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This is the video where I totally spoil the end of FOREVER and also have a rather large rant about girls.

  • Gwyneth

    I totally agree, and no, i don’t hate you now πŸ˜‰

    • I’m quite pleased about this. So, thanks.

      • linsey and sarah

        WE NEED ANOTHER BOOK! we have to know if Grace lives and sam and graces story! You had better tell about Isabel and Cole too! PLEASE HURRY! PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE!

      • dezirae guillen

        will you right another book? PLEASE!

      • Jasmine

        I absolutly loved the books and i totally agree with u about it all! I want the trilogy to be produced as films because i think the whole world needs to see how brilliant a writer u really are! Your stories are so hooking and relatable in a fantasy kinda way haha! I have already purshased a red coffee pot and one day the books will be films guys i just know it!!!<3

    • Khrystyna

      Amazing. <3

    • Mirela

      So is there going to be a movie for Shiver or not?Cuz some people are saying it is going to have a movie and others are saying that isn’t going to have a movie.Which of these things is true?By the way I love your books Maggie.

  • Vickie

    Yes that was a long rant and I agree on the 18 part and marriage and children but, I WANT ANOTHER BOOK!!! They were so good and I rather it have a happy ending without a cliff hanger because now all I do in English or History or Science is think about the ending of Forever and what will happen next! Please that would be an AWESOME present if you said yes πŸ™‚
    πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ ;D XD πŸ˜›

    • I’m really glad you loved them. But . . . there won’t be another book. I would rather have you daydreaming in English and History and Science about what happened next!

      • Vickie

        thats sad … but thanks anyway for writing the books! I think me and my friend almost cried when we saw the april fools joke of a book, litter!! πŸ™‚

      • XxkillerbeeXx

        Although I LOVE the Shiver trilogy (probably more than whats considered healthy) I would have to admit that its probably best to be left wanting more. Being in love with a story that sucked you in and stayed with you long after reading, leaving you wondering what if… Instead of the writer dragging the story on, book after book and sucking the magic out of it. There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.

      • i do that all the time… please make a movie over them i would love to watch that it would be a big hit! thanks i read three of those books in three days im a reader! my friends hate me for it(not really)….thanks for writing those books havent read any more of your books though telll me what they are about

      • Phalyn

        Haha yah my teacher yell at me for that:) but I can’t help myself!

      • Ysabela

        Plz write another book I love them soooooo much and my mom says if I don’t stop daydreaming in class that I’m never going to read another book unless its for my homework I can’t really stop dreaming about them and I already have the first three chapters dreamed up

      • wolflove

        Would there be a movie cause I heard they are going to make one. By the way I love your books they make me think I am in another world.

      • Please please please please make another

  • V

    I feel some closure for the series. I agree with the 18 thing and I like how the book has an open ending

  • Amen, sister!

    As a 31-year-old who had my first kiddo just this spring, I have to say… being married and having a baby definitely makes me incredibly happy… but I’ve done a lot of other things between 18 and 31 that also made (and still make) me incredibly happy. But some of the things that make me happy now would not have made me happy then.

    18 probably seems really old and mature to a 10 or 13-year-old. But I’m pretty certain I wasn’t old enough or mature enough to appreciate being a mom and a wife. That would not really have been a happy ending. What you said. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I’m sure 18 seems old to a 10 or 13 year old, and I reckon if it were just the 10-13 year olds asking, it wouldn’t bother me as much . . . but it’s not. And that’s definitely where it starts, with the youngest of my readers.

      Also, congrats on that first kiddo.

      • Thanks! It’s the best! πŸ™‚

  • Heidi

    You should have your own sitcom. You’re smart, hilarious… and a good role model! Well said, sister!
    (oh, and I’m 27, just in case you’re taking stats here)

    • Hahaha! What a terribly random sitcom THAT would be. But thank you.

  • Henna

    Couldn’t have been said better.
    I was 13 when i read ‘Forever’ last year, and had been reading and loving this series since ‘Shiver’ first came out. The ending to me was perfect, because all through these books even when everything seemed like it was falling apart, there was always a sense of hope. Hope for a cure, hope for love, hope.
    And that’s how this series ended, with hope.
    And all I can say now is, seriously, how could there be an ending any better than that?

  • lb

    Thank you! Thank you! YES! I loved the ending and felt it was happy!

