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2013 Critique Partner Love Connection

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I guess it’s that time of year again. I’ve been asked several times in the last few months if I would do another critique partner love connection on my blog and I now have enough requests that I’m going to go ahead and do it. These seems to be a yearly thing. I don’t think I need to change the wording from the original Critique Partner Love Connection, so here we go:

Okay. As y’all know, I have two critique partners (Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff) whom I love dearly. They rip and tear at my manuscript with everything they have in them and they read what I read and love what I love and . . .well, after a long critique partner search, I have learned much about what I need in crit partners, and they are what I need.

However, it’s come to my attention that not all of my blog readers have found what they need, and they’re having a hard time putting out a call for crit partners on their own blogs because of traffic. Some of them are really good too — agented or published or close to agented or published, and they need someone at that level. Others are just starting out.

So I thought I might do a Crit Partner Love Connection here on my blog, if anybody’s looking. This is PRECISELY the way I found Tessa and Brenna.

Here are the rules, such as I ever have rules:

Post a comment saying the age range (adult, YA, MG), a brief, one-sentence blurb about your book or just the genre if you don’t want to share more than that, and whether or not you have an agent, etc. Also the last book that you read that you loved that you feel epitomizes you as a reader.

ETA: Also note if you’re writing in a language other than English (probably in caps, so you’re easier to find for other folks writing in your language).

Then, if someone sounds appealing to you, you send them a message saying so and find out if it’s mutual. If it is, you exchange the first 50 pages of your manuscripts, critique them, and return said critiques. If either of you doesn’t feel like the crit relationship is working at that point, you get to smile and say thanks and walk away without any questions asked. That’s the way it works.

NOTE: I myself am not looking for critters. Two partners is enough for me — I can’t keep up with anymore. I recommend definitely two or three partners for best results. That way when someone says “this sucks!” and someone else says “does not!” you can be the tie breaker. But if they both say “this sucks!” and you say “does not!” it means you’re wrong. 😉

OTHER NOTE: I mirror this blog on Livejournal and Blogger and you might want to check the comments there, too.

Okay. Go!

P.S. As I’m in the UK right now, I just wanted to post a brief reminder of my two public signings.

Manchester, Saturday, March 23rd.

London, Sunday, March 24th.

  • I write adult romance and erotica! Id love a crit partner.

    I do not have an agent but I do have publications. The last book I read that epitomizes me as a reader is Written in Red by Anne Bishop. A little sexual tension, paranormal, and lots of action.


    • Hello Monica, I’m writing a novel in the adult Paranormal Romance genre . Looking for someone who’s writing in the same genre. Even better if your experienced. I love reading. I would to give us a chance. My MS is not complete I’m more than half-way there. Let me know if your interested.

    • Anonymous

      Hi I saw maggie today and interviewed her .
      I also got my books signed
      She is aewsome

    • christine

      Hi I am writting science fiction romance fantasy soft comedy partly erotic stories and I am searching for a permanent partner to give me feed back help me out when I am stuck and I can do the same for them. I am a beginner I have written only one book up till now which is displayed for free in and can be seen only if you subscribe for free as it is rated for 18+ and above the title is The Pradorian Mate.
      I have a book in progress and would be very happy to hear from someone willing to stick around for a long time, supporting eachother.
      Thank you

    • Adult Romance writers might consider We are a critique group of 20 – 25 Romance writers, some multi-published, some as yet unpublished. Our writers are happy to help with anything from sweet Romance to extremely erotic and we are proud to say some of our authors have come to us with manuscripts no agent would look at twice , who were published authors within a few months.

      Our portal says we’re closed to new members, but we are accepting applications by invitation only. You must be serious about getting published, and willing to offer an excerpt from your WIP for the membership to consider.

      Read our mission statement on the portal page for how to apply. You can contact me by email.


  • Ahoy there! I’m Miriam, currently looking for agents (i.e. querying) but haven’t got anywhere yet. I’ve co-written a novel that was indie published. So, that’s my level.

    I’m looking for a more general crit partner as I tend to move on from projects very quickly. However, I’m currently working on the first draft of a Victorian-era sci-fi YA novel about a human boy caught up in a war between two opposing alien forces who might not be quite as human as he thought. (Yes, cliched logline, but I’m hoping the ‘Victorian-era sci-fi’ caught your attention.) I’m also planning rewrites on an action/adventure novel about university students who are also modern-day knights, which I think would count as NA (new adult), so a crit partner for one or other of those two would be AWESOME.

    Ah, books I’ve read, that’s a tough one. As a reader I have very, very diverse tastes (like, I read most things except erotica and chick lit, because they don’t interest me). I recently read The End Of Mr Y and I like the philosophical element. However, my favourite book that I’ve read in the last couple of months was probably Days Of Blood And Starlight by Laini Taylor, because the prose was BEAUTIFUL and the characters were AWESOME.

    Um. This comment is longer than it should be, isn’t it?

    • Jay Mackey

      Your work sound interesting, and I’d love to share books with you. I’ve also got a couple of current projects–one is YA, about a 16 yo dealing with the aftermath of an EMP, which wipes out everything electronic, essentially ending civilization as we know it. The other is one I’m currently revising. It is Middle Grade, about a group of kids who share an adventure. After a little girl goes missing, little 7 yo Lizzie says, “She went with the water people.” The adventure is to find out what the water people are, and, who knows, maybe even find the missing girl.

      Let me know if you’re interested.

      Jay Mackey

    • Kim

      I would definitely be interested in maybe being critique partners with you! I’m in about the same place as you and I’m interested in a lot of the same genres/ideas. You can check out a link to some of my writing on my website.

      I’ve been focusing on flash fiction and poetry lately, but I’m starting work on my newest novel (YA modern, elements of mythology). Shoot me an email if you’re interested! I’d love to talk 🙂


  • I write YA fiction, dystopian type work.
    I do not have an agent nor a publisher, but I have tried my hand at self-publishing and found it somewhat helpful, but looking (as any writer does) to expand.
    The last book I read that epitomizes me as a reader would have been “Ashes” by Ilsa J. Bick. Action, gore, little bit of romance, and tension!
    Thank you!!

    • I do not have anything to swap at the moment, but I would love to critique/edit/read your work! E-mail me if you’re interested!

  • What a good idea! 🙂 I am literally right in the middle of trying to get someone to read my work and help me out before I reach out to agents (currently unpublished and unrepresented, but should hopefully be changing soon!!)

    I’m a YA writer, with a dash of fantasy (of a paranormal variety) – the story is about a young girl, Amelia, who loses her best friend but still see’s his ghost, so has to go about pretending she’s grieving when she, in fact, thinks she might be losing her mind. There’s a little romance in there too, I have to say – got to have that romance factor 😉

    Of course, I’m a huge fan of the Shiver trilogy and I love everything from Vampire Diaries, The Dark Heart trilogy and anything romance/YA/fantasy – check out my Goodreads for my reading lists (user name: Sam C), if you like the sound of the story and have a similar love for teen lit, give me a shout – email or tweet!

    (thanks Maggie!)


    • Tiffie

      Hey Sam,
      I love the idea of a ghost story!
      I´ve recently read The MacKinnon Curse series . Well, not THAT recently, but the point being, I loved it dearly. I´m a huge fan of anything paranormal, anyway.
      In case you´d like for me to read and critique your story feel free to contact me via email stefanie.studte (at) googlemail (dot) com

    • Stephanie


      I like the sound of your work. I’ve always had a thing for ghost stories! In fact, one of the books I’m working on now includes a boy who can see ghosts. I’ve been working on it for a LONG time, and I think I might need someone to help point me in the right direction. I’d love to edit some of your work – let me know if you’re interested. My email is stephanieeegrace (at) gmail (dot) com.

      Thanks and happy writing!


  • I am an indie author looking for crit partner/s! My genre is YA/NA. My WIP is YA paranormal romance about an estate with a cursed well (oh la la). I’m not sure about the last books I’ve read that epitomize me as a reader/writer. I guess I’ll go with The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay and First Visions by Heather Topham Wood, both really good.
    I am unagented, and I’ve already self-published my first novel Caly’s Piece.

    • Anonymous

      Oh and thanks Maggie 😉 I love all of yours as well. Can not wait for The Dream Thieves!

    • Sam Cummings

      Jen, I’m interested in your work – how do you feel about ghosts and romance? 😛


      • J.M. Miller

        Hi Sam!

        Ghosts and romance sounds interesting, and definitely up my alley! Let’s hook up. 🙂 My email is you can also find me at . Email me and we can work out the deets 😉

      • J.M Miller

        Hi Sam!

        I’m not sure why my previous message didn’t go through.
        Yes, ghosts and romance sounds cool, and up my alley.
        email me at j(dot)miller907(at) yahoo(dot)com and we can work out the deets 😉

    • Jessica

      Hey Jen,
      Just based on the fact that you noted The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Mallay, I’m totally in. I am just finishing up the book and I cannot get it out of my head. I am hoping my current WIP turns out as beautifully as it is a upper YA dual narrative about two people struggling and the hope that they can help each other. And I have always been interested in any YA/NA/paranormal/fantasy stuff.
      My email is jawardwrites at gmail dot com if you are interested!

  • I’m writing a YA science fiction novel.

    No I do not have an agent but I would like a critique partner of YA genre as well. The last book that I read that I loved happened to be The Book Thief: passionate about language, friendship, and family 🙂

    Email me if you’re interested!
    Shortskiee (at) aol (dot) com

  • YA/NA sci-fi/fairtale ish I’d love a complete stranger to tear my stuff to pieces!

    Orphaned teens stranded on a dying planet struggle to survive until a miracle happens. A box is accidentally uncovered, explosions rip through their settlement like an earthquake. But the earthquake is nothing compared to what happened to the girl who found the box…suddenly the world is green again, everything grows at alarming rates all flowing from her hands and feet. It seems they’re saved. But the enemy who stranded them there knows what she can do, and soon none of them are safe. Because the enemy doesn’t see her as a saviour. they see her as a weapon. One they can’t wait to get their hands on.

    Last 2 books I read to define me: Huger games series. Also Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood.

    • Oh, this sounds interesting (and right up my alley)! I also write YA sci-fi- secret society, special abilities, and deep secrets. My email is lebrbria(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

    • Ida


      I would love to talk! I have a YA Suspense/Sci-Fi first draft and need a new set of eyes to say the hard stuff that my family won’t. (I posted further down in the thread) Send me an email at mycatas at yahoo dot com or find me on twitter @IdaOlson if you’re interested.

    • Hi Joanna, your book sounds fascinating! Having seen that The Hunger Games and Margaret Atwood define you as a writer I am definitely interested in reading/ assisting in editing/ reviewing/ promoting your book. It sounds like such an original take on the dystopia scene.

      I’m a postgraduate student studying English Literature with a book blog ( I have a contact me page on there if you’re interested. Alternatively, my email address is :).

    • Emma

      Hi Joanne,
      I’m Emma.
      I have just finished writing my first novel and am looking for some honest feedback. I have always struggled with writing, so it is kind of a crazy idea for me to write a book, but it is something i really want to do.

      My book is a YA fantasy. It is about 16 year old Lucy. Lucy is trying to figure out what happened the night her first love was killed in unexplained car crash. She then meets Sam and finds out that she is the key to opening a door to another world.

      I love the idea of a new world rapidly growing and I can already image it is a very descriptive book.


  • Connor

    Hello! My name is Connor Ferguson, and I write young adult paranormal fiction. The framework of my story is essentially this: Instead of technology resulting from the Industrial Revolution, magic resulted and civilization capitalized on it for a couple centuries. Then governments around the world, including the United States, decided to eradicate magic under new leadership, causing the destruction and genocide of magic culture and its users. The story will follow two characters: Caelan, a member of a rebel group centered in Arizona trying to fight against the government and rediscover magic, and Lenora, the last magic user known to exist in the same area.

    The last book I read was Requiem by Lauren Oliver (seriously, check it out; AMAZING).

    If you’re interested, shoot me a message at my email!

    • I really like your take on the industrial revolution. It’s quite unique as far as I know. I think your story will make very interesting dystopian fiction and I would love to critique it. (Just so you know, I’m a bit of a grammar-police.)
      You can e-mail me on: bookaholic (underscore) 01 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk
      or via twitter @Bookaholic786

    • steph

      Awesome idea, i hope you get it finished! 🙂

    • Jen

      Hoping you get this finished and published. Sounds like a great story and read. I see you have a grammar police already offering, and since I have no writing of my own to share, will look for the end result. Good luck!

  • Hello everyone!
    I am writing a young adult book about a world split into 4 Kingdoms: Ice, Fire, Earth, and Air. The main character is an Ice Princess who falls in love with the Fire Prince, which is absolutely forbidden. I am currently trying to edit and clean this story up and would love some help!
    I do not have an agent or publisher or anything. This is the first book that I’ve actually finished and I would really like to get this one published.
    I can’t pick one book that describes the kind of writer/reader I am so here are some of the authors I love: Maggie Stiefvater (of course!), Cassandra Clare, John Green, Veronica Roth, and many more.
    You can message me over Twitter @SaraSwann96 if you are interested! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sara Swann I don’t do twitter. Lol but if be interested. 🙂 you can Facebook me Kathy Kats. Or email

    • Hey Sara Swann! Your book sounds really cool and I would definitely be interested in helping you clean it up. I’ll message you through twitter, so look out for that. 🙂 I’m going to post the blurb of my book in just a few minutes so if you’re interested in helping me out too, maybe we can connect!

      • Hi Olivia Watkins! I read your blurb and it sounds interesting! Feel free to message me over Twitter and we can exchange stories! 🙂

  • Alyssa

    Hi my name is Alyssa and I write (YA) Young adult novels. I am currently looking for an gent. Have sent out lots of email but alas no one has accepted yet. I would love to have a crit partner! The more feed back the better I say!

    My work is actually published as an Ebook on Has been for some time now. There are still a few changes I need to make but for the most part everyone who has read it loves it! I hope to say the same for my crit partners!

    One book that Ive read not to long ago and that I am in love with is Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I couldnt stop reading after the first chapter. It just sucked me in! Totally worth buying and reading!

    So I will leave with a bit of the synopsis of my book Chosen: The Angels of Soulstice
    A paranormal romance, that keeps you wanting more, Chosen is the first novel in a three part fallen angel trilogy. With the story line told from two points of view, no detail is left out. Set in the fictional towns of Brightwood and Everlast, Chosen, weaves the lives of two young teenagers who enter a fantasy world they never knew exsited. Karbon and her older brother, Liam, are your basic average teenagers. They have a close bond, more so after their Father’s death when they were younger. One afternoon, while visiting their Father’s grave a very strange man appears. Sullen. He boast that he knew their father very well and gives them an opportunity that he knows they cannot refuse. To become Angels.

    Hopefully this makes you want to read more! Thanks!

    • Hey Alyssa,

      So cool that your book is up on Barnes & Noble. Congratulations!
      Your novel sounds amazing. It sounds like an original story and completely fascinating. It sounds like the exact thing that I usually read! I’d definitely be interested in editing/ reading/ reviewing/ promoting your book.

      I am an MA student, studying English Literature. I also have a book blog: My email is if you are interested :).


  • Anonymous

    I write super-short stories and most of all scenes from novels I want to write someday, but I haven’t finished anything yet.

    I write paranormal

  • Kat

    Hey! This is a fantastic idea. I write a number of different things – I haven’t written in a little while and I need something to motivate me. I write everything from epic greek mythology poems to medieval type fantasy. I do many short stories…but I am working on a couple longer book type stories. However, I really love to critique others work. I don’t focus on details as much (grammar, punctuation, etc) but more the story ideas themselves.

    My favorite books include The Scorpio Races, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and the Wheel of Time series. Email me if interested!

  • Abigail Johnson

    So happy to see this ‘Love Connection’ post again. Last year I found the most amazing crit partner thanks to Maggie (my crit partner’s first book will be published in Oct). I’m still working on my manuscript and would love to add another partner to help get me ready to start querying.

