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Maggie Continues to Doodle in Books

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Hallo, humans! As you might have heard, I have written my first ever novel devoid of swearing and maiming and kissyface — in the form of the second installment of Spirit Animals, a multi-author, multi-platform series for middle grade readers. I sort of feel like double underlining all of the aspects of that sentence. YES it is for middle graders — ages 8-12. YES it is multi-author (Brandon Mull wrote the first one, that came out in September). YES it is multi-platform, because Scholastic’s designed a web-game to go with it. My children are 8 & 9, so I have been wanting to write something that they can read for awhile. When Scholastic invited me to come and muck about in this world they’d already created, I thought “YES and I’M ADDING HIGHLAND COWS.”

Hunted cover

Anyway, because it was the second book in a multi-author series, it hadn’t occurred to me that folks might want doodled-in, pre-ordered versions available as with the rest of my stuff. But I’ve now gotten enough requests for it that I’ve paired up with Fountain Bookstore once more to offer doodled-in editions. The routine is the same as always: all copies pre-ordered from Fountain before the release date of January 7th will come with a signature and a doodle. They ship all over the place (they shipped out 700 pre-ordered copies of The Dream Thieves).

Anyway, here is the doodle:

sketch for Spirit Animals
And here is the link to autographed copies (Fountain always carries signed books from me, year-round — the doodle is the only thing that is time-sensitive/ specific to pre-orders).

I look forward to TAKING YOUR CHILDREN.

  • FountainBkstore

    It was actually 840, but who’s counting?! Happy to be of service!!! Thank you everyone for your support of Maggie! I am reading the book now and it’s fantastic!!

  • Melanie Leavey

    omg *squeee* i only just realized this is the series my daughter is RABID over….and extremely impatient for the next one, i might add….oh, this is too fabulous.

  • Ashley Thebeau

    I’m pre-ordering this book now, and I REALLY want that doodle.

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  • Ri

    Maggie, if I may:
    How do you get your inspiration for your characters?
    Who is your favorite character, out of all that you have written?
    Are you considering writing a new series anytime soon?


    • Ri

      Also, could I publish your answers on my blog? Please?

  • Ishta Mercurio-Wentworth

    Kidlet Number One has been looking forward to this book for a while now. He recognized your name from the “Maggie Pile” that lives on the end table in the living room. (I shelve my books by author.) I’ll have to make sure to pick up a copy for him.

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