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Day 14, Raven Boys Tour

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Day 14 of The Raven Boys tour is done! 16 more to go. I’m taking all the travel rather well, I think:

Day 14 of Tour

Imagine me on day 27.

Yes, that’s a face mask. It’s not woad. Nor my natural coloring.

  • Anonymous

    Looking hot!

  • Vicki

    Your shirt cracks me up!

  • Just finished The Raven Boys and I loved it!! Any details you can give us the rest of the series? 🙂 Release dates? Sneak peeks?

  • kate

    bahahaha! I want that shirt. The mask, not so much. 😉 PS thanks for telling me to email Brenna. I have now stepped away from the insanity edge. Party on, tour star!

  • Sherie

    Hang in there! and oddly the mask matches your eyes……..

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  • Is this the result of too many trips to Chipotle? 😀

  • Hee hee! Love it :p

  • Looks very radish! I mean…. Ravishing. (I’ll never forget that voice typo……….. Hahaha!)

  • Tahlia

    Wow!! Don’t think I’d last that long on a trip to Disney World.

  • Gwyneth

    Lovin the shirt Maggie; great face mask. REUNITE PANGEA!!!!!!!!!

  • Grace

    1.OK is there a fan mail I can email you?
    2. I am reading Shiver and it is amazing
    3. How cool my name is Grace AND I have dark blonde hair
    4. But not brown eyes 🙁
    5. I also know EXACTLY how Grace feels
    6. I don’t think I belong here either

  • Kaida

    *sigh* I’m sure day 27 is something to look forward to! Maybe. Hopefully. I wish you good luck. ^^

    • Kaida

      (lol replying to my own comment)

  • I’m guessing it was Day 18 at The Tattered Cover Sat. night with Brenna. I enjoyed you both talking back and forth about the support you give each other, am excited to read the Curiosities book and am in the middle of The Raven Boys. Hurrah for your stamina, Maggie! And thanks for a lovely evening.

    • Aw, thank you for coming. We did have a great time and what a lovely group at Tattered cover!

  • Maurice

    Hello Maggie
    Sorry I didn’t make it for your Denver book signing, stayed OT at
    work, was needed.
    Was so fun knowing you two.
    Hope you enjoyed the red Camaro.
    Hope to meet you again sometime, take care Scorpio,

    • Maurice!!! I told everyone at that event the story of the red Camaro and looked for you in the crowd. Alas, I’m sorry you didn’t make it, but that car was the highlight of the trip. Thanks for READING MY MIND!

      • Hunter

        AHH! That must be the Maurice I just finished reading about on the first page of your blog! Scorpio Party!

  • I just finished The Raven Boys last night. When I was part of the way through the story, with the Lynch bro angst, my heart broke for Ronan. Then I saw how Gansey was being torn apart being the strongpin for his friends and my heart broke for him. And then I saw Adam’s final interaction with his dad, and my heart broke again for him. I DO NOT HAVE THIS MANY HEARTS, MAGGIE. I can’t take all the feels.

    Except I adore it. So tightly-written–the sentences themselves sometimes cut like you describe Ronan’s looks as doing. Nicely done.

    It was a joy to meet you (briefly) at your National Book Fest. stop in D.C. I look forward to the story we hear from you (which I’m sure will be the next best thing since the last best thing you did). 🙂 Keep up your energy for the rest of the tour and have fun!

    • Oh, I enjoy your number of feels immensely. As I wrestle the sequel to the ground, I very, very much hope that there may be at least half the number of feels in there.

      • Posted on Oh so true! I’ve been frustrated many times woikrng for hours, banging my head against the keyboard because I’ve stepped outside that feeling of flow. It’s times like that when I really understand the importance of stepping back from a project and letting my self CHILL OUT! Nice Kai!

  • Beckie

    It was a pleasure to meet you last night! I’m glad you like the polite people of Utah’s mountains! I plan to have the horse print you signed for me, framed! Totally thrilled to have it! Can’t wait to dive into Raven Boys and will save your book with Brenna and Tessa for Christmas. Hope you enjoyed your visit enough to the Northwest that you’ll come see us again soon! Don’t wait the 20+ years like you did last time 🙂

    • Utah was fantastic — still the most breathtaking scenery I’ve seen on the entire tour. Thank you for coming to the event and I hope you enjoy that horse print for a long time. I’ll be back!

  • blair

    Hey Maggie-
    I just finished The Raven Boys… : ) thank you

  • Lucy

    I loved the raven boys and every other one of your books but I was wondering if you could come to the uk for one of your book signings 😀 ifyou do another one and get to choose your locations could your pick uk as one of them? That would make me and I’m sure many other people happy! 😀 can’t wait for your next book! X

    • I love coming to the UK, Lucy! I’ve been every year since Linger came out, and I’ll be coming back again in 2013, in the Spring. Watch my blog for info for when I’m coming! 🙂

  • raelyn milam

    I have been readding your books and i have an idea for the movie Shiver. I have made a song(with the help of your book) that I think you could put in the movie. please email me so I can give more detail. I am 13 and live in Tx.

  • Raveena

    I was so shocked by the character twist in the Raven Boys that even though I bought it yesterday I had to finish it or I would die in a ditch too. It’s my first time reading a series of yours and I am quite glad I stumbled upon this book by accident! Keep up the good work and happy traveling!

    • Hahahah! <3 Thanks. And I hope you keep enjoying the books (preferably without dying in a ditch).

  • Camellia Jankee

    hello my name is camellia im from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, i must thank you for shiver ,linger and forever ,i actually now finished reading forever it is amazing i look forward to reading more and would really like to talk to you more about forever the ending really why grace is going to leave sam , lol any ways thank you again ,please email me if u have time

  • Hello. I’ve just finished The Raven Boys and reviewed it. Wanted to try to say thank you for writing such an amazing and beautiful book. I can’t wait for the next in the series and can’t thank you enough for filling my days and imagination with awesome daydreams.

    • Thank you for thanking me. 🙂 I’m really really glad that you enjoyed my weird novel and I hope that you’ll like the sequel too.

  • Reading The Raven Boys is like eating the last great piece of cake: sooo good, you don’t want it to end, so you read as slowly as you can, each and every word–and somehow hope it will last until book 2 comes out next year. *sigh*

  • Justine

    AHHH 😀 i justtt finished reading the raven boys and… can i say that i cannot, i mean I CANNOT wait for the sequel!! looking forward to it!

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