  • Arianna

    And thats the truth

  • Marla

    I’m a freshman in college, so I’m right at the age these girls are imagining Grace’s happy ending. I read the series in high school (and really enjoyed the ending), and I agree. Especially with the babies part. I’m eager to do other things before I’ll be ready for that!
    I swear, with how close your books and blogs and videos hit home to me, it’s a dream of mine to sit down and have a coffee with you, Maggie.

  • Jazzy

    I’m a 18 year old high school senior, i argee with you. Happy endings can just be happy endings of the day, happy endings can be goals you achived in a week or month. Ive thought of my future alot, i know they include my partner an their dream for kids, but i also know they include me being in college. When i was 13 i thought of it like im guessing alot of 11-13 year olds, having a husband an kids. As i grew older i realized its not JUST about that though, i realized theres other things that i could make happen before that.
    Ive read nearly all your books and have fell in love with all of them.

  • those damn twilight books have the whole teen/pre-teen population (female population) thinking that they should do exactly what bella did. i hate myself for having read them and thank whatever higher power there might be for maggie stiefvater’s books (but not her last name, i cant spell or say her last name)

  • Amy

    I like you more, now. (not still.) This is what bothered me most about those other (vampire) werewolf books. Married with baby at 18 might be right for some people, but it should not be portrayed as a happy ending. Babies are the beginning and not always happy (says the mom of two). Thank you for thinking bigger and for encouraging young girls to think big, too!

  • KΓ€rt

    I read all three books in 2 days. I LOVE them. You write so… poetically? (I’m so sorry if my english is bad, i’m form Estonia – it’s in northern Europe). Your books have really many fans here in Estonia, we all adore your work. Good luck. And I look forward to read your second trilogy (i’m currently waiting for translation, i hope they translate it :))

    Oh, and I’m 22, if someone cares, but I must say, my mum really loves those books too πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for making those two days so beautiful!

  • Mollie

    Can I just tell you how amazing you write? I’ve re-read the shiver triolgy about 6 times, and I still find every paragraph loaded with analogies and imagery I wouldn’t dream of creating. I plan to write a hand written letter to you thanking you for creating my favorite books and I would absolutely love a response!!

  • Calli

    My friends and I really want to make a movie out of shiver, just for fun (and maybe extra credit in film class) and we aren’t thinking about publishing it or anything, but I thought it would be a good idea if we got permission first… (we will include the pompom hat)

  • Amzy

    I love this series and I’m 12 , And I actually like the ending it creates more suspense and it’s different . And No Grace should definitely not be having kids at 18 that is just encouraging girls to have babies at a young age , the ending is better like this!

  • Rebecca

    I just finished your book Shiver and i absolutely LOVED it! I am now reading Linger and already ordered all three books on Amazon. But there is one question i am DYING to get an answer for…. is Shiver going to be made into a movie?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I absolutely LOVED the books, I am absolutely addicted. I will read them over until the day I die. By any chance do you know if anyone will be directing movies for the series?

  • theresa

    Need a book four.

    • theresa


  • Annika Serket

    I am a twelve-year-old. I love your books. AND I LOVE THE IDEA OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITY, ESPECIALLY WITH RED COFFEE POTS. So please, don’t generalize like that. Some of us in that age range are MATURE INDIVIDUALS who understand that. I still love you.

  • Victoria

    I think that the ending of Forever is a beautiful ending; its rich and powerful, and I love the subtlety of Sam just holding his hand out – no words. I also think that it is amazingly hopeful. Its not the kind of hope where you’re drowning, and you think ‘someone might come and miraculously pull me out of the water.’ Its the kind of hope where you wake up in the morning, and think ‘wow, that’s a beautiful sunrise, and I can do absolutely anything with my day, its completely open and new and fresh – just beginning, right now.’ And you hope that its going to be amazing, and you know it is, but you don’t know how, and its a bit scary. Very important difference (to me anyway!) Phew! Hope that makes sense to people outside my brain….

    Most importantly, its lovely.

    • Summer

      I just finished reading Sinner. Loved all the books! Will there be another book after??? You cant end it. What happens to Sam and Grace at the end of forever? What happens to Isable and Cole after Sinner?I need another book to explain what happens. Please write another book! Thanks

  • Victoria

    Oh, don’t hate you either!

  • Anonymous

    I Love all your books more than any other book ive read If you have read the Hunger Games it is a 9 3/4 and yours is an 11!!!

