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In Which Readers Become Hooligans (Briefly)

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Do you remember that one time I spray-painted my car for The Dream Thieves video?

my car
At my Kansas City launch event for the book last night, I let readers spray-paint it, too. Here’s what happened.

P.S. A huge, huge thanks to everyone who has supported the book on its first day.

  • Deirdre

    Like, wow.

    • maggiestiefvater


  • Jeska

    I think Knife Incident bumper stickers (but as cutout vinyl, rather than square) would be really cool, for all of us people who are afraid to spray paint our cars.

    • maggiestiefvater

      Oh, this amuses me.

      • nancy

        loved shiver and linger!!!!they were so awesome.i’m already on forever and it’s really good.

  • Stephanie Scott

    OMG, graffiti-ed Evo! Cool, but I don’t think I could get away with it on mine.

    • maggiestiefvater

      It is quite a thing.

  • Megan Peters

    I wish i was their but i live in Ontario, Canada 🙁

    • maggiestiefvater

      I will return to Ontario soon, I swear.

  • Emma Dollar

    I just finished The Dream Thieves. Spent all of my free time in school sneaking in pages. It was so amazing I can’t even…

    • maggiestiefvater

      This is the response I like.

  • appifanie

    You’re just awesome, which is probably why The Dream Thieves was awesome. <3

    • maggiestiefvater

      Hahaha, thank you!!!

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  • Adiba

    You wrote such a fantastic book, we HAD to support it!!!

    • maggiestiefvater

      THANK YOU again.

  • Ri

    This is awesome!!! I am anxiously awaiting my copy of the Dream Thieves in the mail- SUPER EXCITED!!!! I love your books!!!

    • maggiestiefvater

      I hope you love it!!!!

      • Ri

        I am 100% sure I will!!!

  • Jadyn Parga

    Hi. I am ten years old, and I am reading your book, Shiver. I am confused on Chapter 32 when Grace was fighting a white wolf. I didn’t understand if she also turned into a wolf? If you could please respond, that would be awesome.

    • nancy

      she did not turn into a wolf in shiver.i’m took me 3 days each to read shiver and linger,i am on forever.

  • Chris Brunner

    Just saw you at your book signing tonight. We saw your car in person as we were leaving. It is so awesome!!!

    My wife is a big fan but after seeing you tonight I am going to have to read Scorpio Races. I like the idea of flesh eating horses. Then I think the Raven Cycle. You were a lot of fun to meet.

    • maggiestiefvater

      *is flattered*

      Thanks! And it would please my dark heart to be an author that you and your wife read together.

  • Leandra

    I loved getting to see the video, thanks for sharing it! Reading TDT right now, a little over halfway done and as much as I’m voraciously soaking it all in, I also don’t want to finish it, b/c then I have to wait for the next. The pain! It’s like being stabbed w/a screwdiver- except I am FEELING it! 😉

    • maggiestiefvater

      Hahahahha — I am delighted.

  • Jaejae1

    I just finished Dream Thieves! It was simply fantastic! Truly well done. How you wrote Ronan…I have no words. Even the Grey man and his journey was sort of interesting. But Ronan…I love him as much as Gansey. I can’t wait to read the third book but i don’t know how you will top this one!

    • maggiestiefvater

      *blush* Thank you.

      Um, also, me neither.

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  • Jadyn Parga

    Hello again. I went back into my book,Shiver, and i relized it was Sam that was fighting the wolf in chapter 32 and not grace.

    • Jadyn Parga

      If you could respond to me that would be AWESOME and make me sooooooo happy.

      • maggiestiefvater

        You’re right! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the book!

  • Drew

    I am a huge fan of your books and I own the entire series of Shiver and The Raven Boys, and I was wondering if you were going to write a sequal to The Dream Thieves. Why am I asking this you may ask? Well, you probably already know the answer. I am in love with this series and I don’t want it to end. I also have a love/hate relationship with cliff hangers because I know it is the end of one book, but also the beginning of another. I can’t wait to see what masterpiece you come up with next!

    • Drew

      Oh, and I also pursuaded my book club to read The Raven Boys, and they loved it!

      • maggiestiefvater

        I’m so glad that you loved it! It is in fact a four-book series, so you’re in luck.

