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I am finally, finally, finally back home. I was sort of back home last week, after being out on tour for two weeks, but then I had to fly back out to California for five days of sort-of wedding (don’t ask.) and I had no brain for blogging. But today I am home. Finally, finally, finally. I need to do a blog post on both the Trampoline of Insanity and on handling critique as a writer and artist, but because I am behind on posting about bits and pieces, I’m going to first do a post about them.

Piece #1: On May 15th, I am doing a live chat with Lucy Christopher, hosted by Figment and This is Teen. We’ll be talking about how we build character and anything else you can think to ask us. Details here. Oh, in fact, here is my face inviting you to come:

Bit #2: I will briefly be in the UK in the middle of June. I’ll be doing things like the Hay Festival. I don’t know how many other public events I’ll be scheduled for (it’s largely a research trip and – gasp – vacation! what are these things!?), but I’ll post them on Facebook and here when I get them.

Stuff #3: Domestically (that makes me think of vacuuming), I will be at BEA in New York City in June, too. Also ALA, in Anaheim. I don’t have the final details on either of those things either, but I figured I should put that out there. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be doing two events in my home stomping grounds in Virginia in just a little over a week. All of my events are always here.

Thing #4: Will Patton is narrating the audiobook of The Raven Boys, which comes out on September 18th, same as the hardcover. I really wanted him to do it, and I’m really glad he agreed to. His version of it is so compelling, and just today they’ve released the sample (including some Maggie-composed-music):

Piece #5: I have a new app on Facebook that lets you read the first two chapters of all of my books for free (including The Raven Boys). Oh, technology. What a mench.

Stuff #6: I didn’t have a chance to talk about how much I adored touring with Siobhan Vivian, Elizabeth Eulberg, John Corey Whaley, and Daniel Handler (also known as Lemony Snicket), but I did. They’re all lovely, weird people and I’d share a cookie with any of them. I think this photo of Corey, Daniel, and I is my favorite of the bunch.

Next up, later in the week: the Trampoline of Doom. (I first typed that as the Trampolice of Doom, which sounds like an important sci-fi short story that your dad read in the 70s.)

  • Please, write us this Trampolice of Doom story?

  • Now I am even *more* glum about FYA@DC not getting a chance to wine and dine/pizza and ping pong you and Corey when you come through! We’ll just have to make the Alexandria event a hootenanny to make up for it.

    • Hootenanny! Now there’s a word I enjoy saying out loud.

      There should be more hootenannying going on in May, in my opinion, but alas, I am moving house this month and life is insanity.

  • Lisa

    Best advice from Daniel Handler – Protect your armpit!

    • That’s right up there with Meg Cabot’s: never pass a bathroom by. You never know when you’ll see another one.

  • Bianca

    Please stop in London if you can 🙂 id love to meet you 😀

    • I don’t know if I’ll be doing London this summer — it might be after my next novel comes out. I hope I’ll see you there, whenever that is!

  • Anonymous

    Your tank top in that video is red…it is not black.

    I find this to be very important, perhaps the most important part of this blog post.

    • Actually, it is ORANGE. Which still isn’t black. But it’s important in its own way.

  • Wowza. I just listened to the snippet and am so excited to hear him read more.

  • If you see me at BEA, ALA, and also in the UK in mid-June, please do not think I am stalking you. I’m simply there to pass on a message from Jesse Andrews that cats are an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

    • I certainly hope that you’ll do more than that, Ruta. I’m up for a mutual-conference-tea-break at any point if you are.

  • Sarah

    Maggie! I found you! I totally have to look up your books. It was great to meet you; you definitely helped to bring the best out of a difficult situation.

    • ah! Thank you for taking the time to look me up! Next time you see me, remember: if you didn’t like them, don’t tell me.

  • Christine

    I love the “Shiver” series. I have read the books and listened to them on audio. Infact I just finished listening to “Forever” on audio and it was great; however, I feel like there are some many unresolved parts to the series and characters that it seemed as though you left it open to write another book for the series. I hope this is the case because I would love to learn, and read more about the wonderful characters you have created – Grace, Sam, Cole, & Isabelle.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the audio! And yes, the ending on FOREVER was quite intentional, but it’s definitely the last one. You might find some answers here, however: I have a link to where I talk about the ending in depth.

  • Denesia

    I just got Shiver last year Christmas and I want to eat up my relatives for not getting me the other three yet. Anywhoo I loved it and wait to read ALL your books especially the Raven Boys and the other books you’ve written.

  • Jeremy Digesare

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