  • Laura

    When I finished Always I began to cry a lot hahaha I really love them !! And I want to ask you if shiver trylogy will have movies, cause I’d like to watch them πŸ™‚ x

  • olivia

    i loved your books so much! they are the best books that I’ve read in my entire life!
    Are you making movies about the books because I’ve seen trailers on the movie so is it going to be a movie? that would be so awesome. what’s the age limit to being able to watch it though?

  • Gabby

    I just got done reading the entire series over my Christmas holiday of two weeks. At the end of Forever when Sam grabs Grace’s hand, is that a proposal? Can someone please clarify this. (: Thank you.

  • Jess

    Thank You! I had to show this to my friend today, because she didn’t understand. I’m not good with words so this helped explain.


    Honestly, it felt like it just left me hanging. I NEED ANNSWWEEERRSSS! COLE WILL GET WITH ISABEL, RIGHT?! You almost got me crying when Cole was shot, and i nearly hated you for that, because WHY DO AUTHORS LOVE TO KILL THE BEST CHARACTERS?!!!

  • Freya

    I loved the ending of the Shiver trilogy, it just reflected the entire book. Love, hope and possibilities. Beautiful. I completely agree that it was the perfect ending for Grace and Sam because it showed how there love is strong enough not to need guarantees. Thanks for being such an amazing author πŸ™‚

  • Carolina

    I’ve just finished the book. The ending was perfect!

  • Rose

    Is there going to be a movie!? I’m about to die with all the cliff hangers!?

  • Rose

    Also, Maggie, I am writing a novel that includes lots of inspiration from you, James Patterson, alyson Noel and several other authors who always leave cliff hangers. Do you think I should have I cliff hanger?

  • Amanda

    Oh my God. Shiver was perfect, and when I say it, I mean it. We started reading the book in my reading class at school about a week ago and I literally just couldn’t stop reading. My friends teased me saying how absorbed I get into books as great as yours, seriously they’ve got a point, I carried Shiver EVERYWHERE πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to read Linger <3
    Much Love from a New Fan ^-^

    • minnie

      linger is a GREAT book i’ve read the entire series i cant WAIT to read litter that was the 2nd best series i’ve ever read!!!! you should read hush hush by becca fitzpatrick πŸ˜€

  • minnie

    thanks to you maggie i have gotten the inspiration to write books πŸ™‚

  • Taylor Perry

    Your amazing and I adore your books.. The books take more of a scientific or natural approach to the whole shape shifting. It’s easier to connect. Also I’m a huge poetry fan and I also have been playing guitar for 9 years, so of course I love Sam! <3 I have only reread the books about 10 times or so.. haha I made my whole family read them! πŸ™‚

  • Dahna

    I really enjoyed your books! My friend has read more than the shiver series and is really obsessed with your books! You are a great author

  • DaShae

    Yeah. I agree. Im going to be 17 in a couple of months and I’m sooooooooo not ready for any of the marriage and kids thing. Lol. I would be terrified. You made a good point. And i love your books they are really really good. I just wish we could get some of the story of Sam and Grace’s future. That would be awesome. Im obsessing over the cliff hanger. But i just wanna say your books are AWESOME!

  • H

    I just got done reading forever. You are such an amazing author! You should write another book because I really want to know what happens to Grace, Sam, Cole, and Isabel! I know I wouldn’t be the only one reading it! πŸ™‚

    • I would be reading it!


      oh absolutely me too

  • Person

    I want to know what happens to Cole and Isabel!!!! New book? (;

  • Casey

    Im a teen and My librarien at my school told me to read your books and when i found out it ha werewolves i thought oh great another twilight! I just finished the hunger games trilogy at the time and its still my favorite book series but when i read shiver it was so good!! I love how the characters POV change with the chapters. I really hope someday it will be a movie because its an amazing trilogy and i would love to see it. I have to say i love cole and isabel though. I love how cole acts and how cocky he is but not at the same time. The books were so amazing and i really hope someday soon they will be movies.

  • doesn’t matter

    I agree with u about having a kid at 18 is not the best life choice and I am 13 and always think that when books end of with the main character having a child is never the right thing to do cause now that person who probably could have had a child later on in life now just got part of their childhood taken away and its not really fair to the mother or the child. πŸ™‚

  • jaydengirl

    Hi Maggie I just wanted to say I think u left it off to soon. I love books that have a happy complete ending and I thought that u could have did more for the ending like an extra chapter with them in the future to explain what happens to all them.

