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Last Call for Signed, Doodled Raven Boys

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Hullo guys! Radio silence always means one of two things: I’m out of the state, or I’m on the last few weeks of a deadline. The latter is true this time — I’m frenzied working on the sequel to THE RAVEN BOYS, which is even weirder and more Maggie. If you can even imagine such a thing.

Anyway, I was reminded by Fountain Bookstore that very soon I’ll be driving down there to sign and doodle in all of the copies that are pre-ordered through them. I figured I’d better mention it again on the blogs, because I have gotten a few questions about it each week on Facebook.

Here is the deal. If you pre-order a copy of The Raven Boys from Fountain Bookstore, I will sign it and doodle in it. And I also got these really spiffy limited edition bookplates that feature my art from the trailer, and one of those is going in each pre-order too.
Bookplate for Fountain Bookstore

Fountain Bookstore ships all over the U.S. right through their website, which is convenient if you can’t make it to one of my signings (although surely you’d prefer to hear my cheery voice telling bad jokes)(although I generally don’t doodle at my in-person signings). And they also ship ALL OVER THE WORLD if you shoot them an e-mail so they can arrange for the shipping.

And yes, I will sign every book that is ordered from them BEFORE the release date of September 18th, which is when I’ll be taking off on tour as well. And yes, it is only through Fountain Bookstore that I’m doing this, because they’re the only store that I visit to sign books before the books come out. They do also have signed copies of everything else I’ve written too.

I will be doing a More Useful blogpost (you won’t be able to believe how useful it is) later this week.

. . . I cannot really believe it’s two weeks until this book comes out.

(is it braggy to say it just got a fourth starred review from Children’s Bulletin? Probably. I didn’t say it).

  • Callaghan

    I’m so excited! Pre-ordering now? Yes!

  • Scarlet

    Perfect excuse for an RVA day trip! Fountain bookstore, Penny Lane Pub, and my brother- yay!

    • There is also a delightful French pastry place on Cary Street, too, near that great French cafe, Can Can. I’m also partial to La Grotta, that Italian place in the basement near the bookstore. Not that I’ve spent a lot of time eating lots and lots of foods near the bookstore, or anything . . .

  • Hooray! Just ordered! I cannot wait to read this book!!

  • So excited there is only two weeks! I’ve had my copy pre-ordered for a looooong time now, and just keep getting antsier and antsier waiting to get it!!

    • You and me both. I’m simultaneously excited and terrified that it’s only two weeks away now.

  • Ooh, I can’t wait. And, yes, I pre-ordered some time ago 🙂

  • Aah! Gosh, I’m so excited!!! Yes, I know that’s a load of exclamation points, but they’re the only thing that come close to expressing my happiness at thinking of my very own soon-to-be-doodled in copy of The Raven Boys…Plus, my birthday is on Friday, so even after the requisite drinks and silly gifts (it’s my 21st), I’ll still have a wonderful birthday gift to look forward to. Can’t wait.
    Thank you for being awesome, Maggie. 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for liking my books. And have an uber happy birthday and I would say, have a drink for me, but I don’t drink, so stand on a table for me and be loud.

  • Meggie

    Must get this book!!!

  • I ordered this book to come to Australia so long ago I cannot believe it’s nearly ready to come on over to sunny Queensland! I am so excited!


    • It does feel like it has been ages, doesn’t it? And now, suddenly, HERE IT IS. Gah! Gah! Gah! I hope you have a good time reading it over there in sunny Queensland.

  • Ananya

    I am so incredibly excited! I will DEFINITELY have to pre-order a copy from Fountain Bookstore as opposed to anywhere else. 🙂

  • YES!!!!! I pre-ordered my copy as a late present to myself, and get “annoyingly positive”–as my friends call it– every time I thing about holding it! I’ll be watching the UPS truck like a crazed stalker every time he drives by… CAN’T WAIT!


    Cannot wait to read this book!!!! IM SSSOOOO EXCITED!!! i really want to see your autograph and doodle!!! 😀 i am going to read it as soon as i get it!!… im also probably going to stare at your autograph and doodle for… a long time! :):D

  • Read “Raven Boys.” Excited to read how the series ends.

  • Author Wannabe

    I know this isn’t anything to do with the raven boys, (but believe me, I WILL DEFINATELY BE GETTING MY COPY OF IT!) but can I ask is there has been any progress on the Shiver movie? I really hope it is not just an online rumour, me and my friends are all hyped up about it. Also, how do I buy the raven boys here, in my little country? Because I live in Scotland (I am English though) and my friends haven’t found anything yet either. Thanks. I’m so excited!! 😀

  • Sharla Bundick

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