    About my book: Contemporary YA (coming of age/romance). I’m just about finished with my 2nd draft. It centers around a girl trying to reconnect with her father after her mother takes off, and falling for the older and damaged guy who moves in next door.

    The last book that really resonated with me, apart from Maggie’s books, was probably Brenna Yovanoff’s PAPER VALENTINE (what a magnificently, hauntingly, wonderful book). I pretty much love everything the Merry Sisters of Fate write (including my favorite story collection ever: THE CURIOSITIES). I also adore Lauren Oliver’s writing.

    • Jessica

      Hey Abigail
      Just based on the fact that you noted Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff, I’m totally in. I read it earlier this year and thought it was just sooo beautiful. My currenty WIP is an Upper YA dual narrative about a boy and girl both struggling with different things and the hope that they can help save each other.

      My email is jawardwrites at gmail dot com if you are interested!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Abigail,

      I am very interested in being your crit partner. The book I am currently working on is a contemporary YA. My email is if you are interested.


    • Laci Maskell


      Your story sounds very interesting and I would love to have you as a crit partner. The book I am currently working on is a contemporary YA novel.

      If you are interested my email is


    • Jennifer

      Hey Abigail,
      I’d be interested in reading your work! I’m currently working on an upper YA/adult contemporary about a seven year old boy who, when he visits his cousin, meets a girl who he feels like is the girl he’s going to marry one day. The story follows along his life and their encounters over the years, how their relationship develops and how it changes him. I still need a couple of weeks before it is ready for a read, but this crit partner exchange was too good an opportunity to pass up!

      If you’re interested, email me at jennifermnunes (at) gmail (dot) com.

    • Hey all you Contemp writers… I’m in the 2nd draft of a story with dual boy/girl perspective! Here’s the description in my comment below:
      Let me know if any of you want to exchange pages!
      redheadheroines at gmail dot com

      • Interested and will email you!

        I write YA Fantasy and SciFi and Dystopian is my true love. I am currently trying to wrap up a second draft of a Dystopian type book and have a few others that need some work and then will be ready as well.
        Favorite recent books are The Raven Boys and the Curiosities, by Maggie and Enclave (whole series) by Ann Aguirre. I could list a hundred others but will try to follow the rules if I must.
        My email is
        Hope to talk with you!

    • Any YA contemporarys still looking for a partner?

  • I do not have any current works in progress, BUT I would love to help out some fellow writers! I mainly enjoy YA of any genre, so please feel free to e-mail away! (And don’t forget to check out my blog!

  • Hello lovely people!
    I’m new in the whole writing world! I recently self-published a collection of my own short stories in an ebook (free on iTunes… in the “What’s Hot” section of the page if I might add!)
    My genre is definitely YA, and right now I’m just focussing on writing short stories. But I do have a manuscript in progress (aka I have only one chapter fully completed). The novel is YA science fiction meets apocalypse meets soul devouring vampires. For my short stories, I usually like to incorporate some sort of fantastical element into it or draw from myths.
    Books that epitomizes me as a reader… of course everything from Lady Stiefvater. I really enjoyed Perks of Being a Wallflower, Salem’s Lot by Stephen King… I really don’t know hahaha! I read too much!

    If you’re interested please send me an email at
    If you’d like to read some of my short stories there available on my blog

    Thanks much!

  • My name is Devin Berglund and I love writing in the Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, YA, and NA Genre. I recently finished my first novel, “The Mason of Hearts” and am currently editing/revising it so I can start sending it out to agents to find representation. It is the first of a Fantasy Trilogy.

    Short Pitch: A maleficent witch kills many of Preventer warriors, throwing the world into panic. Dustin, one of the last Preventer warriors starts training when the King calls upon him to protect his daughter and unborn grand children. The witch adds hearts to her collection which she stores in her necklace. She uses their gifts and talents as she needs– her necklace The Mason of Hearts, when filled with the most powerful and innocent of hearts would give her unlimited power to manipulate the world. Dustin is captured by a stranger with a dark secret – an affectionate bond forms between the two, and they must enter the witch’s game of hide-n-seek with life and death to protect the king’s grandchildren and to save people’s lives or many will die, including them.

    I have really been enjoying “The Curiosities”. I also recently finished “Lies Beneath” a urban fantasy with killer mermaids. I also love Kate Morton, Ted Dekker, Erin Healy, and many others as well!

  • Jay Mackey

    I’m writing YA, sci-fi. I’m currently sending out queries, and think a critique partner would be big help. In the book, an EMP wipes out everything electronic, sending 16 year-old Brady and his family on a quest to find his older sister, who was away at college. I’ve got other books in various stages of development as well.

    I’m currently reading Ender’s Game and all its various sequels, some of which are great and others not so.

    Thanks. Hope we can get together.

    • Kim

      Hey Jay!

      I’m definitely interested in swapping stories with you and hopefully giving/receiving some critique. You can check out my published short story on my website (click my name above). I’ve been focusing in flash fiction recently, but I’m looking to start my next novel (YA modern with mythological elements). I’m a huge sci-fi nerd/lover and I agree with you about the Ender’s Game books.

      Shoot me an email if you’re interested!

  • Hi! I’m currently writing an adult paranormal romance featuring two paranormal investigators, taking place in Gettysburg. I don’t have an agent nor have I self-published. I have a hard time letting go, I think.

    If it makes me more interesting, my husband and I are actual paranormal investigators so the techniques that I write about are those we actually use. :o)

    • And I forgot about the book. I think the Inn Boonsboro series by Nora Roberts most closely relates to what I’m writing currently.

    • MJ O’Neill

      Hi Jennifer. I’m a huge Nora fan. Loved, loved Witness (my last book) I’ve finished a comical mystery that I’m looking for a CP for. I know we aren’t a perfect genre match, but I think there is some good overlap. Let me know if you’re interested in giving it a try.

  • Sarah

    This is such a great idea!

    I write YA fantasy fiction (with the occasionally dabble into the sci-fi side), and most recently self published a book about Arthurian legend set in the modern era, Chasing Merlin.

    The piece I’d love critique on (which is about 80% completed) is a modern, dark retelling of Alice in Wonderland, and far deeper than just another knock-off. Alis struggles with the dichotomy of her desire to believe the things she read in books as a child and the knowledge that their existence is horrifying, as well as fighting between trying to meet her own wishes and or helping Derrick, the only person who has ever needed her for anything.

    The last book I read is a re-read, but definitely one that epitomizes me as a reader and a writer: The Illyrian Adventure by Lloyd Alexander. Alexander is my favorite author by far, but my favorite novel is Seaward by Susan Cooper.

    Thanks in advance and I hope everyone finds someone to read their work!

    • I love fairytale and Arthurian legends, especially their retellings and different writers takes on them.
      Both Chasing Merlin and your modern Alice in Wonderland sound very interesting and I would love to critique it. (Just so you know, I’m a bit of a grammar-police)
      You can e-mail me on: bookaholic (underscore) 01 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk
      or via twitter @Bookaholic786

    • Erin M

      Hi Sarah,

      Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite books! I’d be interested in reading your take on it.

      I love Lloyd Alexander (read The Prydain Chronicles several times while growing up, as well as others of his)! I also have many fond memories of Susan Cooper’s books.

      My crit partner request is waaay down near the bottom at the moment; have a look and let me know if you’d like to swap some writing!

    • Laura

      Hi Sarah –
      I love re-telling old tales with new twists, and write mostly urban fantasy. I also love Susan Cooper. I’m adding my crit request now. Let me know if you’d like to swap pages.


    • Kim

      Hey Sarah,

      That sounds like it’s right up my alley! I’d love to swap stuff with you. I’ve been focusing on flash fiction lately (everything from realistic fiction to sci-fi to fantasy/modern) but I’m starting work on my next novel (YA modern with mythological elements). You can check out my published flash fiction story on my website (click my name above) and shoot me an email if you’re interested in swapping pages.


  • Hey! I write YA scifi—sometimes space opera, sometimes merely futuristic. I’m officially agented, and would love to hook up with new critique partners. My current project (definitely on the futuristic side) involves blackmail, the mob, and reality tv. (Oh yeah.) My email is feonua-at-icloud-dot-com, or simply tweet me @tessaelwood.

    A book that epitomizes my readerness?? I recently read and totally loved Cloud Atlas and A Bad Day for Sorry…which probably epitomizes randomness more than anything. But some overall book/authors I love include Holly Black’s Curse Workers, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Garth Nix’s Abhorsen, R.L. LaFevers’ Grave Mercy, John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War, and Ally Carter’s Heist Society.

    • Hey, Tessa! I love a good sci-fi, so I’m tweeting you right now! You can find out about my work here:

      I have a few crit partners already, but I’d love to connect with other writers and get more opinions! 🙂

    • Hello everyone!
      I’m Alison and I’m in the querying stage of my manuscript. I write YA, usually paranormal but but the project I have out right now is sci-fi.

      I’m calling it “Starbound” for now and it’s about a princess in the future who runs away from her duty on Earth to join the space military. It’s got aliens and space pirates and lots of action and adventure. And a little romance. I can’t write anything without romance.

      It’s hard to say what book encompasses me as a reader, but I just finished Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi today and absolutely loved it! I also read Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare and cried, it was so fantastic.

      My email is alisonmhume (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Alison Hume

      Sorry, just realized I put that under your post! But I am interested in your project, as well. I’ll be tweeting you!

    • Hi Tessa,

      This is kind of late to the game but your post caught my eye because I love Cloud Atlas, Holly Black and sci-fi novels among other things. I write mostly YA Fantasy, and am looking for new people to connect with and trade work. I’m sending you an email, let me know if you’re still looking.

  • ::waves:: Hello! I’m looking for some crit partners who share a love of YA fantasy and YA paranormal. While I do not have an agent as of yet, I am currently querying for one.

    My current novel that is making its way through agents is called “The Un-Privliged” and here is a short blurb about it:

    “Emily must learn that old folktales hold hard truths and that being Un-Privileged has nothing to do with Class Rank- but everything to do with magic.”

    I’m looking for a crit partner who is serious about being a published author and preferably finished with school.

    If I sound like a match shoot me an email at:
    Kusanarsunicorn at gmail dot com 🙂

  • I write YA sci-fi/thriller/fantasy.

    I am agented and my first novel, a YA light sci-fi/thriller, will be going on submission soon. I’d like to get started with a critique partner for the new book I’m working on, which I guess I will call a YA urban fantasy reimagining of prohibition (hmm, that’s wordy).

    The last book I LOVED was The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, though I like most YA (particularly things that can’t happen in real life, though I love John Green as well).

    My email is aubcann [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • Hey Aubrey! YA urban fantasy – and Prohibition? I may be in love. I’m going to drop you an e-mail, but you can see a description of my current WIP here:


    • Thanks to everyone who contacted me/responded when I contacted them! I’m going to withdraw from here now because I’ve already promised to exchange writing with a few people, but good luck to everyone else! And thanks for setting this up, Maggie!

  • Dear Writers
    I’ve written/writing stories in many different genres, which you can read about on my blog: Alas, I am neither represented nor published (except for my poetry, in a few anthologies and we all know that doesn’t really count).

    Most of my work is accessible to most ages: teens, YA and adults. But the story I’m currently working on is a high fantasy series (set in a made up world with its own languages, history and culture). The series is narrated by the enigmatic and eccentric Anamika and the first one is about a special young woman named Sharon who loses her family and everything she knows when her village is ransacked by Azudam’s army, and what she decides to do about it. I’ve written more than 33,000 words but I’ve become stuck at this one point and could really use the opinion of another writer. If your interested you can tweet me on @Bookaholic786 or msg me via my blog.

    I’ve read far and wide, and loved plenty of books on the way, e.g. Maggie Stiefvater’s Scorpio Races, Persuasion by Jane Austen, Lireal by Garth Nix, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, Sohpie’s World by Jostein Gaarder, to name but a few. I know that Inkheart by Cornelia Funke defines the world I’d like to live in, but I have yet to find a book that I think “defines” me. All I can think of, that comes closest to who I am, is the poem: The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

    I hope to hear from one of you soon.
    Take care and good luck with your crit partners

  • Hi. I am an artist/illustrator turned writer. I am currently writing a YA/Urban Fantasy. I do not have an agent as of yet but I will be querying for one soon.

    I like so many YA and fantasy books. My favorite authors are Charles de Lint, Maggie Stiefvater (of course), Cassandra Clare and Neil Gaiman.

    I am hoping to find a critique partner(s) that love writing as much as I do and are serious about their craft.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that wants to work with me and a big thank you to Maggie!


    • Sarah Marsh


      It’s great to see another Charles de Lint fan here! I mainly write YA fantasy and historical fantasy, but am revising a ghost story as well. My information is in a post several below yours, and if you think we might click, shoot me an email at athenadreaming (at) gmail (dot) com. Hope to hear from you!

  • Hey all! My name is Olivia and I write mostly YA fantasy. I do not have an agent, but once I get to a good place with my work, my dream is to be published. The last book I read that epitomizes me would be Shadow and Bone, Shatter Me, The Mephisto Covenant, and Divergent. A number, yes, but I love to read, and also I love to edit other people’s work. I currently have one novel finished that I’m trying to edit and re-write, and I’m working on a novella right now too.

    The novel is called a number of things. One of them is An Absolute Truth. But mostly it’s called Unspoken. It takes place in the middle of a war over the most coveted power source, and the story revolves around Nicole, whose family has been split by the war, and Travis, a soldier, who signed up voluntarily. The two get wrapped up in things they shouldn’t, including breaking the law and falling in love, and a decision has to be made, one that may take their lives, but one that they must face.
    It’s part of a four-part, maybe five-part series.

    The novella, I’m calling A Fragile Storm. It takes place in another world where people who receive the “Light” help to hold the world in balance by destroying spirits who have turned dark. I’m still writing this one.

    I would love to connect with someone on here! If you think my work sounds appealing to you, drop me a line! 🙂

    • Hilary Thompson

      Hey, Olivia! I loved the reads you mentioned, and your novel sounds intriguing. I also write YA, and my work includes fantasy, dystopian, and light sci-fi, with a bit of mythology (eclectic, I know). I have one finished novel out in queries and a few others in beginning stages.
      Email me at hilarylthompson(at)gmail(dot)com if you like!

  • Kim

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Kim and I am looking for a crit partner who shares a love for YA fiction, specifically dealing with the paranormal.

    To be completely honest, my manuscript is still in the very early stages and there’s not much to share at this point except a bunch of early drafts and outlines. BUT I decided to post on here anyway because I am looking for someone who can encourage me and help offer me some serious feedback–someone who is also in the early stages and wants a motivation partner. I am very serious about being published one day and I’d love to have a friend along for the ride.

    My story is about a girl named Lainey–a girl with the gift to communicate with the dead.

    A little bit about me: Almost 28, military wife, mom to twins girls, English teacher, avid book reader, Harry Potter nerd.

    Latest Read: The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

    So, if you are looking for someone to write alongside and ultimately reach the goal of a finished and published manuscript, please PM me or let me know!


    • Anonymous

      Kim we have a lot in common. Email me at

    • Hi Kim!
      Your project sounds interesting.
      Here’s my email:
      Happy writing,

    • Laci Maskell


      Your story sounds very interesting. I would love to have you as a crit partner. Email me at if you are interested.


    • Hey Kim! I know you’ve already have 3 replies, but I would love to share ideas and support. From your post it sounds like we have a lot in common (I’m currently in student teaching but thinking of going into the military afterwards), and I’m also in the early stages of a story. Email me if you’re interested; my book info is right above yours I think 🙂

    • Kishante

      Hello Kim,
      I am also in the beginning stages of my novel. I would love to be your crit partner. Shoot me an email.

