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Pip Bartlett April/ May Tour Dates

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I’m delighted to be creeping closer to the release date for Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures, the middle grade project I’ve written with Jackson Pearce.

pip bartlett interior shot

Early reviews have been lovely:

Publisher’s Weekly says: “Fantasy fans will delight in Pip’s humorous adventures in a world whose mix of the magical and the modern feels like a gentler cousin to the ones featured in the authors’ respective YA books.”

Kirkus says: “Stiefvater outdoes herself in the illustrations with portraits of hopelessly cuddly Griffins, Grims and other generally fearsome monsters sporting big, winsome eyes. Stay tuned for more hilarious ructions. It’s a distinct change of pace for two authors better known for intensely romantic teen fantasies, but they carry it off with aplomb.”

Barnes & Noble says: “A superlative series starter from the winning pair of Maggie Stiefvaster and Jackson Pearce. Editor’s recommendation.”


Jackson & I will be touring for a little over a week when it comes out, hitting up some of my favorite bookstores. A few of them have times to-be-determined, but the dates are final:

4/28: University Book Store, Seattle, WA 7 p.m.

4/30: Powell’s Books, Beaverton, OR 7 p.m.

5/1: Barnes & Noble, Portland, OR 6 p.m.

5/2: A Children’s Place, Portland OR 1 or 2 p.m. (Time TBD)

5/4: Barnes & Noble, Layton, UT 6 p.m.

5/5: Provo Library at Academy Square, Provo, UT 7 p.m.

5/7: Wild Rumpus Books, Minneapolis, MN (Time TBD)

5/8: Red Balloon Bookshop, St. Paul, MN 6:30 p.m.

5/12: Little Shop of Stories, Decatur, GA: (Time TBD)

Even though Jackson & I are better known for our YA projects, these events are going to be focused on delighting 9-12 year olds — there’ll be drawing and animal talk and a dearth of swearing. I’m happy to sign my YA stuff in line, as long as you’ve also bought a book from the store to support the venue, but the content of our talk and the questions we take will be for the kids. Those of you hoping to see me for my YA stuff, I’ll be headed out later in the year after THE RAVEN KING releases.

Those of you who can’t make it to a tour event but would desperately like a signed copy for the urchin in your life, know that I’ve once again paired up with Fountain Bookstore. Every copy they sell will have this bookplate signed by Jackson and I:

Pip Bartlett Bookplate

And every copy ordered before the US release date of April 28th will also have a doodle from me inside it. The link for that is here.

(It’ll be exciting to be back in Utah without a broken car)

  • Jeska

    *kermit flail*

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  • Janie Nicholas

    I was able to read an advance copy and I truly adored this book. I love magical creatures as much as any child. It would be so much fun to read aloud to children. I do have one thing I would like to mention. In the book there is a discussion about feeding bread to geese. I know it is a common practice, but it is really bad for the geese and should be discouraged. Best wishes for much future success.

    • maggiestiefvater

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the note about the geese!

  • bookworm135

    Not really about Pip, but this made me think of you…

    “Traditional Gansey Techniques
    Students will learn how to construct a Gansey, a sweater form prevalent in the 19th century…”

  • Melissa Holmes-Castillo

    My 6 year old can’t wait to get this book, also I have The Raven King (signed) already pre-ordered from Fountian Bookstore

  • Felisa Weiss

    Maggie, will you be coming to Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts at any time?

  • Lana

    You’ll be in Decatur on a Tuesday! I’m only two hours away, but work until five. When the time is announced, I’ll see if I can take off work and bring my little sister!

  • Laura Parker

    My kids are LOVING Pip Bartlett. I’ve been reading it out loud to them before bed and during breakfast. Noah actually sits still as close to me as he can for the entire time I’m reading, Marilyn begs me to read as fast as I can and wishes it were in Braille so she could read it on her own, and Max says he can’t wait until he’s a good enough reader to read it too. They are completely delighted. Thanks for writing this!

  • Cj Hakim

    I’m trying to get my sister to read the Raven Boys (she’s a heavy tv addict and doesn’t read much) and she’s trying to make me watch (I hate tv it’s a weird thing) Pretty Little Liars. HELP!!!!

