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Band Name Alert: Damage Waiver

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Three things.

1. Today, my face exploded.

Not my entire face. Just a small part. Wait, maybe I should back up.

A new piece of furniture arrived at the Stiefvater Hacienda (spoiler: it is shelves. Whenever I buy new furniture, it is something designed to hold books) and Lover called for me to help carry it. I roused myself from editing and agreeably took one end. I had only made it a few steps when I thought to myself, a little dispirited:I believe I am about to die.

Now, I have pretty beefy arm muscles and we’d only been a few feet, so I was rather ashamed of myself. But I really did feel the old scythe coming down, heave ho, off with your head and all that. So I sat down in my office and put my head between my legs and discovered that I had in fact busted a vein in my temple.

So there is that.


2. Three days ago, I rebroke my pinky toe, the one I broke last summer. I’m telling you this now to cheer you up after the whole vein-busting story. I was tearing around my house barefoot, not a care in the world, and then I tripped.

Go ahead.

Ask me what I tripped over.


My new steel-toed boots. I took ibuprofen for the swelling, but they don’t make a medication for irony.

3. Nine days ago, I did this:

Sno*Drift Rally 2013

to this:

My rally car at Sno*Drift rally 2013.

for two days solid. We hit several snow banks, flattened two tires, and generally traveled exceptionally fast on very little sleep.

I injured nothing.


I’m telling you this because I want to impart an important lesson: life is safer with a roll cage.

  • Nicole Jakubowski

    Body Armor – 66$
    Helmet – 25$
    Kicking up snow and dust in an R2 Race Car just for the rush? – PRICELESS

  • Angel

    As a mom who has broken more bones as an adult doing mindless things like:

    1. Running down the stairs in the dark to kiss my husband goodbye before he left for work, missing the last two stairs, breaking my foot ( this was pre-kids),

    2. Making dinner, stubbing my toe on the “learning tower” we have for our kids to stand on to help with food preparation, breaking a toe, not the pinky toe, and

    3. Tripping over my then three-year-old daughter, who decided to cross my path, then stop abruptly, causing me to fall forward, breaking/ shattering my elbow (three repair surgeries so far), all while walking up the front path to go to the gym…….

    I feel for you. 🙂

    • I feel you should just have all of your bones replaced with titanium NOW. As a preventative measure.

      • Angel

        I’ll check into that. I’m not sure our insurance covers it, but it’s worth a try.

      • Actually, I think if I’m going to ask them, I’ll just go for it and ask for Adamantium.

  • But it’s a really nice-looking bookshelf. So… you have that going for you.

  • Wishes for a speedy recovery of all things busted and broken! I love that you play in a race car. You’re awesome in every sense of the word.

  • -Lesson learned.
    Hope your toe is better.

  • Maggie, if it’s any consolation, I think if you’re going to break (or re-break) your toe, tripping over steel-toed boots is a fabulous way to do it. Better than tripping over your own feet. . .or a dog. . .or a small child. Besides, if someone asks how you broke your toe, you can tell the truth and say, “I broke it with my wicked-a** steel-toe boots. Wanna see?”

    • Well, when you put this this way, it’s practically an inspirational story.

      • “How Maggie Battled the Steel-Toed Boots and Won: An Inspirational Vignette.” ;o)

  • Dalton Caudill

    No matter what protective gear you wear, nothing prevents busting veins due to strenuous lifting. Unless…you somehow turn that awesome Raven Boys car into a ironman-like suit that would boost your strength. Then you could have an awesome animated butler named Jarvis and you might even meet Chris Hemsworth, he could carry the shelves in himself, then you wouldn’t need the suit. Maybe the simplest way to go about this would be to find some sort of ramp, pulley, or other mechanical advantage producing machinery. I’m gonna go turn my car into ironman now…

  • Ouch! Hopes everything heals up soon! Love the design on your car by the way!

  • John Bunch

    HA… the trick is to always be doing dangerous things… So they won’t sneak up on ya! Travel hard, travel fast, and never go to sleep without drying off.


  • Maggie, I hadn’t seen the new paintjob on the car.

  • Geena Gross

    Chick muscles are Amaaaazing!!! 😉 that is a heavy looking bookcase, at least you can tell people that you work out. Lol.

    I had an accident where I was taking some cattle to a show when someone spooked my 1,600 lb. prego cow and she swirled around and stepped on my foot!! I was luckily wearing my steel toed boots so I didn’t break anything, but the weight on my foot left a gnarly looking bruise, and feeling didn’t come back to the area for like a month!! Hopefully your toe feels better soon 🙂

  • Would this be a bad time to say…incidents of this sort normally happen in 3’s?

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  • Ananya

    Sorry for your pain. I’m very accident-prone too. Like, for example, getting a concussion while trying to pick up a pencil (yeah, not one of my better moments). I hit my head on the table it fell under. But, I wish you a speedy recovery and the car looks absolutely terrific. 🙂

  • Bethany

    It’s okay. I’ve broken the same pinky toe three times. First two times I was stepped on by a horse. Third time I ran into a metal bucket and part of it detached. Curse those pinky toes!

  • Lia

    All I can think is… nice drift, girl!

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