    • Stephanie

      Hi Kim!
      I was really drawn to your post. I’m also in the beginning stages of the writing process – though I have MANY ideas rolling around in my head. I’m not published nor do I have an agent. I’ve nearly finished one YA paranormal romance novel only to put it down, and begin another. Not sure what’s going on with that at the moment. I would love to have someone to bounce ideas off of and it sounds like we might have a lot in common. Email me at stephanieeegrace (at) gmail (dot) com, if interested. PS I think you had me at ‘Harry Potter nerd.’ 🙂

    • Bethany

      Hi Kim, if you’re still interested in having crit partners (I see that there’s replies above me), I’d love to work with you. My novel is also a WIP, so it’d be nice to work with someone who’s still writing too. I really need motivation and this could be awesome.
      We have a lot in common (though you’re older than me) and I’m obsessed with HP too! Your novel seriously interests me like crazy. How do you feel about government conspiracies and powers?
      Just shoot me an e-mail if you’d like to consider working together.


  • Kathy

    Hi. I have no agent and haven’t been published. I currently have a couple of projects I bounce between. One is about an actress being stalked and the journey from annoying letters to her terrifying disappearance. It borders YA and adult. Another is Fantasy about a young woman who experiences secrets and mystery within her family only to find they aren’t like other people but used to dwell in another realm before escaping a terrible war to live here. But there’s always a price to be paid.
    I love to read and gobble anything up that grabs me and holds on until I’m done and then I spend time obsessing if its good enough. Lol
    I would love a critique partner to help with any errors but also with plot (is it believable etc) I’d love some new reading material too.
    Books: hm well I really loved The Host and The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m trying my hand at fantasy but write better in real world gone mad. Lol you can reach me at
    You can check out a sample of my work on under the name right2wrtite. It’s not finished because every time I picked it back up I had a baby. Starting to be scared to work on that one! Lol

  • Megan

    I write YA, mostly fantasy/paranormal.

    I’ve currently set aside revisions on a complete 81k re-imaging of the Greek myth of Perseus/Andromeda. It’s set in ancient times, and more or less follows the basic original myth, though there are definitely changes and plot twists (such as the fact that Andromeda comes along instead of just being tied up and flailing at the end, and Perseus’ father isn’t exactly Zeus …)
    I’ve put it aside because I’ve torn it apart and re-written it so many times that I think I’m doing more harm than good at this point. I’m trying to get a little distance from the project and would love feedback from people who don’t know me in real life.

    The last few books I’ve read that I’ve really loved: Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Raven Boys” (hence why I’m here in the first place!), Victoria Schwabb’s “The Archived” and Marissa Meyer’s “Cinder.”

  • Megan

    (The Megan above is me. I thought it would add my email to the post automatically – sorry! It’s, for anyone wanting to get in contact. Thanks!)

  • I have a YA historical fantasy. It’s set in England and about Tostig Godwinson’s daughter, Cara, who can see the fairies. Her whole life unravels when her father falls from power and she learns she is fated to change the world. Oh, and she falls into a forbidden love with a fairy.

    This is my first completed novel–no agent, no publishing experience. I’d love some feedback before I take the next step and start querying.

    I’m a book omnivore. Favorite authors include: Cassandra Clare, Ally Condie, Maggie Stiefvater, Jessica Khoury, Lauren DeStefano. I’ll stop now…

  • Laci Maskell

    Hi! I write contemporary and paranormal romance young adult novels. I don’t currently have an agent but have been sending out queries. Jackson Pearce recently edited my book and now I am just trying to use what she has given me to clean it up. I am looking for one or two critique partners to help me make it the best it can be.

    My book is about a girl who is trying to navigate through a teen pregnancy, high school, and first love.

    The last few books that defined me as a reader were John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush series, and Veronica Roth’s Divergent series.

    If you are interested please message me. Thanks!

    • Hi Laci,
      I also write YA Contemp and I’m in the 2nd draft of my book. It’s about Cole, a boy who leaves his dead brother’s poems around school as anonymous notes and graffiti, and Teddy, the girl who keeps finding them.
      Here’s a longer description in my comment below: love-connection/#comment-4502
      Let me know if you want to exchange pages!
      redheadheroines at gmail dot com

  • Hi everyone!
    I write YA paranormal and science fiction (and earth based scifi). I usually have romance sprinkled in. I do not have an agent and I’m not published (but hope to be one day). I’m currently revising my third novel. It’s about a girl stuck in a boarding school for spirits being prepped for reincarnation. She wants to get back to her old life on Earth and will risk going to hell to do it.
    The last book I loved–besides Hunger Games–Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. My favorite authors– Maggie (of course), John Greene, K.M. Walton, Amy Garvey, E.C. Myers, Veronica Roth, Elizabeth Richards, Richelle Mead…you get the picture. I read a lot.
    I would love a crit partner who’s honest and encouraging.
    My email– cdanek13(at)gmail(dot)com
    Thanks and best wishes to everyone,
    Christine Danek

  • Elizabeth

    Hi ! I am a new writer. I’ve been working on a manuscript for a little over a year on and off. I typically write YA, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fiish stuff. The last book I read that I can’t get out of my head is Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. It was beautiful and moving, highly recommend if you haven’t read it, even if you don’t normally like historical fiction it is so much more than that. Some of my all time favorite books are perks of being a wallflower, Peter Pan, and Persuasion. I know all start with P, weird. So send me an email or reply if you are interested I can tell you more about what I’ve been working on.

  • Sydney

    Hello! I am currently in the process of writing a YA novel (genre; fantasy) that involves a teenage girl named Emmaline re-learning about herself through the young man of her dreams. Literally, he came to her in a dream, casting her memories she’s forgotten of her interesting past as a child.

    The last book I read was SPLINTERED, an Alice in Wonderland spin-off and I absolutely cannot get it out of my head. A dark twist to the story, a love triangle, and a touch of clever humor…

    Notice;; I’m probably younger than a lot (or most) of you here. But I do take writing very seriously, and will be attending college with a major of Journalism, going more for the experience than anything–there’s no class that can teach you how to write. I hope that I can perhaps give anyone writing YA an opinion as well as a critique.

    My novel isn’t really a ‘novel’ yet, as I’ve only just finished the second chapter. If anyone is looking for a relaxed sort of idea-exchange/check-up, I’d be happy to oblige!

    email me at

  • Hello everyone!
    I’m Alison and I’m in the querying stage of my manuscript. I write YA, usually paranormal but but the project I have out right now is sci-fi.

    I’m calling it “Starbound” for now and it’s about a princess in the future who runs away from her duty on Earth to join the space military. It’s got aliens and space pirates and lots of action and adventure. And a little romance. I can’t write anything without romance.

    It’s hard to say what book encompasses me as a reader, but I just finished Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi today and absolutely loved it! I also read Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare and cried, it was so fantastic.

    My email is alisonmhume (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Hilary Thompson

      Hey, Alison! I loved the books you mentioned, and you had me at space pirates… ha!

      I also write YA, and my work includes fantasy, dystopian, and light sci-fi, with a bit of mythology (eclectic, I know). I have one finished novel out in queries and a few others in beginning stages. I couldn’t help but see a kindred link in that my novel is called Starbright – but it’s underground, not in space.

      Email me at hilarylthompson(at)gmail(dot)com or I will probably send you an email later!

  • Wendy

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m in the editing stage of my first novel, hoping to query sometime this spring, and would love to have a critique partner/writing buddy also going through that “trying-to-sell-a-first-novel” craziness.

    The story I’m currently editing is a time travel novel, so mostly sci-fi with some historical fiction elements as well. The one I’ve just started is a Gothic fantasy.

    The most recent book I’ve read and LOVED would have to be either Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson or Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler.

    My email is wnk1029 at gmail dot com for anyone interested!

    • Amy

      Hi Wendy – is your work YA or Adult? Many of the elements sound like me also, so we just might be a match. 🙂 I’ll send you an email too. Amy

  • Ida

    Hello! I write YA Suspense/Sci-Fi and YA Historical. I finished the first draft of a YA Suspense/Sci-Fi and recently began work on a YA Historical. It’s a revenge assassination story set during Roman times.

    My favorite books in the past couple years are I HUNT KILLERS, CODE NAME VERITY, THE SCORPIO RACES, and CHIME. I’m in two critique groups already, but I write fast and crave feedback. I’m not the kind of writer who needs a lot of back-patting. Just your straight opinion on what is working and what isn’t.

    No agent yet, but I plan to finish revising by summer, so I can submit to agents this year.

    Find me on twitter @IdaOlson or email mycatas at yahoo dot com if you want to connect. Happy writing!

  • Jessa

    Hello everybody!
    I’m unagented and unpublished, but hope to be both someday.

    I recently started a book (YA contemporary paranormal fantasy with elements of mythology) about a girl fated to bring peace to the magical realms, with the help of her mythical guardians, a half-dragon and a phoenix that can’t possibly get along.

    I primarily write YA contemporary fantasy, but have experimented with YA dystopian, YA sci-fi (co-writing with a friend), MG realistic fiction, and MG epic fantasy in the past; I also have a few YA alternate history/steampunk ideas. Most of my work prominently features magic, history, and mythology.

    Email me at if you’re interested! 🙂

    NOTE: I’m a teenager between the ages of 13 and 16, and thus am more comfortable sticking with MG and YA books.

    Oh, yeah, the books. ENDER’S GAME (Orson Scott Card) is one of my all-time favorites. I am shamelessly in love with THE RAVEN BOYS and am ridiculously excited for THE DREAM THIEVES. MIND GAMES (Kiersten White) absolutely captivated me; it is beautiful. Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap series is one of my all-time favorites. Rick Riordan’s mythological MG books are fantastic, too.
    How to Train Your Dragon is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s a book series, too, but I prefer the movie to the books.

  • erika

    Hello All,
    Currently querying for an agent for a YA dystopian-ish, sci-fi light, story Aria. In a world where nucleur bombing rendered women infertile, Jamie is a rare natural-born, and the only one anyone has seen who is born without disabilities. Regular questions of who, why, and how follow suit. Evil geneticist and a lovely swimmer boy also included.
    I can’t seem to write normal boy/girl stories (though I enjoy reading them,) as my current WIP involves alien abduction…think Roswell (tv show.) Just so you know what you’d be getting into.
    Last book that brought me to tears: If I Stay had me sniffling at work while listening to the audiobook. Not sure what book to compare myself to.
    If interested, please drop by the blog or email me coffee (underscore) pirate (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  • Amy

    My name is Amy and I’m a 24 year old children’s bookseller.

    I write Young Adult fiction. My current work in a modern, urban fantasy retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche but hopefully enough it’s own story that it works. It involves fire escapes, secrets, and poems. Plus, you know, kissing. There’s always kissing. A draft of this one is done.

    I have a much longer project in the works, as well that has a draft that is technically done but being completely revamped and rewritten. It’s an epic sort of vampire deal.

    I’ve never sent anything out and I’m not sure where to start doing that yet but I do know that someone with a critical eye should probably read it first.

    I lean more toward reading YA with a fantasy tilt. The last couple of books I read that really grabbed me were, The Raven Boys, Unspoken (Sarah Rees Brennan), Clockwork Princess (Cassandra Clare), and Shadow and Bone (Leigh Bardugo).

    Admittedly, my comma usage is a bit of a mess but I actually really love doing line edits…most of the time. I lean more toward being honest than sugar coating and sometimes think I’m witty when I’m not but I’m not completely harsh.

    My e-mail is

    I also have a book blog if you’d like to read a couple of entries (or just see which books I’ve read) to see what sort thing I usually pull from books.

    I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested!

  • Thirty-something YA fantasy writer of the Neil Gaiman school of weird seeks similarly dark-minded crit partners…

    Me: British with incurable tendencies towards impassioned feminism, overwriting, and occasional sarcasm. You: Have been through the query process at least once and would never dream of using the word ‘awesomesauce’.

    My current project is a YA fantasy about a girl forced to navigate a flooded underworld maze to rescue her sister from a deranged river king. Think Pan’s Labyrinth meets American Gods, with sea monsters. I’m working with an agent on another book although no actual contract.

    Recent reads include Seraphina, City of a Thousand Dolls, Fuse (Pure), Scarlet (Cinder).

    Find me vaguely intriguing and want to know more? Email me at Kat (at) ilovebacteria (dot) com.

  • Goodness there are a lot of YA paranormal/fantasy writers on here! I write mostly Women’s Contemporary/Romance but I do have a YA Paranormal novel. I was going to look for a critique partner for that as there are so many on here, but I’d rather find someone who likes Women’s Fiction/Romance (I’d say chick lit but it isn’t quite that) as that is my main genre.

    My current WIP is about a woman with twins and postnatal depression, called Baby Blues & Wedding Shoes. I’m at final revision stage although I have also started querying (probably too early, having re-read my MS recently!)

    I read widely and love everything from YA (Twilight / The Knife of Never Letting Go / Hunger Games) to Women’s Fiction (I’ve just started Catherine Alliott’s The Real Thing) to MG (reading Artemes Fowl at the moment – apologies if the spellings are off on any of these, I have small children using me as a roundabout).
    My inspirational novelists for my genre are Marian Keyes and Freya North. I particularly love Rachel’s Holiday and Cat.

    I confess now that I might be a slow critique partner – I only get 2 days a week without the children so my turnaround might be patchy. If you think you can work with that I’d love to hear from you!

    • Oh, terrible baby brain! I’ve just read the rest of the site and realised why all the books are YA! Please blame the sleep deprivation, I followed a link from a friend to this site and didn’t read it properly… I doubt there are many lovers/writers of Women’s Fic on here so do ignore me…. If anyone wants to read a YA about dragons let me know… *Blushes*

      • Actually, I do read romance. I also enjoy a good, well written novel about a strong woman overcoming obstacles. Want to be buddies? 🙂 Feel free to e-mail me at jrescigno at gmail dot com.

      • Lol, I also have a serious case of baby brain and was wondering why there was so many YA writers, having followed a post to this site as well. I’ve had a hard time labelling my book as women’s fiction and was going with literary fiction for a while. I feel like we have a lot in common already and I love the idea you have for your book. If you get this, I’d love to hear from you at


      • Olivia Watkins

        What’s your YA about dragons about? I’d love to hear a summary.

        You can email me at

    • Hello! I would be interested in your Women’s Fiction/Romance. I am writing a YA/NA story now. I post below, but you can reach me at marytini (at) hotmail (dot) com if you are interested.

  • Yasemin

    Hi guys!

    I write YA with some light sci-fi or paranormal elements, although I dabble in other genres as well.

    I currently have a couple of fulls of a contemporary YA out with agents, but I’m looking for CPs for my new project, which is one heap of weird futuristic urban sci-fi.
    It’s about a girl waking up in a different body, being told everything she remembers was a computer simulation and that her real memories will return shortly, but they don’t. She refuses to believe the life she remembers was drawn from a database.
    It’s still in the early stages, but for me a CP is there along the way. Sometimes helping with brainstorming, sometimes exchanging pictures of cute kitties or puppies when it’s a slow day for writing 😀

    Email: yase (dot) fischer (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Michelle Moloney King

    I’m married to a King, from Ireland, primary school teacher, reviewer of YA books for Inis Magazine and am consumed by plot bunnies and a magnetic pull to all things bookish.

    I write speculative, paranormal, faerie YA. My WIP is just at outline stage so I’m looking for someone who is also at the early stages.

    My WIP is about a girl who is from a family of Druids living in a small seaside town where almost everyone works at the local pharmaceutical plant. She doesn’t fit in. After an incident at sea she now realises that her best friend, Mary, has been missing for years! Why is she only remembering this now and why is everyone else denying Mary even existed? Doracha decides to fit in just to get right answers.

    There is a faerie element and a romance that I’ll leave out for now.
    The last few books that resonated with me were: Baland by Maggie, Paper Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff, Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton, The Hunger Games Series, The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan (it’s a new YA book by an Irish Writer and its written in verse!) I also read psychology, philosophy books and the dictionary for pure joy.

    I love character driven stories, with beautiful language and an exquisite use of setting as tone.

    • Anonymous

      OK, I am into the fae and I do like the vibe of your novel. Who are you on Twitter? Do you blog? Since you are looking for writers who are only into their early drafts, are you a newbie?

