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Inside of My Sketchbook (and by extension, my black heart)

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On Facebook, I shared a warm-sketch I did this morning while brainstorming about the look I want for The Dream Thieves’ animated book trailer. It is this:


Someone asked me if I would give a “tour” of my sketchbook. I actually have a few laying around at any given time, but this is one of my oldest. If you want to see the contents of my black heart, you can click on the image below to see the full set.

As you can see, I used to take it with me on tour a lot, so there are a lot of doodles of people sitting in airports and restaurants. You can also sort of tell which novel I was writing at any given time, based upon the drawings. And some of them are sketches for finished drawings. For instance, the first sketch on the third row became this:
The Language Of Us

And the second sketch on the last row became this:
The Scorpio Races

My hands smell like turpenoid.


(oh, and also, on Twitter, someone asked me if I could teach them to draw. Here is my biggest piece of advice for every artist — and writer — out there: draw what you SEE, not what you know is there.)

  • hanna

    my friend and I love your books, and we made sam and grace out of clay in our art class. If you’re interested to see what they look like, can you post your e-mail? we thought that we could send you the picture of them:)))

  • Wonderful!

  • Loves all of it. Thanks for sharing your work!

  • Anonymous

    Perfect advise. You are a Renaissance woman. Beautiful artwork!!!

  • Maggie, I’m planning montly Art & Wine Events for the Westmoreland County Museum. We are having our 4th one with local artist Diane Jackson on May 15th. We are always looking for local artists to participate. Your art is fantastic. We’d love to feature you. Our open dates for this year are September 18th, October 16th, and December 18th. Plus, we are always looking for people to do lectures and book signings. Are you interested? I can give you the museum contact info if you are. Or you can DM me on Twitter, I follow you. Good Luck

    • Ah, thanks, Brianna. But I no longer live on that side of the state — I’m three hours away. So it would be tough for me to swing it with my schedule even if I did still somehow count as local! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing! I love looking at other artists’ sketchbooks. 🙂

  • Hannah C.

    It feels so unfair for you to be a talented author and drawer XD

  • Woah! That’s amazing. I really love the night sky there too. My drawing expertise is…stick figures. But I do a mean stick-figure.

  • Lettie

    Your work is awesome! Did you take classes in college or are you self taught?

  • These are all really cool!

  • Jessa

    You are such a great artist! I can’t draw… give me plastic and fire or an iron any day.

  • Those are wonderful, Maggie! I love the wolves. I wish I could draw like that…I used to have a knack for it when I was a kid, but it kind of got away from me when I went off to university. The sketch for the book trailer looks great…can’t wait to see the final version.

  • The Scorpio Races drawing brought the scene back up in my mind. That was the sexiest and most romantic scene I’ve read in a long time (yes, both at the same time!). Thank you!

  • Ananya

    Wow, you’re so talented! I absolutely love them! One of my favorite parts of your new books is the trailers, they are always so beautifully made and the music matches the book perfectly. (:

  • Evelina

    Your drawings are amazing. Especially the wolves. Now I want to read The Wolves Of Mercy Falls all over again. You are amazing and such a talent. You have no idea how much your novels have taught and inspired me. So thank you. Thank you very much!
    Hugs xx
    From Evelina, 17, Sweden

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  • I ADORE seeing other people’s sketchbooks. Especially writers. And artists. And musicians. And particularly Celtic musician artist authors.
    P.S. I have developed quite an embarrassing crush on Ronan. It’s unseemly for anyone over thirty to be scribbling Mrs. Lynch on things.

  • Nancy

    I really love your books, art and music. I’ve been looking how to have your music because I really love it but I still don’t know how

  • Karmen

    Your books changed my life. You are the best of the best, our feelings written on a page. I thank you for this.

  • Your drawings are WONDERFUL. I love how use you both pages to create a scene.

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