  • Melody Feng

    Your books are the best. EVER. My friends are already used to seeing me fangirling about your books, especially when I imagine how hot Sam and Cole is (ahaha!) You are seriously the best and the hipper runner of the universe. These amazing books of yours made me laugh and cry, and I won’t forget how amazing they are. You are truly the best and never forget you got some real fans over here.

    Melody <3

  • Brandon

    It seems to me that girls 10-13 don’t understand the hardships in life and the goals that some people strive for. while I’m saying this I should note I’m only 16 and I haven’t had as long and knowledgable life like you (not saying your old) but I have just begun with my career in the trades . I still know that I’m not going to have kids until later in my life mostly because it adds stress and I already have enough and I’m not even out of highschool. But on another note this trilogy was FANTASTIC I loved reading and this book was one of the best I have ever read and you are a great author. I would like to say OMG MAKE ANOTHER BOOK but after reading forever again I have to say that this is a great ending to an amazing book. On another note I would like to know what a lot of comments are saying here: is there going to be a movie, and will the movie be as good as the book. Once again it was an amazing trilogy and I look forward to reading your other books and maybe any newer ones of yours and if you haven’t realized this by now you are one of my favorite authors. With that in mind these books actually touched me emotionally and me laugh and cry. PS, My personal opinion is when an author achives this with a book they truly are a great writer

  • Lamidri

    Do you think that the Shiver trilogy will one day become films, because I love them sooooooo much!! And they would be amazing in film … xx πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    There has to be another book in the end there is to many questions

  • Maddy

    Is there going to be a movie because that is a huge rumor! I would Love it if it were true!




  • Abby

    I think your books are great Maggie… You
    Left everyone wondering if Grace was going to live or not.. What would
    Have made it Better was making a 4th book just to sum up how everything goes… And not giving all the readers anxiety attacks over was happened with grace and Sam. By far this is the best trilogy I have read. You are great! I hope you are writing another romantic triology! I can’t stop reading these over and over! It makes me cry every time! I wish you would of wrote more! And of only they would have made a fantastic movie about this and you would be even more popular! Anyways love the books! Write more!

  • josie :)

    hi! I think that your books are the best things I have ever read. I have 3 favorite authors and if I had to choose one favorite it would be you. I have to ask is there going to be a movie for the shiver books? I really wish that there will be because I LOVE THE BOOKS. and I really hope that you make movies for the shiver series

  • PeachLemon

    To be honest, I read Shiver when I was in 6th grade in reading class. My teacher handed it to me because I had nothing to read. I could not put the book down. About half way through 6th grade I saw Linger and read a little bit of it but it seemed boring until I read it in 7th grade and that’s when I finished the series. I referred it to my friend and even know I’m still hooked and wanting to know what happens but as I look back I agree that having an open ending is better then getting married and having kids. Know in your imagination you can explore all the possibilities that come with an open ending. I will always love reading this series, the best one that I have ever read. By the way, I’m going into 9th grade, wish me luck

  • William

    i just have to say that the books were amazing like really really amazing. Also anyone who thinks that having kids and getting married at 18 is smart or a good idea, is very very stupid. i get that there young and there dreamers and all.. but come on its hell.. most 18 now are stress cause there just getting into tho real world. trust me i am a bit stress by it.( i am 18 right now)

  • Rebecca

    My friend (ironically named Grace) and I are amatuers writing a book about werewolves and are greatly inspired by the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. We both read them in 8th grade (we’re going into 9th) and absolutely fell in love with them! I just wish there were more- once I pick up a book series I like I can read it in just a few days! However, the ending of Forever is still great. Thank you, Mrs. Stiefvater! We hope to read the other books soon!

  • Kayla

    Hi Maggie. I love your books, I’ve just started Forever. I was also wondering if there is going to be a movie? I think it would make a great an popular movie(s).

  • Yellob00ts

    Hello (:
    I absolutely fell in love with your Shiver Trilogy. I finished reading the series awhile back, and I’ve reread them so many times.
    Just out of curiosity, would you ever be interested in making an official graphic novel for the trilogy?


    Maggie , I think that your end is perfect , because we have opportunity to have our own happy ending. Or sad. We all have our own opportunity, imaginery , and our own experience to make our own ending. And that’s why you are such a good writer. The best writer.
    -Love, Bulgaria.