      • Michelle

        I am @MoloneyKing on the twits and my blog is I have been researching and learning as much as I could about writing. I guess the reason that I am only starting now is that I was waiting until I felt ready. But you never fell ready, so now I’m going for it.

        Must say that writing my comment actually really helped me with my plot. I wrote a synopsis but just gave you guys the blurb.

        My email is TeacherTeacherKing (@) gmail (dot) com

  • First of all I’d like to say I write in GERMAN.
    Ich schreibe auf DEUTSCH.

    My first Young Adult novel has been published last december by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, Berlin. It’s called “Mädchen können immer”.
    Currently I’m writing my seond YA novel, also for Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, but I don’t write exclusivly for teens.
    Both novels are realistic, but humorous. I also love urban fantasy. I love the books of Alice Hoffmann and Jaclyn Moriarty.
    Most of the books I read are written in english, although, the last book I read and really, really loved was written by Ruth Cerha and is called “Zehntelbrüder”.

    So I don’t have an agent, but a publisher, and… yes, you’d like to know what my new book is about…

    It’s called: “Der Penner im Pyjama ist mein Papa”
    and it’s about a father of two teenage girls who decides to quit work and stay home. While the younger daughter supports her dad and feels that he just avoided a burnout, the older daughter does not agree with that and starts to get rebellious…

    I realise now I should have probably written this in german…

  • Elizabeth

    I’m an agented writer of YA with a MS out with editors. I’m finishing a MS that’s magic realism / historical YA (the historical aspect is unusual for me). I’m interested in questions of home and personal identity.

    My most recently read children’s novels were THE RED NECKLACE and THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO.

    I’m in a critique group, which I adore and with which I’ll definitely continue, but would be open to another if it seemed to hold promise.

    • Jennifer

      Hey Elizabeth,
      I’d be interested in reading your work! I love all styles from Contemporary to fantasy to Sci-fi.

      I’m currently working on an upper YA/adult contemporary about a seven year old boy who, when he visits his cousin, meets a girl who he feels like is the girl he’s going to marry one day. The story follows along his life and their encounters over the years, how their relationship develops and how it changes him. I still need a couple of weeks before it is ready for a read, but this crit partner exchange was too good an opportunity to pass up!

      I also have a YA urban fantasy that I’ve queried a little, but put on hold for this current project.

      If you’re interested, email me at jennifermnunes (at) gmail (dot) com.

    • Amanda

      Elizabeth, I’m late to the game but would be interested in a possible exchange of pages. I am also agented, with a first MS (YA fantasy) close to submission and a second (paranormal, for lack of a better term) in the rough draft stage. Things I’ve loved lately include Splendors and Glooms, Seraphina, Crown of Embers, Code Name Verity, Finnikin of the Rock, and so forth. I read quickly and critically and am most likely to love a book that is both well told (stylistically and structurally) and has something to say — though narrative pleasure generally trumps “message,’ particularly if the writer has a sense of humor.

      If you’d like to know more, please contact me: asellet(at)

    • Hello, Elizabeth!

      I thought your profile was interesting on the Critique Partner Love Connection.

      I’m Laura- I live in Texas and I’m in the middle of queries for my YA fantasy novel. I’ve also written an adult novel about the gods of ancient Greece relocating to modern day America.

      I’m attending the Dallas Fort Worth Writer’s Conference in May, where I have a pitch session scheduled with agent Molly Jaffa. I’m nervous.

      I’m a huge Gaiman fan, and just bought tickets for his last book signing tour in the US. I’m reading Seraphina right now and loving it. I really enjoyed Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and also Shadow and Bone. I liked The Night Circus, but thought it was a tad weak on plot. One of my favorite all time books is Geek Love, and I also love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and A Discovery of Witches. Always, always—Harry Potter.

      You can read my current YA novel description at my literary blog:
      The Rhinestone Bookmark
      and more about me at my personal blog:
      Rhinestone Armadillo
      (This blog won’t allow me to attach links, so just Google the blog names.)

      I currently have one critique partner, but am looking for one or two more. I’d ideally like 3-4 people with similar reading preferences to help me make my work better. I’m not looking for grammar and spelling edits so much as characterization, plotting, and pacing suggestions.

      I hope to hear from you!
      Laura — Laura Irrgang (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Sarah Marsh

    Hey everyone! I’m Sarah, and I write YA novels. I would love some crit partners! I’m an avid reader and will work hard for anyone kind enough to read my work, too.

    I’m unagented and currently querying the first book in my fantasy trilogy. It’s about goblins, and I have a couple fulls out on it.

    I’m revising a completed southern Gothic, and am outlining a historical fantasy about the Roaring Twenties. In brief, it’s about a girl who discovers the secret behind Al Capone’s success and sets out to ruin him (these are all YA, of course!). I’d be delighted to find a crit partner for either/both of these novels. It’d be great to have someone to commiserate with on the querying process, to encourage each other, and polish our projects to get them ready for agents’ eyes 🙂

    The last book I read was a re-read of my favorite: the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix. Other authors I really enjoy (besides the lovely Maggie Stiefvater) are Holly Black, Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint and Patricia McKillip.

    If you’d like to get in touch, I can be reached at: AthenaDreaming (at) gmail (dot) com.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Your post / pitch sounds really interesting. I love Historical YA. I’m looking for new writers to work with as I try to finish the second draft of my MS. I’m currently working on a YA fantasy, pitch here : When Laci uses hidden magic to save the life of a wandering storyteller she is exiled from her comfortable life and set on a collision course with the Sorceress set on ruling over their country, who also happens to be the mother who abandoned her years ago.

      If you’re still interested in new CPs let me know.

  • Hello, I’m a 20 yr old writer thinking of self publishing. I have two YA novels in progress. One is a girl coming of age deciding to wear the headscarf. The other is a Muslim girl dealing with her first crush. This one is in verse.

    Thanks for this opportunity! Also the last book I read is a coming of age princess novel. Yet I’m mostly into historical novels with the occasional fantasy novels.

    My email is

  • I’m an agented YA author, currently two weeks away from submitting a 130,000 revision of a sci-fi dystopian romance ms to my editor. Underground rebels and artificial intelligence galore. It is set to be published by Holiday House in 2014. Mortal Instruments meets Bladerunner? I can hope! This is the first of a trilogy.

    I’m looking for a critter to look at this first 50, maybe more, for fine-tune feedback. Email me: hellogeorgia(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

    • Hi Georgia,
      I’m so happy to find another Aussie on here. I will email you and we can take it from there.

  • Hi! I was lurking up until a few minutes ago, but I thought that I might just add my information in.

    Full disclosure: I am very involved in the YA world through book blogging. I’ve been to BEA, talk to authors on a daily basis and even am applying for literary agency internships, but I am only just nearing the query stage.

    Since I’ve already done the critique connection sort of thing before (and as another disclosure, I have a few awesome CPs and betas already, but am always looking for new writers who get me and what I write), you can find a pitch for my current WIP here:

    To sum up my crit needs, as from that post: Big picture feedback – am I really doing the right thing? Does that scene seem too contrived? Does it look like I’ve sprouted any new white hairs since yesterday…no, I kid. I pretty much need someone who’s willing to keep me sane, has a good sense of humor, and pushes me off the deep end into publishing – because heaven only knows my toes will stay clamped here on the diving board.

    A little note, just to show you how paranoid I am (ha ha): if you do not have a blog or Twitter that I can look up and see just who you are and how serious you are about writing, you will probably not get an e-mail back. Just saying.

    I write a lot of fantasy, but I do have future projects in mind that also touch on sci-fi, magical realism and even one noir-ish straight up historical. I’m inspired by Maggie Stiefvater and her Merry Sisters, Laini Taylor, Diana Wynne Jones and (seemingly incongruous to the other names) Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.

    The last few books I read? Hmm, I’ve been bad with the old TBR pile lately, but I just finished Eleanor and Park and it really pierced my heart. I am also devouring The Archived by Victoria Schwab – sheer brilliance.

    Anyway, if you’re interested, tweet me (@gildedspine) or e-mail me at busylearninghomeATgmailDOTcom. Looking forward to hearing from you and good luck to everyone in their search!

    • Fida I

      Hi, just wanted to give you a heads up and say I tweeted you (:

    • Hey there! Your post grabbed me when you said you love Diana Wynne Jones and Miyazaki – two of my absolute favorite storytellers. I write YA fantasy and have one critique partner who I adore, but would just like some more opinions to, as Maggie put it, out-vote my own 🙂

      I’m un-agented and want to get some feedback on my current WIP, Where All the Missing Pieces Go before I start the query process. It’s a YA fantasy set in a world that’s a mix of steampunk and fairytale, about a girl who has to find her voice, vision, and memories that were stolen by stars if she’s going to be strong enough to protect her enchanted locket from the opposing forces that want to use it to destroy Gael (her world). Wow, that was a mouthful. You can check out the full description on my website: Also, twitter is @ChristineRnold

    • Your post hooked me when you mentioned Miyazaki, as I’m also inspired by him quite a lot. Anyway, I currently can’t connect to the link you gave, but I’d be interested in hearing from you.
      My twitter: olivia_wat928
      My blog:

      • Olivia Watkins

        Sorry! Wrong blog link:

        Tired brain!

      • Maeri

        Hello all,

        I read John Green’s novels pretty religiously, enjoyed the shiver series and I am currently hooked on The Mortal Instruments series, however my first manuscript does not have a fantasy/paranormal component to it. I would definitely it relate more to John Green’s style.

        As you may have guessed, I write YA, and I currently have one manuscript completed and am working on my next one. My completed manuscript is what I’m hoping to have critiqued so that I can start shopping it around. It’s a story about a teen with undiagnosed OCD tendencies who ends up volunteering at an organization that helps individuals with HIV/Aids in order to meet her requirements for graduation. During her time at The Red Ribbon they’re at risk for losing their funding and she works with another volunteer (romance!) to help keep their doors open.

        I’d love to tell anyone interested in being partners more about it via e-mail. You can contact me at

  • Kishante

    Hello All,
    My name is Kishante, I am an unagented writer looking for critique partners. I write YA with paranormal elements. My WIP is currently in the very early stages so I’m afraid there isn’t very much to share as of yet. I am a bit of an eclectic reader, I don’t just stick to one . My most recent reads are Divergent, Scarlet, Born Wicked and Touch of Death.
    If anyone is interested shoot me an email at

  • Jennifer

    Hello! I’m currently working on an upper YA/adult contemporary about a seven year old boy who, when he visits his cousin, meets a girl who he feels like is the girl he’s going to marry one day. The story follows along his life and their brief encounters over the years, how their relationship develops and how it changes him. I still need a couple of weeks before it is ready for a read, but this crit partner exchange was too good an opportunity to pass up!

    I’ve also written a YA urban fantasy that I’ve queried, but put it on hold temporarily to work on this new project. If you would like to read and critique that until I am ready with my current project to see my writing style, I am always up for more input!

    As far as reading, I read all different genres. The last book I read was Indigo Spells by Richelle Mead.
    If you’re interested, email me at jennifermnunes (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone my name is Cate and I primarily write YA fantasy, paranormal and historical. I am currently unagented, but querying, and working on my third manuscript that is historical fantasy, a Wild West Steampunk spy adventure told from the hero’s point of view. My first novel went on submission, but it was paranormal romance with angels in a saturated market and didn’t sell.
    I have a great small crit group that I meet with once a month, but I’d love to find another crit partner to exchange pages. Someone who can really tear apart my work. The more red ink the better.
    As a reader, I think the Infernal Devices series is probably my favorite, followed by the Mortal Instruments. I love Girl in the Steel Corset because I am both an X-men fan and of course steampunk. I also love the Iron Fey series and The Historian and Dan Brown Steve Berry for adventure.
    You can email me at catehartauthor(at)gmail(dot)com

    • Cate Hart

      Wow, I realized that didn’t sound very interesting. That’s what I get for posting with a head cold.
      So maybe a little bit more about the story I’m working on. I think of it as Mission Impossible meets Wild Wild West. The hero is half-Lakota Sioux and doesn’t know his father was a spy for the President. He’s bent on revenge until a pretty girl threatens to upset his world and take his only chance to capture his father’s assassin I’m in the process of rewriting, so that’s all I really have for a description… Except Jesse does fight a mechanical dragon and the villain is a dreadlocked leader of the Chinatown Triad. And there’s romance too.

  • Hi everybody 🙂

    I’m currently looking for a critique partner who has some experience giving and receiving criticism to help me with my current WIP, a YA high fantasy. It’s still early in the revision process, but I’ll be ready to swap 50 pages early next month.

    “When King Atherdon, the only person who knows the identity of her father, is poisoned, it’s up to Mali to find a cure before his death throws the twelve Kingdoms into chaos.”

    Ideally I’d like to find someone serious about their writing, and willing to tear a book to shreds so it can be rebuilt stronger than before. My main concerns about this manuscript are the worldbuilding and character development. My recent reads have been White Wolf by David Gemmell, The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, and Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

    • Cate Hart

      Hi Claire, I like the idea of you story. I don’t write high fantasy but I do love it. I write more urban and historical fantasy. If you’re still looking we could trade pages. My post is before your.

      • Hi Cate, I’m so sorry, I never saw this. If you’re still interested I’d love to trade pages and see how it goes. Do you have Twitter? If so my handle is @ConfusedMuse.

    • Hello, Claire! I’m also working on a YA high fantasy and would be interested in swapping. I’m working my way through a third draft right now in hopes of pitching it at an upcoming conference. The plan is to start querying this summer. I’ve already torn my own book to shreds to make it stronger, and I’d be happy to help do the same to yours (but only if it needs it, of course).

      Here’s the quick summary on mine:
      Gaffel is a young dwarf on a mission to prove to his disapproving father that he is more than a waste of space. When he meets Arlemei, a reclusive, snarky half-elf with quite a chip on her shoulder, the two form an unlikely friendship. Both have issues with destiny: Gaffel can’t seem to find his, and Arlemei can’t run away from hers fast enough.

      Some recent reads for me are the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy by D. M. Cornish and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. If you’d like to swap, my email is prone2wander at gmail dot com.

  • Samantha May

    Hey! I would absolutely love some crit partners, so I’m going to give this a go.

    I write YA, mostly paranormal or urban fantasy, with some dabbling in historical fiction. have two main projects going on right now. One is about a girl who can see the past (and a boy who is turning into a gargoyle), and the other is about a young boy from an AU-steampunk London who can do alchemy.

    I don’t have an agent yet and I’ve only had short stories published locally at my university. But I’m working very hard towards changing that in the near future.

    My most recent reads were Maureen Johnson’s The Name of the Star and Patricia Briggs’ Silver Bourne. I love mythology, the paranormal and historical fiction reads, particularly when they are all mixed together. (Basically I’m counting down the days until the next Raven Boys book. Maggie is amazing.)

    If your interested, send me an e-mail:

    • Hey Samantha! I love the sound of your WIPs! I’ll try and drop you a line later!

    • Cate Hart

      Hi Samantha, I love the sound of your steampunk. Would love to trade pages if you want. I write paranormal and steampunk, too. I’ll email you to see if you’re still looking for someone

  • Becky

    Hi all,

    I’m hugely excited to see that Maggie’s doing this again! Quick details: I’m unagented and unpublished. I currently work as an editor for a textbook company.

    My WIP: The core: A love story between a girl and her island-home, only the island has started making people disappearing. The actual story: When Clare learns her family can no longer afford her beloved island home, she’ll do anything she can to find the money to stay there. Then a tourist boy goes missing and his family puts up a reward. Clare decides to find him herself – even if it means risking her own life to do so and discovering secrets about her own family that were never meant to be uncovered.

    I’m working on a revision of it right now – right at the beginning again. I already have a couple really fantastic CPs that I found here before, but I’m always open to new eyes!

    The book that epitomizes me: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff or Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I love understated love stories, secrets, and quiet danger.

    If you’re interested in swapping, email me at

    • Becky

      Oh dear, and I forgot to say that I write YA.