  • Jadyn Parga

    Hi maggie. I just finished Shiver and it was ASOLUTILY FANTASTIC!!!!!! i loved it so much!!!!!. now im reading Linger. Only on chapter 3 though. Well just thought youd like to know!

  • nancy

    i loved the shiver series!!!!it’s my favorite.are you going to make a 4th one?if you could just email me soon with the answer at and i’ll be fine.thanks again.

  • ♥•Catalina•♥ ☼

    Hi! i really love Shiver trilogy! I’m Chilean, please, excuse my bad english. Well, I really love the trilogy and I end to read Forever a month ago, but I have a question. Do you regret not having written an epilogue about Sam and Grace in the future? Have you thought about writing something more in the future? I can’t believe that the end will be only those paragraphs. (I hope that does not offend you, it’s just extreme curiosity of a teenager looking for answers) Simply, the characters are so wonderful and have so much ahead that I can’t stay quiet only with the end of “Forever” I really really hope that you answer my questions. Maybe this can be somewhat quieter than once, because I can not stop thinking about as it will have been the future of Grace and Sam, Isabel and Cole. (I really love Isabel’s personality) and… what about cole? what about Koening? So many questions but I just really need the answers of my first and second question.
    You’re an amazing writter<3
    Please answer!

  • Chloë Plez

    I`m a big fan of all your books (I`ve read them all, from Lament to Shiver to the Scorpio Races to-my current favorite!-the Dream Thieves) and I can`t wait for the final two books in the Raven Cycle. 😀 Your my favorite author of all time, and I think I have (some of it, at least) your plot figured out for the final books. But I sure hope not, so that it can all be a surprise!!! 😀

  • Confession time. When I got my doodled-in copy of Dream Thieves, I had to buy the audio book because I was afraid of spoiling it. (I’m hard on my books because I tote them everywhere.) So I’m super impressed that you were able to let strangers paint your your cool car/artwork. You must really trust your readers. 😉

  • Nancy Young

    I cannot access outlook here at school and am interested in having you come for an author visit. Please contact me at
    Thank you
    Nancy Young

  • ♥•Catalina•♥ ☼

    Hi Maggie, I have a question: Sam and Grace will appear in one of your next books? is there any chance? Please answer!

  • Mariajibla

    Are you going to come to Spain?

    • maggiestiefvater

      Yes! Next month.

      • Mariajibla

        *O*to Madrid?I have to go”

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  • Amy A Chartrand

    I just finished The Raven Boys , i havent gotten that caught up in a story in a long time . I cant wait to read book 2 now 🙂

  • Madcap_Maddie

    Will there be a sequel to Forever? What was Sam asking Grace at the end of the book? It’s driving me crazy!

  • Skylar Trace

    How come your books aren’t on iTunes?? I was so sad when i couldn’t find them. I had to BEG my mom to go and by the book. Please can you put your books on ITunes.

    • maggiestiefvater

      I’m sorry you had to go hunting! But it’s actually my publisher who decides where the books are available. I don’t believe Scholastic has any titles on iTunes, due to contractual terms or somesuch grown up stuff.

  • Nadine

    Hello Maggie,

    I was wondering if you can help me?

    I read the Shiver trilogy as well as the books of Faerie and of course the
    Raven boys and Dream Thieves. And loved all three series!

    I purchased the The Raven boys and The Dream Thieves in ebook format. However,chapter 56 from the Dream Thieves in ebook format was incomplete. It was exactly ½ sentence long. Is there any way you can give me a copy of chapter 56 so I can finish the book, I would really appreciate it?

    I did call the store I purchased the book from and they gave me a store credit however, I would prefer to finish the book.

    Thanks so much,

    • maggiestiefvater

      HI Nadine, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! So: chapter 56 IS only one sentence long, with no punctuation, just a single text message. Your ebook is correct! I hope that helps!

      • Nadine

        Ok, Thank you! Thought I was missing something!! 🙂

  • Ella Galindo,

    I want a car like that!

  • Julia Judex

    ~Hello Maggie,

    I’m 13 years old , Julia and so excited about the shiver triology. I have read them in english and german and I have to say they are more than just great, I love them.Your family name Stiefvater means stepfather in german. Have you knew this? Is there a movie coming from the shiver triology?

    I would be very happy if you write a comment.

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