  • Ter05

    Maggie, I am currently listening to The Raven Boys audio book. I have to write to you to rave about it. I’ve read the book two or three times. First I want to say you have absolutely the best narrators for your books of any I have listened to – WAY the best. They don’t just read the book – they are living it! But back to The Raven Boys, listening to the audio makes me realize why your books are such incredible re-reads. The first time through the book(s) I always am looking ahead wanting to know what will happen. but in the re-read, and especially this listening experience, I know what will happen, but I never realized how much I could have learned if I had just paid more attention to the hints and the little things in the story. I love the re-read/listen now knowing about Ronan and especially about Noah. I just want to say you are absolutely brilliant and I sincerely mean that. I have authors whose works I love but then I read something else they wrote and not so much. So far you have amazed me and delighted me with every book and series. Just wanted to let you know.

  • Vanessa Yager

    This has nothing to do with this conversation, but I could not figure out any other way to write to Maggie. I just wanted to say I own the Shiver series, and I think it would be the greatest thing if they became movies. It is my favorite books series in the world and I’m dying hoping you will decide to make them into movies!!!!

    • Faye Rivers

      Man, I was in IMDB and I found a page that said Shiver was in development. I don’t know if it really is being turned into a film but if it is you and I aren’t gonna be the only fans dying from a heart attack

  • Corinna Cline

    I wish I could email this to you, but I have looked to no avail for your email address. (Maybe it was five minutes). I have simply and utterly fallen in love with the way you write and your books in general. I have read each Raven Cycle book at least five times and I have yet to tire of them. As a book-lover, I can firmly say I haven’t found myself this intertwined with a series in a long while. Your books are a breath of fresh air compared to other popular young adults novels currently out. I am breathtakingly impressed by the way you romanticize Virginia summers. I live in a small-middle-of-nowhere-town just north of Richmond named Ashland. I have spent every summer of my life dreading the sweat forming at the back of my spine from just being outside, and somehow you make it feel like heaven. My grandmother lives in Harrisonburg, VA and every time I visit, all I can thing about is ley lines and welsh kings and my dream boy. (Gansey.) (duh.) My other grandmother (known as Oma) is from Germany, so I always appreciate the German references. (Especially in Shiver.) I have a lot more to say but I feel bad for making it this long already. Thank you for writing and making my days that much better. Oh, and my name’s Corinna, (german name) and I am 15. If you reply or even read this, thank you ever so much.

  • Gabby

    I was wondering if you give advanced copies for honest reviews or previous copies for honest reviews? I would love to review one of your books.

    Thank You,

  • alwinsam

    You have inspired so many travel bloggers! Travel agency in
    Keep doing the fantastic things that
    you always do!

  • Amelia Holland

    I don’t know if you will ever read this, and I know that you probably hate getting so many requests, but I have to ask anyway. I love the Shiver series in a way that nobody else will. I have read it over and over again for months since the time I first read them. I have this connection with the books and the characters that I feel only I understand. I need to hear more about Sam and Graces tragic love story so badly. Sometimes I cry about how much I long to be part of their lives, long to be Grace. I am so connected to these books that every single night i dream about the wolves. Sometimes I feel feverish just because I think about the book so much and I feel like I am becoming Grace, shifting into wolf. I can’t live without another book in the series. If it were my choice, the books about their love story would never end until the day I died, and they would end in the most tragic and romantic way. The way Forever ended, I can’t bear it. I understand that it is a cliffhanger, something to make the audience want more, and I have read Sinner, but it doesn’t compare to Sam and Graces beautiful love. Please Maggie, if you ever read this, I can’t live without these books. Since the moment I read the first word I fell in love with their story. You will never know how much I want to be Grace, to be in love with Sam. Please, I need to know what happens. I don’t read anything else. At the beginning of Sinner, when you dedicate the book to the readers who are always there, I felt like you were honestly saying it to me. I wanted to email you, but I didn’t know where to get your email. If you read this, please email me. I can’t live without your books.

  • Amelia Holland

    I also want to add that I love the books so much that I couldn’t bear seeign it as a movie. my precious and precise visions of everything in the book would be ruined and I couldn’t bear watching a stranger to my mind who is meant to be Sam or Grace act out the roles of the characters in my head. Nothing in real life will compare to an imagination.

  • Kumar G

    nice blog…

  • madhu bhaskaran

    I was wondering if you provide advanced copies of previous scenes with positive reviews or honest reviews. I’d like to examine one of your books.

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