    • Fida I

      This sounds like a intresting story!

  • Hi! I’m Cara, writer of YA, usually speculative, sometimes not, but always touched with romance. I’m a former literacy teacher turned full-time mom and wannabe writer. I am, in fact, agented. My first MS (paranormal featuring a secret society of psychic abilities and a girl with a talent to die, or kill, for) was a finalist in a pretty big contest for a contract with Penguin. My latest MS (sci-fi, but I’ll leave it at that because–>) is on submission right now.

    I met my husband online years ago, before it was cool, so why not this too? I have one crit partner and am looking for that all important second! I actually do like long walks on the beach and don’t care that it’s cliche. If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, or, short of that, the possibility of critiquing with me, you can reach me at: info at carabertrand dot com. My books are not as funny as I think I am.

    Not sure any one book can epitomize me as a reader, which is probably a good thing, but the last three books I’ve read that I awarded 5 or close to 5 stars were: Hodkin’s Evolution of Mara Dyer, Kemmerer’s Storm, and Black’s White Cat. (Maggie’s Scorpio Races is also one of my previous 5 star reads and I still think is her best!)

  • Hi, my name is Christine and I write YA fantasy. 🙂

    I have one critique partner that I absolutely adore, but I’m looking for maybe one or two more to help, as Maggie put it, balance my own opinions. I’m un-agented and unpublished, but hoping to change that soon! I’m hoping to start the query process after a bit more feedback on my current WIP, Where All the Missing Pieces Go. It’s about a girl who has to track down her voice, vision, and memories that were stolen by three stars if she’s going to be strong enough to protect her enchanted locket from people who want to use it to destroy Gael (her world). You can check out a full description of it on my website:

    I’m a pretty fast writer – it pretty much consumes my life. I’m looking for someone who is similarly obsessed so we can cheer each other on (and critique each other) through this publishing journey. So. Yanno, I want someone serious about being published.

    As far as books… my favorite that I’ve read most recently is Shadowfell by Juliette Marillier. She’s one of my favorite authors, so if you haven’t read her, I HIGHLY recommend changing that. 🙂 Other favorites include Wildwood Dancing, Howl’s Moving Castle, Pride and Prejudice, Stardust (though I think I actually preferred the movie version), Graceling… okay I could go on but I’ll stop there. Reply to this if you want to get in touch, or fill out the contact form on my website.

    • Sarah Marsh


      I love Juliet Marillier! Wildwood Dancing is a fantastic read. Your WIP sounds really interesting, too. 🙂

      My posting is a ways above yours- if you read it and think we might make good partners, I can be reached at: athenadreaming (at) gmail (dot) com.

      • Erin M

        Hi Christine,

        Your WIP, Where All the Missing Pieces Go, sounds amazing! I love the description on your blog.

        I also really enjoyed Wildwood Dancing, Howl’s Moving Castle (one of my all-time favourites), Pride and Prejudice, and the movie version of Stardust.

        My crit partner request is right below yours. Let me know if you’re interested!

    • Hi Christine,

      Your pitch sounds really intriguing, I’d love to trade a few chapters with you if you’re interested. I have a great CP right now, but I’m looking to find new people to work with. I write YA fantasy too and I love love Juliette Marillier, her Sevenwaters books are some of my favorites and I loved Graceling as well. I’m currently working on my second draft of a YA fantasy novel, which I’m hoping to have completed sometime this spring.

      Here’s my quick pitch : When Laci uses hidden magic to save the life of a wandering storyteller she is exiled from her comfortable life and set on a collision course with the Sorceress set on ruling over their country, who also happens to be the mother who abandoned her years ago.

      If you think this might work out drop me an email at moghedien (at) gmail . com

  • Erin M

    Thank you, Maggie, for running this again!

    Mostly I write YA/adult fantasy (often more magical realism than outright magic). Many of my rough manuscripts are reworkings of fairy tales or ballads; a few that I want to polish up include novellas based on “King Thrushbeard” (set in 12th century Ireland), “The Highwayman” (set in contemporary New England), _The Tempest_ (set on an island in a dystopian future), and “Tam Lin” (set in contemporary Montreal). I’m currently starting work on a retelling of “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” mixed with “The Snow Queen,” set in 18th century Russia and Scandinavia.

    The latest book I read that I adored was Angela Carter’s _Heroes and Villains_; two other books I’d say epitomize me as a reader are Margaret Atwood’s _The Edible Woman_ and Diana Wynne Jones’s _Howl’s Moving Castle_.

    I would love to find a partner or a group of people for mutual critiquing and encouragement! I’m very serious about writing and I really want to improve my work and be part of a supportive community! Let me know if you’re interested; comment here or you can reach me at wildrkn [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thank you!

    • Hi Erin,

      This looks great!!! I LOVE fairytale inspired stories/retellings. I’d love to chat a bit more about our current projects/career goals to see if we’ll be a good fit. I’ll email you tonight when I get home from the Day Job. Until then, do you have a twitter/blog/website I could stalk? 🙂

      • Erin M

        I am setting one up right now, because it’s shameful that I don’t have a site dedicated to writing (my current blog is a mishmash of everything. Needs to be more streamlined!). I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up and running!

    • Hi Christine!

      I love retold fairy tales, and yours sounds particularly awesome! And Diana Wynne Jones was a goddess of fantasy and my hero. Let me know if you want me to drop a line, or vice versa! My post is on here, too.

      • Argh. I meant Erin, though I was going to comment for Christine, too. So both of you – let me know if you want me to drop a line!

  • Hilary Thompson

    I hope I’m not too late to the party! I write YA, although I’m not opposed to other genres. I have a novel out to agents now, but it’s too early for replies.

    My blurb: Sixteen-year-old Astrea has always been taught that Apshodel is the only surviving city, and they’ve been waiting one hundred years for the return of the star-bright maiden of justice. But no matter what the stars say, she knows everyone is wrong about her role in the prophecy. She struggles against customs that use the zodiac to determine her husband, her vocation as the city’s leader, and her responsibility to Asphodel’s future. Just as she begins to face these limitations, a strange boy arrives and offers her the ultimate possibility – escape, and a chance to create her own destiny.

    I love so many books, but YA favorites are by Veronica Rossi, Veronica Roth, Laini Taylor, Tahereh Mafi, Maggie Stiefvater, Jackson Pearce, moremoremore…

    Email me at hilarylthompson(at)gmail(dot)com or Twitter @HilaryLThompson

  • Hi,
    My name is Megan. I’m a little nervous posting to find a critique partner on a blog but after hearing all of the success people have had, I figure I might as well jump in!
    I write Young Adult fantasy/adventure/sci-fi. I’m getting ready to send out queries for finding the perfect agent (which seems a lot like finding the right critique partner).
    My story, in a nutshell, is about a guy cursed to spend eternity inside a snow globe.
    I’m an avid reader and my tastes are all over the place so I’m not sure there is one book that ‘epitomizes’ me as a reader. However, the last book I read and adored was Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Shecter.
    Let me know if you wanna swop pages or if my brief one sentence summery isn’t enough to judge interest and I can send a more detailed one (didn’t want this to be too long).

    • Bethany

      Megan, your story sounds interesting! Can you just email me ( a more detailed description? The blurb caught my interest right away.


  • Hiya! My name is Kateri and I blog over at I’m 20 and an English major in college. I’ve taken a couple writing classes yadda yadda.
    So I have a completed (and, as of now, extensive) ms that is a YA historical (1720’s) fantasy. I currently have two close friends reading it but after that I’d really like to get an opinion from someone who gets me but doesn’t know me, ya know? Basically, I need to get it ready to send out, so to clarify I have not yet started that process. My story was originally inspired by Harry Potter when I was a wee little 13 year old and now it has grown into something I can truly call my own. It’s current title is The Quarry and Her Crow. No synopsis, but I can say that there’s witches and wizards in a world in the sky, magically hidden among the clouds. Oh and something or other about a flying ship. The two books of 2013 that i read that I think best classify (isn’t that an ugly word to use when talking of the love of reading?) me as a reader would be The Crown of Embers (and Girl of Fire and Thorns, of course) and also The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
    Let me know if you like what you see. 😉

    • Bethany

      Kateri, I’m interested in reading your work. I know you didn’t have a blurb, but the whole flying ships and witches and wizards really interest me. Would you be interested in government conspiracies and stuff? If you are, you can e-mail me at


  • Bethany

    Hey, my name is Bethany (that was the most horrid way to start a sentence) and I figured this would be insanely cool, especially because since we’re here, we’re all lovers of Maggie. That means we already have something in common!

    Right now, I haven’t finished writing a book yet, but I plan to finish one and do revisions by the end of the year. Just because I haven’t finished yet doesn’t mean I’m not serious about crit partners and ‘the business’. I am.

    I write Young Adult; a mix of fantasy, paranormal, definitely romance, and mystery with dashes of humor and sometimes (rarely) teen fiction. In a blurb, my novel is about teenagers with powers on the run from the government. Story of my life (just kidding).

    The last book I read was Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. That really describes me as a reader: romance, mystery, suspense, and a little horror.

    Please let me know if you’re interested. E-mail me at
    or you can find me on Wattpad (my username is hpwand16).


  • Amy

    Hi all –

    Would love to find a critique partner. I’m currently unpublished and do not have an agent. Leaning toward the self publishing route.

    I have six works in progress, ranging from a dark fairy tale and mystical realism to a paranormal fantasy, and a post apocalyptic novel on the horizon. I write for adults, and many of my works include erotic elements, so be advised.

    I loved The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and have been told my works feel like Charles de Lint’s Newford series. I also love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

    If you’re interested in touching base, my email is amy at heartofautumn dot com.

  • Tamara

    Hi all. I am a writer, an artist, and a mom. Currently, I do not make money doing any of these things, but as my youngest is soon to be in school <> I’d like to shoot for at least two out of the three. Why not?

    I have a finished YA/fantasy manuscript that I’ve torn apart and then put back together too many times to count, and two WIP’s. One is a YA/fantasy set on a fictional Polynesian island (Scorpio Races meets Whale Rider). The other is YA/sci-fi (uhm, er… Pocahontus meets Dune?? And so not as lame as i just made it sound).

    Anyway… I’m new to the whole crit partner thing but am embracing this as a vital step in my progression towards serious-butt-kicking-writerdom. Some authors, in the YA and or fantasy-ish genre, that I love are of course, Maggie and Brenna, Teherah Mafi, Julliet Marillier, and I recently really enjoyed Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina.

    Please reply here if you’re interested.

    And THANKS Maggie for doing this!

    • Jennifer

      Hey Tamara,
      I am also a writer, artist and mom to two younguns. My current WIP is an upper YA/adult contemporary. It starts with a seven year old boy who, while visiting his cousin, meets the girl he believes he’s going to marry one day. The story follows their brief encounters over the years, how their relationship develops and how it changes him.

      I’ve also completed a YA urban fantasy that I’ve queried, but temporarily put to the side to work on my current project. I’ve tested out a couple critique partners in the past, but haven’t quite found the right connection yet.

      Your stories sound intriguing! If you would like to trade some pages, you can email me at jennifermnunes (at) gmail (dot) com

    • LiteraryEllyMay

      Tamara, are you still looking for crit partners? Your stories sound very interesting–very much the type of stories I currently read, and your author list has some of my favorites. (In particular, Juliette Marillier’s Daughter of the Forest is one of my go-to books for how to handle myth, romance, and character development). I’ve been alternating my work between a few short stories and my YA fantasy novel–about a girl that travels to Ireland after her mother dies in order to find her grandfather (last living relative). There she discovers she’s a harpy, fights chimeras, and finds her first love–though few of these things turn out as well as she’d like. I’m not sure if you’d be interested in doing any short story crit. as well, but I’m down with just novel crit., if you’d like.

      I’m a mom, too, so I understand the struggle of juggling serious writing with mom-ing. 🙂 If you’re still on the hunt for a writing partner, I’d love to email you.

  • Kelsey

    I’m Kelsey and I love writing. I’m in the process of editing my novel Sightless which is a paranormal romance with a dash of folklore added in. My main character has a visual impairment, hangs in depression from the terrible accident that killed her sister and forced her into blindness. Then she meet’s Chase, who she feels an almost immediate connection to. Only for him to break the small trust she has for me, telling her she’s part of an ancient race. Now she’s in more danger then she ever thought possible.

    I’m looking for a fresh set of eyes for my novel. I do not have an agent but when my novel is finished, I’ll be querying. Books that interest me are Legend by Marie Lu, The Hunger Games, Shatter Me, The Girl of Fire and Thorns and many others! (:

  • I’m Kelsey and I love writing. I’m in the process of editing my novel Sightless which is a paranormal romance with a dash of folklore added in. My main character has a visual impairment, hangs in depression from the terrible accident that killed her sister and forced her into blindness. Then she meet’s Chase, who she feels an almost immediate connection to. Only for him to break the small trust she has for me, telling her she’s part of an ancient race. Now she’s in more danger then she ever thought possible.

    I’m looking for a fresh set of eyes for my novel. I do not have an agent but when my novel is finished, I’ll be querying. Books that interest me are Legend by Marie Lu, The Hunger Games, Shatter Me, The Girl of Fire and Thorns and many others! (:

    My email:

  • Laura

    Hi –

    I’m Laura. I write urban fantasy, both adult and YA, sometimes re-telling old faerie tales in the process. I’m currently unpublished, and have two works at the “half-finished” mark where I’m looking for crit partners. One is a modern re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, and the other is an urban fantasy along the lines of “Neverwhere” or “Un Lun Dun”, set beneath New York City. I have plans to both self-publish and look for an agent/publisher, depending on the book.

    Books that define me as a reader & writer are “King Rat” by China Mieville, Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere”, “The Dark is Rising” by Susan Cooper, and pretty much anything written by Tim Powers. I also love Holly Black’s “Valiant”.

    My e-mail is lhskarka at ku dot edu.

  • I’m Alyssa, I’m in the 2nd draft of a YA Contemporary. I have side projects that are YA Dystopian and YA Fantasy as well! No agent yet.

    Here’s a bit about my story:
    Cole sorts through his brother’s things and finds the last notebook Drew ever kept, one of hundreds, the one that can help Cole make sense of his brother’s death. Cole starts leaving his brother’s words as anonymous notes around town, not wanting to be the only one who’s read them. He paints poems on the school’s walls. He tapes words to street signs and library books.

    Teddy’s dad left to get chocolate chips from the store and never came back. That was four months ago, and now she’s been assigned to his English class for her senior year. She tries to talk to her dad to find out what went wrong. She trains harder at tennis every day to get a scholarship. She tries to keep her freshman sister to stop flirting with senior guys at lunch. She tries to get her mom to stop baking. But none of it’s working. Then she starts finding strange notes around campus…

    Here are a few books I read recently and LOVED: Paper Heart (Brenna Yovanoff), Days of Blood and Starlight (Laini Taylor), and Love and Leftovers (Sarah Tregay).

    Email me at redheadheroines at gmail dot com if you’re interested!

    • Interested and will email you!

      I write YA Fantasy and SciFi and Dystopian is my true love. I am currently trying to wrap up a second draft of a Dystopian type book and have a few others that need some work and then will be ready as well.
      Favorite recent books are The Raven Boys and the Curiosities, by Maggie and Enclave (whole series) by Ann Aguirre. I could list a hundred others but will try to follow the rules if I must.
      Hope to talk with you!

  • Hello all you random lovely people! I am unsure if this party is over or not, but I’m going to crash it anyways. I write primarily YA sci-fi, typically of the aliens variety, but I love all YA speculative fiction and contemporary. I would adore a critique partner or two who would enjoy the strangeness that is my writing (sometimes it gets really weird–see, can’t say I didn’t warn you) and I promise to enjoy yours back…or pretend like I do. 🙂

    I am currently unagented. I have several projects on the back burner (feel free to check out my blog, which should be linked here; it has fairly crappy descriptions of each). My current project is, surprise, a YA sci-fi featuring aliens. The basic premise is that aliens, who are basically nothing but a race of engineered superhumans, are abducting humans to use as lab rats. The two main characters are an alien and the human that he was supposed to experiment on, and they engage in starcrossed love and all that jazz. There is also a space mafia with flappers, because why not? Like most of my work, it has strong LGBT themes (I’m a little obsessed with diversity in literature).

