  • Isis

    I really want to pre order Sinner with the book wrapper and the authograph, but the shipping costs way too much for me. I live in the Netherlands and the total would be $44,44. And the book only costs $18,99

    • Same here, also The Netherlands.

      • romi

        Yep, also from the Netherlands… Let’s start a campaign to get the book tour to the Netherlands!

      • Robin B

        Yes same here 🙂
        Netherland and Belgium &europe tour !

  • Lisa Loves Lit

    No Missouri this time? 🙁 Will these covers be at BEA?

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  • Emie-France

    I’m really excited to read sinner !
    The drawing are amazing <3

  • Andrea Underhill

    Please tell me there’s an audiobook with Dan Bittner reading Cole …

  • Allie

    Why you no come to Seattle!?!?! Character-wise, you’re my favorite author that I’ve ever met.

  • Brit Leigh

    I am so excited you’re coming to Omaha! You are my favorite author!

    • Hannah

      I’m from Omaha, too!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

  • Caitie

    Why does no one ever tour in Indiana?

    • Sydney

      I has the same thought. Maggie please come to Indiana or Kentucky someday you are one of my favorite authors and it would be so awesome to meet you

  • jesse

    have you ever visited Oregon? Because you are one of my favorite authors, and I would love to meet you.

    • Taylor Walters

      And Oregon is only has the best book store in the world: Powell’s. Did you know its central location is 3 stories and takes up an entire city block? How could an author like yourself not want to see that?!

      • jesse

        Exactly what I though, I think more authors should come to Oregon based on that alone, I always wondered why they didn’t?

  • romi

    Since I live in the Netherlands I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to one of the book signings. Is there still a way to win one of the guitars? I’m saving for a guitar, but I’m completely broke so I’ll have to start from scratch. Plus it would be really really awesome to have a guitar from my favourite author with the theme from my favourite character from my favourite bookseries… (I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes I might have made… English isn’t my first language.)

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  • Cambria

    when will we get info to try to win a guitar?

  • Nina

    Hello Maggie, I preordered and paid for an autographed copy of Sinner from Fountain Bookstore in June, but because I opted for it to ship with Blue Lily, Lily Blue I have now been told that if the book is signed I will not be sent a wrapper despite preordering. Is this right? As above it says “Every copy of Sinner pre-ordered from FB will be signed and come with one of them.” But when I put this in my email to the bookstore the lady reprimanded me and said you do more than you should (which I know you do, and I appreciate it, which is why I ordered 4 of your books from them despite already owning 2 of them), but it made me feel awful as I hate conflict, and I’m now worried about messaging her back. Kind Regards, Nina Cox.

    • maggiestiefvater

      Oh my! No, you should get one. Let me see if I can email them.

      • Nina

        Thank you so much, I have been worrying over it since we exchanged emails. Perhaps it is just miscommunication? Kind Regards, Nina.

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