  • Lauren :)

    I’ve just finished reading Shiver and just started reading Linger…. PLEASE LET THEM MAKE A MOVIE OF SHIVER OR SOMETHING! that would be such an amazing and popular movie πŸ˜€

  • abbie

    you just had to do that πŸ™‚ lol

  • abbie

    i read. all of them just PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER PLEASE…. ou can call it chacer

    • Loren

      Of it could be called together

      • Kadence

        Oh my gosh Loren that is a great title!! I would have never thought of that!

  • Loren

    I love all your books just so great I saw some time is down below and I was also wondering is it going to be a movie?? because that would be awesome!!!I don’t care what it would be rated I would watch it also why is grace always talking about a red coffee pot all the time its just so random like just a little thing but soon becomes a big thing and so important to the story she always talks about it like “me and Sam and house with red coffee pot” anyways how did you come up with Sam having that emotion background its just it so deep saying that you cant come up with something deep shiver linger and forever totally prove that but most of the time of those are probably be like oh this character to parents died or left them or something but yours is different parents tried killing himself with razors and emotional bathtubs & just gave a lot of backgroundI love everything you put the books it was just amazing!!!!!!!!!!other things I saw you on the comments or wanting you to make another book to forever that would be amazing I seen some good ideas of names like chaserwas thinking maybe you could be home like together since Grace and Sam together basically forever. even though you probably won’t ever reply back to me Thanks

  • Ashley Thebeau

    Why is there trailers but no movies? This is very frustrating. WHY WILL THEY NOT MAKE A MOVIE!?!

  • Missy L

    I was really unimpressed with how Forever ended. It was left too open. A fourth book as part of this series is definitely needed. I almost feel like I wasted my time buying a well written series only to have it end with an almost-cliffhanger feeling.

  • jennt

    maggie you should make litter a real book it would be cool plz make it

  • pretty londance

    Hey make a movie about shiver and linger havent read forever urt

  • maddog

    omg whts the next book

    • Kadence

      It’s called Sinner but Sam and Grace are barely mentioned, so you
      Still don’t find out what happened. It’s very frustrating!

  • Rebecca Lorraine

    I’m so excited to read the fourth book to the Wolves of Mercy Falls series^^ thank you soooo much I can’t wait to see what happens with Sam and Grace

  • Jailyn Montgomery

    Hello Maggie Stiefvater. My name is Jailyn and I am in LOVE with your Shiver trilogy. I read a book that seemed to be after Forever called Sinner which was about Isabel and Cole and their life after the trilogy in California. I was hoping you would make a fifth book about Sam and Grace and how their life was after the trilogy as well, because I cannot handle not knowing EXACTLY what happened to them after they went off to college and it’s driving me crazy. I was hoping you could make another amazing book continuing on their lives and their love for each other and hopefully Grace getting her red coffee pot. Also, this may be asking for to much, but a movie about this particular series of books wouldn’t sound so bad either and I would watch it millions of times with nachos next to me. I REALLY hope you make another book about Sam and Grace and their lives together; even if the next book was just about Sam buying Grace a sandwich, frankly, I’d read it. Thank you for your time Mrs. Stiefvater and I really hope you DEEPLY consider my suggestions about the movie and the new book. Yours truly, Jailyn. (P.S. I’m thirteen and I completely disagree with Grace getting married and having kids as a happy ending. I think a happy ending is them staying in love and growing old together eating pizza).

  • Ava leigh ok

    Hi, I am doing a book review and I need something for a cliffhanger please! (shiver)

  • Kadence

    Hi! I am in love with your books! I finished the wolfs of Mercy Falls series and am now on Lament. Although I finished the series about a half a year ago, I still spend hours on end wondering what happened to Sam and Grace and how their story ends. I was wondering, like every other Wolfs of Mercy Falls fan, if there was a movie for it. Why are there trailers when I can’t find any movies?! It’s driving me nuts! I would love it if there was another book in the series as well, but I do enjoy the open-ending! Thanks for writing the best books in the world! (:

  • Kadence

    I was wondering if anyone who read sinner knows when it takes place. Some people told me that it takes place before Grace turns 18 but after tom tries to kill all of the wolfs (sorry if I spoiled for anybody!). In that in between thing where it doesn’t explain much except that Grace’s parents tried to get to know Sam. Others have told me that it is after she’s 18, like right after Forever and I am very confused!

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