    The last book I read that epitomizes me as a reader was probably Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. I LOVE this series–relatively elaborate speculative world, awesome premise, romance, and now an ensemble cast! I love ensemble casts. I’ve read a decent amount of recent YA such as Obsidian, Beautiful Creatures, The Hunger Games, etc.

    Here’s my Twitter so you can stalk me, because stalking is an important part of all online relationships:

    You can contact me at maramoser1 at gmail dot com! Or post here, I guess. I’m not picky.

    • Oh? This sounds interesting, and I think I like your sense of humor!

      Comment’s down below, buuuut…mine’s a DF/UF about murderous angels and kissing. And dying. Can’t forget the dying, ’cause there’s a lot of it.

      My email’s anneDOTpersonsATgmailDOTcom if you are interested…feel free to stalk me back. 🙂

  • User

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for a CP. I’m a little more than half way done with my novel. Although I have a timeframe and I know when I want my WIP to be done. I find myself stuck. I’m very flexible. Willing to exchange scenes, pages, or chapters at a time. Although critiquing isn’t something I’ve done before, I’ve read so many books in many different genres and I know a good book. My WIP is paranormal romance with explicit love scenes. I’m looking for someone who writes in similar genre or is use to critiquing in romance genre. Let me know if you’re interested in pairing up.

  • Hello everyone! I’m looking for a CP. I’m a little more than half way done with my novel. Although I have a timeframe and I know when I want my WIP to be done. I find myself stuck. I’m very flexible. Willing to exchange scenes, pages, or chapters at a time. Although critiquing isn’t something I’ve done before, I’ve read so many books in many different genres and I know a good book. My WIP is paranormal romance for Adults with explicit love scenes and language. I’m looking for someone who writes in similar genres or is use to critiquing in romance genre. Let me know if you’re interested in pairing up.

    Note: Tried to post before but logged me in as just User, LOL. Please don’t be alarmed by the post that looks like this one. The’re both me. Only one leads to me.

  • Hi!

    I write YA Christian Fiction that is fairly realistic. I have finished three books, and am starting my next one on April 1st.

    I am not looking for an agent or anything yet, but I’ve had two short stories published.

    ~Natalie Noel~

    • Ack, I just looked at that and realized how pitiful it looks! Let me tell you a little bit about my books:

      Letting Go- Ava Read was taken from her parents when she was just a little girl and she has no idea why. She was sent to live with a New Zealand Agent who used to be friends with her mother. A huge war breaks out, and Ava is now in trouble and the reason that her parents let her be taken away comes right to her face, putting her in a lot of danger.

      Run- Chrissi Crawford never would’ve done it; that’s a fact that she hasn’t told anyone, because she knew it would reveal her secret. She knew that Elsie was going to come into the room and stop her. She the knew the consequences. What she didn’t know was that she was going to meet Ross Tyler, the one person who might be able to erase the wounds of the past. But Ross’s dad has a strange job, that is putting Chrissi in danger; a danger she will have to accept if she wants to keep her best friend.

      Note:- I only will read G or PG books, and my books have a lot of Christian elements in them, even though it didn’t look like it in the synopsis.


      ~Natalie Noel

      • Hi there! I would love to be in touch with another Christian Author! My email is Feel free to contact me at anytime. My fave Christian author is Ted Dekker-I prefer his more fantasy writing like Black, Red, and White. Not a huge fan of the last one.
        I am not positive the other things about our style will match up but interesting in talking at least. I write YA Fantasy and Sci Fi and I’m not quite sure what they would be rated, but I know never beyond PG13. Maybe you can help me know more specs about what would be inappropriate for you.
        Hope to talk with you soon!

  • My name is Vania, I write YA fantasy (for now) and I am looking for aCP to really be tough and rip apart my WIP.
    My WIP is about a girl who’s been appointed to be her tribe’s Protector who keeps her people invisible and hidden from humans and she’s the only one who can harness the pure magic Everything goes bad for her when her mentor dies, a human boy can see her and there’s a killer on the loose murdering her people while he haunts her for fun.

    My fave books of late are: Code Name Verity, Clockwork Princess, I Hunt Killers and Shadow & Bone.
    Email: vandsmedia[at]

    • Our books seem to be VERY similar! I think we would be good critique partners! Let me know.

  • Stephanie


    Currently working on a YA Horror/Sci-Fi inspired by Frankenstein.


    Science prodigy Mary brings her dead boyfriend Adam back to life, but when everyone the new Adam encounters turns up dead, Mary is torn between destroying the monster she created – or trusting him long enough to stop a killer after the secret of his resurrection.

    See my query here:

    My favourite book of the last year or so is definitely Cinder. If anyone’s interested, please contact me via twitter or at steph_smith_performer at yahoo dot ca. Thanks!

  • AJ

    Hey there. My name’s AJ and I’m an (as yet) un-agented, unpublished author.

    I write mainly YA but have ideas all over the place. Right now, I’d be looking for someone who’s interested in taking a look at a YA fantasy romance, and/or YA contemporary paranormal thriller (every time I type that I think, ‘what an absolute mouthful…’ but then I struggle a bit with genre labels!). A little about each:

    YA fantasy romance – a retelling of Cinderella that focuses on the fairy godmother character and her motivations. The story is about the importance of friendship and sacrifice, but also about love – all types, not just romantic (though the love interest Daniel is, IMO, totally swoonsome).

    YA contemporary paranormal thriller – the story of Cassandra, a girl whose life begins to crumble when she is afflicted by the ability to see the future. This is part of a planned 5-book series, which unlike most series’ these days, will focus on new core characters in each book to tell an overarching story. If you’ve read LJ Smith’s Night World books, you’ll have a good idea.

    Both the above are complete novels.

    I’m not sure what book I’d say sums me up, but most recently I’ve read ‘Drowning Instinct’ by Ilsa J. Bick, and am currently reading ‘The Evolution of Mara Dyer’ by Michelle Hodkin. For more books that I’ve read (to feel me out) you can check the page on my website: – though please don’t hold the rest of the website against me! It’s been through something of a facelift and is very much in the bandages stage.

    For more about me, you can see my twitter @ajcoulton

    I’ve never ‘CP’d’ before so I’m a newbie, and not gonna lie – I’m nervy about being told I suck, though I guess that’s just something I need to deal with if/when it happens! Looking for a reciprocal arrangement, so if you’re interested and have something to share then I’d be happy to hear from you.

    Best of luck to everyone 🙂

    • Amy

      You had me at fairy godmother! What an interesting twist on Cinderella and LJ Smith? Well, I kinda love her:) If you’re interested in seeing if we’re a good fit, shoot me an email:

  • Hey there!
    My name’s Meagan, and I’m currently working on getting an agent (I’ve sent out several queries), but am unrepresented as of yet.

    I write YA, and my finished manuscript is called Lost and Found. Here’s the little synopsis:

    JJ Monroe is at the height of her life. She is young, full of zeal for life, and that feeling of invincibility that comes from getting into as much trouble as you possibly can. (And of course, getting away with it too!) But the best thing of all, is that she’s in love.
    Unfortunately, it all comes crashing down in one single night. At her eighteenth birthday party, JJ’s boyfriend, Thayne, has a break with reality. No longer thinking clearly, (she’s not sure if he’s thinking at all), he tries his hardest to kill her. Though Thayne fails in that endeavor, he leaves JJ broken and beaten, and she doesn’t know if she will ever be whole again.

    Sorry, it’s a little long. My current favourite book is The Curiosities (by Maggie, Tessa, and Brenna!); I love what all three of them bring to the book, and the way their styles both differ and mesh together.

    I’d be looking for a crit partner for YA definitely, but you don’t have to been in my genre- I love any YA. If you’re interested and have something to share, please drop me a note!

  • Whoo, okay, guess I’m gonna do this!

    My project is a YA urban fantasy/horror novel about murderous angels. No fluffy messengers here; these angels are all grit and violence. The story is told from the POV of three different narrators and has a healthy dash of romance.

    The ms is very close to being finished–only one chapter left!–so at this point I could really use some feedback about whether or not the story works, whether it’s compelling, if there are still any plot holes, etc. I’m looking for a critique partner with a healthy sense of humor and a willingness to dole out and receive constructive criticism.

    More about me & my project:



    Recent favorite YA reads are The Space Between, Shadow and Bone, Enshadowed, Requiem, Everneath, and Girl of Nightmares.

    If you’re interested, drop me an email at anneDOTpersonsATgmailDOTcom 🙂

  • Pam

    Hi, all! I’m Pam. I’m a twentysomething (okay, I’ll be thirty this summer) work-at-home mom and MFA (poetry) survivor. I write MG/YA fantasy. Right now I’m rewriting a novel about a 13-year-old girl who follows a fox through a magic door into a Narnia-like world that controls our stars with things like pocket watches. I’m hoping to find a crit partner in a similar situation–working through edits and looking for general story notes (is this a plot hole? did you forget what you were doing here?). I’m unagented; I’m optimistically hoping to be ready to query by the end of spring, maybe the start of summer.

    I’ve been through the query process once before, with a NA fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It got a handful of full requests and just as many rejections, and it’s now trunked in favor of the new shiny thing. So there’s that.

    The last book I read and really loved was Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

    You can reach me at hulknotpoet at gmail dot com!

    • Hi, Pam! I’m Brenna (not the Yovanoff one). You sound like a kindred writerly spirit. I’m a Medievalist PhD program dropout writing MG/YA fantasy. I’m intrigued by your WIP, as I love foxes, magic doors, and pocket watches, and the heroine of my first novel is also a 13-year-old girl. Beauty and the Beast and Narnia are two of my formative literary influences.

      My first novel has been through the query process (to publishers) once, and met with a few requests for submissions, but I’m currently unagented and unpublished. I’ve sent out a second round of submissions after hacking out several thousand words and many scenes that were as lovely and unhelpful as my first boyfriend.

      My WIP is the story of a girl raised as a boy to protect her identity as the last surviving heir to a contested throne. She loves books and swordplay, has trust issues with wizards, and displays an unfortunate tendency to punch people when she’s upset. I plan to start querying agents sometime in autumn and would love to find a crit. partner.

      I’ve really enjoyed Diana Wynn Jones as well. The last book I read was John Green’s Paper Towns. Not fantasy, but the kind of craftsmanship and poignant quirkiness to which I aspire.

      If you think we might be a good crit. fit, please email me at

      • Hey guys, hope it’s okay to jump in here, but I was drawn to your posts because you both write MG/YA (there don’t seem to be many MG writers around here atm!) AND about other worlds and castles and princesses etc, which sounds a lot like one of my current MG projects (which I’m starting to send out, eek) which is about a boy who finds another world at the bottom of his garden, a princess and embarks on an adventure through the woods. There’s more infomration about the story on my blog. Although I’m mainly working on a couple of MG stories at the moment, I have a couple of YA stories I’m hoping to revive sometime.
        I love Dianna Wynne Jones too, and John Green. I have one awesome CP already, but it’s always good to find others I think and get lots of different opinions! I am unagented at the minute.
        Anyway, if you’re interested email me at sophie_reid3 (at) hotmaildotcom 🙂

    • I think we might be good critique partners! You can email me at

  • Harriet Holmes

    Hi, my name is Harriet and I am an unagented writer. I have recently completed my third novel, a YA paranormal about a teenage graverobber who discovers family secrets and heartbreaking truths about her own existence.

    I’ve never had a crit partner before, so I’m a little nervous and unsure, I suppose. I have also been through the query process once before with an adult urban fantasy. There was a little interest but in the end I decided to trunk it and work on new things. My other completed novel is an adult paranormal currently collecting dust in a drawer, awaiting editing.

    My favourite authors are Alex Kava, Melissa Marr, Caitlin Kittredge, Ilona Andrews, Holly Black and Rachel Caine. The last book (well, series) that I think epitomizes me as a reader would be the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane.

    If you’re interested, I would love to hear from you! I can be contacted at harrietholmes [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk 🙂

  • J Clark

    I don’t have anything written to share, but I’d be interested and happy to proof and edit. (I actually like editing.)
    I recently did a line by line edit of a friend’s Gothic romance novel, and she was pleased with the results. It made it to the second round of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel contest.
    I like to read a bit of everything, but I keep going back to YA.
    Favorite authors include Maggie Stiefvater, Kelley Armstrong, Jasper Fforde. Some favorite books: Kristen Cashore’s Graceling, Sherryl Jordan’s Winter of Fire, Erin Morganstern’s Night Circus, and Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity.
    Email me at niceshirtjc2 [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Leandra

      Hey, I’ll be emailing you soon! Thanks!

  • Becky and Erika

    Hello critters!

    Okay, the good stuff first. We are two critique partners who met on Maggie’s Critique Connection last year and have become awesome CPs and friends. We’re looking for one more crit partner to join our crit group. Ideally, our new critter would be someone who is honest, can tear a WIP to shreds and help build it up again, and has a sense of humor.

    Your two potential critters:

    Erika: Unagented and currently but not for long unpublished. She is currently nearly the end of a revision on Shiloh’s Secret, a paranormal YA, and getting ready to query.

    Story Blurb: 17 year old Shiloh wants what any normal human girl wants her senior year in high school-to date the boy of her dreams, blend in and have fun with her friends. But fate suddenly has other plans for her, changing her slowly into some sort of super freak with the power to see death, heal pain, and chase dead evil ghosts invading her town on the coast. What’s a girl to do? Run.

    Favorite YA book: Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick or Abandon by Meg Cabot

    Becky: Unagented and unpublished. She is currently working on an overhaul of her WIP, The Nixie Book, a (sort of?) paranormal YA.

    Story Blub: Clare loves the tiny island she grew up on, even though everyone has always told her she should leave and explore the world. When her family’s money suddenly runs out and they can’t afford the house anymore, Clare must fight to save the life she’s always wanted. After a tourist boy goes missing and his family posts a reward for finding him, Clare thinks she’s found a solution to her problem. But looking for a missing boy unearths the kind of dangerous – and otherworldly – secrets that really ought to have stayed hidden.

    Favorite YA book: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

    If you’re interested in being our new crit partner, shoot us an email at

    Thanks and good luck!

  • Hi everyone!

    Not sure if I’m in the right environment for this as I’ve noticed most of the people who have posted write Fantasy and/or Paranormal fiction. But I’m looking for some long term critique partners willing to give feedback on my current WIP which is Contemporary NA. I should have this current round of edits done by May.

    I have a very eclectic taste in books and am looking for CPs who feel the same as my two previous manuscripts deal with cultural and social issues from the Dirty War in Argentina to South American drug mules. However, in the midst of my current WIP I’m also outlining my first YA project that’s mostly contemporary but with a hint of fantasy–so I’m definitely a little all over the place.

    If you want to check out samples of my writing to see if we might be a match check out my blog at or send me an email at laekan [dot] zea [dot] kemp [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Hey all! I’m Taylor Lynn, and I’m currently unagented and unpublished, although my goal is to start querying later this year (or early next year–all depending on how I fare with the revision, of course ;).

    My novel is YA contemporary/LGBTQ called THE SANDCASTLE’S WAY. It’s the story of two teen girls, a nomadic artist and a small-town hopeless romantic, who fall in love over the summer; but their happiness together is short-lived and soon shattered by devastating news. Though the romance is obviously a central element to the plot, TSW is also a coming-of-age story as the MC, Elli, figures out who she is and learns to come to terms with tragedy.

    I’m currently in the midst of writing the second draft, which currently clocks in at almost 57K words and is probably about two-thirds of the way complete. I’m looking for someone to give feedback on its pacing, on which parts sound unrealistic (and conversely, what flows well), and to point out any plot holes and stiff or unnatural dialogue, etc.

    I read a variety of YA, but I love contemporary fiction, atmospheric fantasy, and historical fiction; among those genres, some of my favorite books are THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green, THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern, JELLICOE ROAD by Melina Marchetta, CODE NAME VERITY by Elizabeth Wein, the GRACELING books by Kristin Cashore, and THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater. As you can probably tell, I read a LOT, and I love unique concepts in plot and narration. 🙂

    If you’re interested in swapping with me, shoot me an email at!

    (PS Thanks to Maggie for arranging this–I only hope I’m not too late to join in!)

    • Taylor, I’m about 2/3 of the way through a novel of similar-ish themes but with some riffs on the YA paranormal romance genre. I honestly have no great expectation of publishing, as I’ve been writing more for my own personal satisfaction than for anything else, but some friends I’ve passed off chunks of the manuscript to read have enjoyed it, so who knows?

      My favorite books vary wildly from The Martian Chronicles to Of Mice and Men to Thirteen Reasons Why… so picking a specific genre would be difficult for me.

  • I am currently writing a YA Dark Contemporary, entitled THE BLEEDING HEART . I am unpublished and unagented, but plan to begin the query process in late spring.

    I currently have one wonderful CP, but am looking for another to help make my story the best it can be. I seriously am in need of someone with word-slaying skills, who will be honest and helpful. I am completely ready to do the same too!

    I read. A lot. Some of my favorite books are: The Fault in Our Stars, 13 Reasons Why, If I Stay, Divergent, Pandemonium, Hush Hush and Shattered.

    If interested, please send me an email:

  • Hi!

    I write a lot. I’ve won some things and done some things and have finished the last pass on my YA Contemp. Citizens of Optimism.

    I like to think of it as a cross between The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Kick-Ass. (That’s probably the egomaniac in me talking.)

    Every superhero has a story, right? Even the ones who don’t actually have superpowers. 17-year-old Nick takes to the streets to of small-town Ireland to fight crime with his best friend, Jane. Witness to a drug deal gone wrong and with his first real girlfriend on the cards, Nick has to face up to his troubled past and the violence in his future and decide whether or not it’s time to hang up his cape for good.

    I’ve beta read for four people. I have two CPs who are excellent. I critique in-depth and quickly. I can be tough–but always with good intentions! I love to edit. I even edit my housemate’s essays before they hand them in to their lecturers.

    If that sounds of interest to you, email me at


  • Leann


    I am a write-whatever-catches-my-attention kind of writer. I am unpublished and no agent.

    I am looking for a crit partner for two projects that are still in the first draft stages, but a lot is getting done. I’d prefer a partner that is similar that we can bounce ideas and feedback off of. I would also prefer someone that is brutally honest.

    My first project is set in the post-apocolyptic world and follows a woman named Nickel after she is banished from her tribe.

    The second project is a supernatural/romance that follows a woman named Teegan who has the unfortunate ability to smell the intentions of the people around her.

    • Leann

      No real book describes me as a reader.

      The last I read was Redemption by R.K. Ryals.

      • Madeline

        Hi Leanne,
        I would love to be your critter, if you’re still looking. I am also writing a post-dystopian story (Though mine is quite different; the apocalypse is decades past, and the reconstructed society is a smoke-and-mirrors attempt at utopia. As the story progresses, the illusion starts to crumble, resulting in some dangerous happenings and, eventually, hints of war.) That story is just about ready for me to start looking for a publisher, but the other books in the series are still rough drafts, so I’ll be working on those soon. I am also looking for somebody to be brutally honest, as I’d rather hear it in the form of critique from a partner than rejection from a publisher! I write mature/dark YA, and the last book I read that really represents me as a reader was The Raven Boys. Would you be interested in being partners?

  • Hi there! I feel like I am posting an ad in the personal section of the newspaper! So….MWF ISO CP for YA/NA ms.

    I am still working on my first ms which I started for NaNoWriMo 2012. I am participating in Camp NaNo as well and hoping to finish this little story of mine.

    It is a YA/NA story about a girl who is looking forward to starting college in a new town where nobody knows her. She meets a cute boy of course, and he seems perfect (no one ever is though, right?) but there seems to be someting he is hiding. And of course she eventually finds out and can she deal with that etc etc.

    I have never been a CP for anyone, and I am fairly new at this whole writing-for-serious-thing, but would be interested in reading your contemporary YA or NA ms. I would describe my ms as a very rough draft. The story itself is complete, but I am working on beefing it up, maybe adding a subplot and working out placement of flashback scenes.

    Oh, my most recently read books that I enjoyed: Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, The Scorpio Races (seriously) and Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys.

    my email is marytini (at) hotmail (dot) com
    I tweet at @maryfitzlove and my blog should be linked in this post.
    I do not blog or tweet about writing, however. Writing is sort of my own personal little escape.

    • Hello Mary! I’m very interested in reading your work and would love if you would be interested in mine too! So if you’d like let’s email! Or something 🙂

  • Hello all, my name is Rachael and I write YA fiction.

    My current WIP is a YA Fantasy with some light romance.

    I do have experience critiquing and I plan to get published. The dream of course would be to become a full-time author.

    My email is Rachnicrice (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Rachael R

      Oh and a book that epitomizes me as a reader would be The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I love a little mystery 🙂

  • Hi everyone!

    I am in the early stages of my WIP. To be honest I have a few WIP.

    I write YA fantasy/paranormal/contemporary – yes I am definitely not held down to any one sub genre at the moment. Variety is the spice of life 😉

    Currently I am looking for someone who I can be of great support to and can offer me the same. It would be lovely to connect with someone and be able to bounce ideas and pages around with 😉

    I love to read and just as my writing varies so does my reading selections: I love all things Harry Potter, the Mephisto series, Taherah’s Mafi’s Shatter Me-Destroy Me-Unravel Me series is awesome, HourGlass & Timepiece by Myra McEntire, James Dashner’s Maze series, anything by Jennifer Crusie, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer…I can go on and on!!!

    I currently have a blog The Southern Princess 😉 if you want to check me out.

    If anyone is looking for someone who has always been writing but is buckling down for the long haul, then I am your girl 😉

    Email me if you are interested: clsbarr(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Hey guys. I’m Sophie, unagented and primarily a MG writer, although I’m hoping to revive a couple of YA stories I have over the summer and rework them. I have one awesome CP already, but would love some different persepectives/opinions.
    One project I’m working on contains secret worlds, gardens, princesses, castles and adventure. The other is a boarding school story, set at at tennis academy.
    Authors I love include Dianna Wynne Jones, JK Rowling, Daphne du Maurier, John Green, Stephanie Perkins and many many more! There’s summaries of these two projects on my blog and you can find me on twitter too. Feel free to email me at sophie_reid3 (at) hotmaildotcom (also posted on blogger)

    • Hello Sophie,

      I thought I would reach out to you as I am also a duMaurier fan, as well as Agatha Christie, Rowling, Ingrid Law. I write MG. My first draft won a literary contest and four drafts later I haven’t been able to get over the top yet with an agent – although I do get personalized rejections so that’s something right? My ms is a contemporary MG mystery. I’ve tried being part of a larger group but I think a smaller one would fit my lifestyle better. If you’re interested please follow up with me: middlegradewriter at

      • Hi Heather and Sophie,

        I’m writing YA mystery with a fantastical twist set in a fantasy world. I already have two critique partners that I love. But I would like to get a female perspective. I don’t have a agent but came close with my last novel, in which they requested a revise and resubmit. The mystery novel I’m working on now is a spin off from the first novel. Email at

  • Hello everyone! I’m Peyton, I’m pretty new to the writing world even though I’ve been writing little stories since I could write lol. I enjoy writing YA and fantasy/horror, and I do like writing regular YA stories too. I recently finished a first draft of my first book that I’m very proud of and would love some critique! Or to even swap stories would be fun and great!
    It’s a story about a girl named Penny who gets kidnapped and then sent to a new home to live in after waking up and discovering she has a new feature about her self 😉 and it becomes a very long and suspenseful journey to get away from the people who want that special feature on her.
    There’s still a lot to be done with my story including editing of words and grammar but I’m confident it could be a great book someday. There’s also some romance and a bit of action in the story. The best thing I could compare it to is I AM NUMBER FOUR mixed with some romance story, and a hint of the hunger games… Maybe. I’m loose on the hunger games bit.
    But I definitely love my story, and I believe it’s important to love your own creations.
    So if you want to critique or swap stories email me! peytongreenwood(at)yahoo(dot)com looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Tia

    I love your books!! I really just cant believe how you wrote shiver… You thought of things that were unpredictable and I like that part of you and your books.. It was so surprising to me in shiver on what was going on. I didn’t think that Jack would die but.. Wow i just wanted to say that this was better than twilight for a first book.

  • Madeline

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m Madeline, unagented but currently prepping my queries! I’ve been published in TeenInk magazine, but nothing big, so I’m working on that. 🙂 As a writer, war is kind of my thing; I love how different characters are changed in different ways, and I really am a sucker for the classic battle-scarred hero. My current WIP is a YA novel called “Unconquerable Soul”; the story of a twisted attempt for post-apocalyptic utopia and how, when the big fall hard, it’s the innocents (like Representative’s daughter Bellona Kingsire, her crazy best friend, their friendzoned guy pal, and Bella’s tough-luck bodyguard) who get caught up in the crossfire. The best way to describe it would be the love-child of action/adventure and bildungsroman, with some romance and futuristic elements thrown into the mix. It’s in the (hopefully for real this time) final stages, and I’ll be working on queries soon, and starting to work more on my other WIP, “Black as the Pit”. This one, the story of the apocalypse itself, is straight black comedy warrior fiction, told by Broghan Fields, a Spartan-type survivor of the conflict, who spares no details.

    I’ve worked with crit partners in the past, and I love them dearly, but all of them are my friends first and my critters second. I feel like my novels, “Unconquerable Soul” especially, are getting to a point where I need somebody willing to be a little bit more harsh and real with me. I want somebody who can shred everything I’ve worked so hard on, let me revise it, and come back for more. I’m willing to do the same for whoever my partner is.

    As for defining me as a reader… I think the only thing that can define me is that I’m spinning between “Last Dog On The Hill”, “Infidel”, “Red Storm Rising”, and an autobiography of Churchill. My writing style is less all over, though. I’m very character-centric, straight and t0-the-point, and favor war stories and the themes they bring out.

    Anyway, I think that’s all there is to know. Snippets of my books can be found at
    They’re outdated, because (in typical writer fashion) I forgot the password after November ended, but I feel like they still represent myself and my stories well enough.

    Let me know if you want to be partners!

  • Hi all! I’m Brittany and I’m currently in the process of writing my first complete fiction novel. I have a non-fiction, memoir-ish novel I’m currently querying, but I’m unagented at the moment.

    The novel I’m currently writing is a Young Adult, possibly heading into the “New” Adult category. It’s set in the modern day and has an angelic, supernatural twist to it.

    The last book I read that I absolutely fell in love with and continue to think about on a pretty regular basis is Under the Never Sky. Or Through the Ever Night.

    If you’d like to get in touch with me, send me an email at

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Emma

    Hi everyone,
    As is says above I’m Emma. I have just finished writing my first novel and I am now looking for some feedback. I have always struggled with writing , but writing a book is something I want to do.

    Sixteen year old Lucy is struggling to understand her reoccurring nightmares showing her the crash which killed her first love Alex. She knows they are trying to tell her something, but as she meets Sam and realizes how her life is to end, tormented by shadows from another world, she must choose which side to stand and fight with.

    Last books I read were the Hunger Games trilogy and various short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and I am now reading The Raven Boys.

    • Anonymous

      Ooo if you want to contact me it would be helpful if I added an email address.

      Really appreciate the help.

  • Hello,

    Bit late here, but looking for other latecomers! I’m about 20k into my first novel, so still in the beginning stages, but completely committed to reaching the finish line. I’ve done NaNoWriMo and also written some short stories, one of which one a contest, so that was very exciting.

    I’m Joanna – mid-twenties, living in Los Angeles, unagented, working in film, writing my first novel in my free time. It’s an adult fantasy novel that I like to say is a cross between Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and Janet Fitch’s White Oleander.

    It’s about a teenage girl who is quiet, shy, keeps to herself, and prefers her own imagination to the world around her – until she discovers the Imaginary World, a realm inside our own powered by imagination, dreams, and of course, nightmares. In the world she discovers that she is more than she ever thought she could be. She meets magical creatures, falls in love (once or twice) and has to help save this world – by potentially destroying it.

    There are talking animals, falling stars, magical kingdoms, mysterious knights, and more. Also has some LGBQT elements to it, though it’s not the main point of the story.

    I’m into both adult fantasy and YA. Authors: Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, Jonathan Carroll, Michael Chabon, Patrick Rothfuss, Francesca Lia Block. Books: The Graveyard Book, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, etc.

    You can check out my blog and some writing samples at my website,, find me on Twitter @joannatruman, or email me:

    Looking forward to meeting someone seriously focused on writing, even if you’re in the early stages of a manuscript, and someone serious about responding in a somewhat timely manner – I promise to do the same.

    • Yay for nanowrimo! Doing the camp nanowrimo in April? I am using it to edit and finish up my current book and get some more short stories written and plan to start my next book in July.
      Would love to hear from you, my story detes below. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I write paranormal YA with a heavy dose of black comedy. I love subverting and playing with genre tropes. To that end, I’m writing a novel about a vampire who is sent to High School… as a punishment. No agent, some previous publications for creative non-fiction and poetry. The last book I read that epitomizes me as a reader? “The Magicians,” by Lev Grossman.

    I’d love to find a critiquing partner, and would love to be one as well!

    Email me at:

  • Amelia


    I write mainly upper YA novels that dabble in magical realism and fantasy. I’m especially interested in modern re-tellings of Celtic myths (specifically Irish and Welsh) and Appalachian settings. I already have two fantastic critique partners who’ve spent five years critiquing my MS and I’m just looking for one more set of eyes and a fresh perspective.

    My biggest influences have been David Almond and Maureen Johnson–two very different styles, I know. I enjoy combining humor with the darkly fantastic. Most recent book that’s resonated with me–Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (not sucking up, I promise!) and The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean Telt By Hisself…. by David Almond.

    Right now I might just be looking for a one-time MS critique for my upper YA magical realism novel set in modern-day Appalachia.


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  • Many very interesting stories out there! I hope to read them!

    My current one that I am editing is YA Fantasy/Post Apocalyptic. Its a coming of age (aren’t they all) about a girl named Hazel who has always prided herself as strong and independent until the unthinkable happens and she loses her parents. All the strength she thought she had inherited from her father is gone until she is forced to take charge of a situation involving her sister, her crush, and the end of the world as she knows it.
    I am almost done with a second draft on this one and have two others and some short stories that all need editing. I have had poetry published but that is all so far.

    Writers I enjoy are Maggie, of course-The Raven Boys, and Scorpio Races are my favorite; Ted Dekker-fantasy, not other; Terry Brooks, Genesis of Shanara. My recent book is most like Enclave byAnn Aguirre and Legend by Marie Lu I will stop there for the sake of time, but you are more than welcome to add me on Goodreads and check out what I read. You are welcome to find me on Facebook as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon and exchange material.

    Ashley Wyatt

    • Oh yeah! My email is
      Anyone happen to be from New Mexico or near there?

      • LiteraryEllyMay

        Ashley, still looking for a crit partner? I’ve been alternating my work between my short stories and my YA fantasy novel–about a girl that travels to Ireland after her mother dies in order to find her grandfather (last living relative). There she finds out she’s a harpy, fights chimeras, and her first love–though few of these things turn out as well as she’d like. She’s in a similar position as it sounds like your protagonist is in the latter part–she thinks she’s looking to find where she belongs, but her actual journey lies in finding her own self-resolve and strength of character.

        I’ve been working more on my short stories lately after I got a surge of publication acceptances, so I’m also interested in finding someone to novel crit with as well as short story crit. If you’re still on the hunt for writing partners, I’ll email you. (I’m also on Goodreads, too, as LiteraryEllyMay, so you can view my reading lists, too.)

  • alicats

    Hi, all.
    I am an experienced writer with 5 e-published Erotic Romance novels seeking to escape the genre and return to my first love – Young Adult SF and Fantasy.

    This is my first attempt. I have a plot in mind and a semi-edited first chapter (maybe a second by the end of the day) and am looking for comments on the hook.

    The story is about a 14 year-old boy, half alien, forced into hiding to avoid a pogrom. I can easily make the MC as old as 16 or as young as 12. I know the criteria for those age groups is different and need help deciding which direction to go in.

    I hope to make this a series, perhaps with multiple MCs.

    Favorite authors: Suzanne Collins, of course, James Dasher, Cassandra Claire, Veronica Roth, Pittacus Lore.

  • Pasha

    Oooh, this is brilliant! And so very timely for my completed MS.

    I’m looking for the perfect critique partner interested in reading and editing my YA Dark Contemporary dotted w/ magic realism.

    I’m currently querying agents but will postpone during this critique process. I want my two critique partners to be harsh but lovely. I know you’re out there somewhere! Please email me at

    The last novel I read that I absolutely LOVED was Imaginary Girls. It haunts me to this day. Anything Alice Hoffman. The Book Thief is incredible. Before I Fall and Thirteen Reasons Why intrigued me. Twilight was cutesy. Wuthering Heights is my all-time favorite.

    Here’s to hoping I haven’t arrived fashionably late. =)

  • I mainly write paranormal romances. I don’t have an agent but I have had a previously published serial novel through Trestle Press. The last book that I’ve read that had a big influence on me was The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Peterrsson.

  • Trixie

    I am in the middle of revising my CONTEMPORARY FICTION manuscript of 79,000-plus words, would anyone be interested to critique? Thank you!

    • Trixie

      trixiemad (at) gmail (dot) com

  • This is so amazing- I only hope I’m not too late to the party.

    I am revising my YA paranormal which stands at about 67,000 words and I would love to find a critique partner or two. I’ve written for myself for years but this is the first novel I’m hoping to find a home for in the publishing world. I do not have an agent yet- I’m almost but not quite ready to query. Would really love some peer feedback first!

    The most recent book I’ve read that I completely adored was The Book Thief. Some of my other all-time faves are Rebecca, Wuthering Heights, Bridge to Terabithia, Jane Eyre, anything Austen, anything Poe, Princess Bride, Fahrenheit 451, The Giver, Charlotte’s Web, Peter Pan, the Black Red White series, and oh geesh- I better stop.

    In March, I took part in the First Five Pages Workshop. You can see my opening on that blog for a preview if you’d like and get a pretty good idea of what my story is about. You can also look at some of the other participants’ entries to see some of my comments/critiques.

    Thanks for reading and here’s hoping to a CP love connection!

  • Cassandra

    Hello (:
    I arrived here a little late, because I couldn’t decide if I was brave enough to have someone critique my work. However, I’ve decided to see if anyone would be interested.

    I’ve been writing for about 3-4 years, and I enjoy writing a large variety of genres. I have no agent, as I am not confident enough to contact one. I haven’t finished a manuscript yet, (except for one, but it doesn’t count as I rushed the ending, and I am currently rewriting)

    Currently, I am working on three different stories. A dystopian, a contemp/paranormal, and a fantasy. I love character driven stories that also have a strong plot. Recently (and not so recently) I have read (and loved) Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes, The Collector by Victoria Scott, the Vampire Academy, and so many more.

    I enjoy reading nearly all genres in the YA-range. No erotica. I am a grammar Nazi, and I can catch many grammatical errors. It bugs the crap out of me when a character is inconsistent, (hello, VA, when she lets Adrian bite her?) But then I try and justify why it may have happened. (she was feeling guilty..maybe?) If it doesn’t work…I’ll point it out C;

    I don’t know if anyone would be interested, but if you are interested as me as a crit partner, feel free and contact me at:


  • Oops, I just realized I forgot to include my email! It’s

  • MJ O’Neill

    Ah, so much YA here. I like YA but am currently writing an adult humorous mystery. I’ve started querying agents, but would love a CP. Hit me back if you are interested.

  • I needed to draft you a very little word to finally give many thanks once again with the breathtaking advice you’ve shared above. It has been so wonderfully generous with people like you to present easily just what numerous people could have offered as an e book to help make some profit for themselves, specifically seeing that you might have tried it in the event you considered necessary. These suggestions additionally worked to become a fantastic way to be sure that someone else have a similar zeal much like my personal own to grasp a little more pertaining to this matter. I am certain there are thousands of more enjoyable sessions in the future for folks who check out your blog post.

  • Rebecca

    I know. I’m really late to the party, but after seeing some interesting comments, I want to make an appearance. Then it won’t be creepy when I email a few people on here. Right?

    I write YA. My story, LUMA, is complete at 86k. It’s a dark urban fantasy. I do not have an agent at this time. I’m currently working on my query and won’t subject you to that mess. The last book I read, that I fell in love with, was Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. If you’re interested and would like to see if we have the chemistry for a critique partner love connection, please email me at

  • LM

    I am so, so late to the party, but late is better than never, right?


    I’m a journalist-turned-novelist who writes upper YA that leans a little on the dark side. As a reader, I devour just about everything from memoirs to high fantasy to science fiction. Put a book in front of me, and I can just about guarantee within a few minutes I’ll be hunched over it like Gollum. I might even go for your fingers if you try to take it away from me. 🙂

    As far as a critique partner, I’d prefer to work with YA, but I am willing to branch out.

    My first novel, SEVER, about a 17-year-old girl apprenticed to a Grim Reaper, is complete at around 92,000 words. Right now, I’m unagented, but I’m in the process of putting a query letter together. I have a couple friends (and a very patient husband) who have read the MS and given it good feedback, but I know it still needs a lot of work before it’s ready. I have two short stories that will be published in upcoming anthologies by Spencer Hill Press this year.

    If you think we’d be a good fit, feel free to send me a message! You can reach me at

    • LM

      Whoops, totally forgot the “last book I loved” part.

      I love so many authors. The ones that come to mind first are Diana Wynne Jones, Peter S. Beagle, Maggie (of course), Marissa Meyer, Scott Westerfield and Rick Yancy.

      The last book I really LOVED was This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel. I’m getting ready to read Such Wicked Intent, the second book in that series.

  • My story is YA Fiction in the romance genre.

    Rain Wordsworth has dreamed about moving to England from America since she was a young girl and now that she got into the University of Manchester, she finally begins to feel her dream come true. It’s there where she meets James Pratt and Gemma Penfield who, in turn, turn her life around.

    I do not have an agent, I am unpublished. I am looking for someone who is okay with a flexible schedule and someone preferably from the United Kingdom and is very familiar with their slang. I would love to know if the places and language is very realistic as I do write English characters. I don’t mind, really, I would just love to meet someone from England!

    The latest book that I read that I loved and epitomizes me as a reader was Juliet by Anne Fortier. I fell in love with the unique twist on Romeo & Juliet she took.

    If you are at all interested in being my Critique Partner, don’t be shy to send me an email via:

  • Kait

    Hopefully there are still some stragglers out there looking for a crit partner – because here I am!

    I love to read, almost any genre: YA, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, classics. Some of my favourites are The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia Wrede, Stardust by Neil Gaiman, Poison Study by Maria Snyder, as well as classics like Jane Eyre, The Turn of the Screw and almost anything by Edgar Allan Poe. I could go on, but I should get to my own novel!

    I’m currently working on my third revision; I hope to get it just right before I send out any query letters, thus I have no agent. I have never seriously given professional writing a chance in my life until this novel, and I think it’s about time I tried. I would love to have a crit partner to give me a fresh writer’s perspective on my work and challenge me and the way the I write. My book is currently for adults, but could easily be marketed for YA instead. It is a quest or adventure novel, with elements of a fairy tale, mystery and comedy too.

    I work nearly full time so I may be a bit slow with reading or revising some weeks, but writing is a priority for me right now; I would do my best to do my own revisions and to read and provide feedback for my partner’s work in a timely fashion!

    Please reply to me here or email me at if you think we’d be a good fit!

  • I’m super late, too, but this looks like a great place to find a critter.

    My current book is YA urban fantasy, but I’m open to most any other YA genres – especially paranormal, sci-fi fantasy, etc. I recently signed with an agent I love and just completed edits for her on my urban fantasy, but I’d love to find a critique partner for future books.

    Here’s my e-mail if anyone is interested

    • Well, of course I forgot to list the last book I read – or at least the one I was totally enamored with. I’m behind, yes, but I just read Unearthly by Cynthia Hand and thought it was brilliant. The perfect mix of fantasy, romance, humor, and other-worldliness 🙂

  • LL Jacobs


    I’m a newer novelist working on my first Contemporary Romance. I would love to find a critique partner to at least determine if I’m on the right track.

    I am also a freelance writer (7+ years) so editing another person’s work is nothing new to me.


    • Hey there! I’d be interested in working with you! Mine’s a work in progress right now. Feel free to contact me sparrowluvr2 [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Lexi East

      Hey there LL,
      I’m also working on my first contemporary YA. I noticed it’s been a few weeks since your post but if you’re still in need I would love to swap.
      You can email me if you’re up for it.

  • Hey there. My name is Ashley Laura but you can call me Laura. I’m in desperate need of a beta reader and I’m willing to be one in return. I actually critique books for Literary Lunes Magazine so it’s not unfamiliar territory. None of my novels have been published, but let’s face it it’s because I don’t always finish. Haha.

    The story I’m currently working on is an young adult book about a girl named Nina who isn’t quite normal no matter how much she wishes she is. Her family is Native American and they have all been blessed with certain gifts. She ran away from her home when her parents and tribe to force a prophecy on her. The story starts when she gets to her grandparents and they enroll her in public school. It’s going to be at least two books, possibly three. If anyone’s willing please let me know! I’m looking for trust worthy people. Contact me at sparrowluvr2 [at] gmail [dot] com

    • I forgot to mention I’m not with an agent though I am looking for one. The book series I’m in love right now is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I generally read a lot of YA novels. 🙂

      • Shaina

        Do you still need someone to read your work?


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  • Lexi East

    I’m half way through editing the second draft of my contemporary YA novel. Purely fluff about a girl coming into her own and learning some hard lessons like 1) you should never let your boyfriend talk you into anything with lasting consequences especially if it’s a (unfortunately shaped) tattoo. Second: It sucks way worse to get picked up for underage drinking when you’re sober. And D) never ever fall for your ex boyfriends older brother.

    I’ve got a whole lot of nevers. Never been published, never had an agent, never written a whole novel, etc.
    I’m looking for total up front honesty and timely criticism as well as a little bit of cheerleading in which I’m totally willing and eager to do the same for you.
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

    • Shaina

      Are you still interested in a partner? I don’t write, but I sure would love to read.


  • K.Pierce

    Hello There,

    My book is in the beginning stages. I have a little over 50 pages of continuous story as well as pages of ideas and notes I’m working with. It’s about a girl who’s parents vanished when she was 15. Now, 5 years later she is still trying to figure out what exactly happened to them. The day she turned 17 she started seeing people and places that didn’t belong. Strangers who seem to appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. Buildings that reflect what they used to be and not what they are now. Old cars driving down streets and modern cars driving through old fields. And then there’s the mystery of Darcy, one of the specters who is very different than the others and who appears much more often. She knows if she can just figure out what they mean, she could figure out where her parents are.

    I read a lot of YA, along with Syfy and fantasy, classics, and then a huge collection of various books that have been recommended to me or that I have happened to find. Series I’m in love with currently are The Infernal Devices and The Wheel of Time. I’m new to the writing world other than little stories here and there. But this is my first adventure into a novel. The creative juices were going crazy while I was pregnant with my first spawn and I was afraid that they would leave as soon as I had him. But alas, they are still flowing and I am having a grand time writing away.

    If you’re interested in being critique partners please let me know! My e-mail is karalpierce @ gmail . com.


  • Rachel Shapiro

    Hello, all. I’m currently writing a young adult contemporary. It’s about a broken-hearted boy and a dying girl who go on a road trip to find a spring that may possibly grant immortality. I’m about to finish the second draft of it, and then I plan to start working towards the goal of finding an agent and hopefully, someday in the far future, getting published! The book I last read that epitomizes me as the reader is definitely The Book Thief, and it’s also one of my favorite books of all time. If you’re interested feel free to email me at

  • Bobbie

    On the off-chance that someone is still reading this months later, here goes. I actually took part in this when it first happened, but only by replying to other people’s posts not actually posting myself, and it didn’t work out which is a shame. Anyway, I’m based in the UK and have in the process of trying to find an agent for my YA contemporary fantasy. I know those two words don’t usually go together but it’s the best way I can describe it. It’s probably a parallel world or something but I don’t like defining it like that. Just imagine if everything was the same, except there are dragons. And dragon Riders, who are sexy and powerful and dangerous. Interested?

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  • Katya

    Hello! My name’s Katya. My book is YA and it’s a fantasy novel about psychics, not-psychics, and gargoyles. I don’t yet have an agent. 🙂 And as for a book that displays who I am as a reader… probably The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

    • finn

      hi, are you still looking for a critique partner?

      • Katya

        yep! 🙂

      • finn

        I’m Finn,
        I write a lot of fantasy, about mythical beasties mostly. i really love the rare/unsung mythical monsters that always get over looked. i’m working on a book right now about a group of kids that are very different and very unique mythical animal. from hollow backed fairies to inuit selkies.
        and the last really good book i read would of had to be The Diviners (not totally done but close enough to say that i love it)

        sound interesting?

      • Katya

        Sorry this is so late! and wow! I really liked the Diviners. It was such a well-written book. That sounds really interesting, for sure 🙂

      • finn

        its all good, better late then never 😀 the historical accuracy in the Diviners was absolutely fantastic. not just the facts but the voice and view of the characters was just so well done. my email is
        swap pages and see how it goes?

      • LiteraryEllyMay

        Interested in another crit partner? I’ve been focusing on short stories more lately but I’m also working on a fantasy YA novel involving fantastical creatures (e.g. harpies, chimeras, level-headed teenagers…). It’s been my NaNo novel for the last two years.

        My writing also tends to favor the forgotten mythological beasties, as well, so your comment caught my eye.

      • finn

        oh ya, send me an an email! chimeras are the best!

      • LiteraryEllyMay

        Sweet! Will do. 🙂

      • Carey

        Still looking? 🙂 My name is Carey, and I’m looking for a CP! My novel, a YA fantasy novel, involves the difference between wrong and right, werewolves, assassins, lots of ass-kicking, confused villans, magic, ghosts, wilderness, an evil government, and cliff jumping. I am done with the first draft of the novel, and the first edits of it will be done in a couple of weeks (fingers-crossed). I’m aiming to use this book as the prequel to my series.

      • finn

        if you were commenting to me (i might of mistakenly got the alert, if so sorry XD) sure! id love to swap pages! shoot me an email!

    • Faine

      Hi Katya, I’m actually reading The Night Circus at the moment! It’s so beautifully written. In case you’re still looking for a crit partner, I love the sound of your novel and am keen to hear more. My WIP is the first in a YA trilogy about damage, redemption and the pursuit of freedom, set in the British wilderness. If you’re interested in swapping chapters, shoot me an email at 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Phoebe Wilton-Stuart

    Hey, I’m Phoebe. My book is the first part in what I hope to be a Young Adult fantasy/dystopian trilogy and is about a girl plunged into a city where the inhabitants are lead to believe they are living normal lives when really they are all being held as prisoners of the high race Altus Gens. A book that epitomizes me as a reader would probably be the books from The Raven Cycle. I do not have an agent.

  • Faine

    Hi everyone! My name’s Faine. My novel is the first in a YA trilogy about damage, redemption and the pursuit of freedom. It’s full of folklore and history and sufficiently angst-ridden characters and is set in the British wilderness. The last brilliant book I read and loved is Maggie’s The Scorpio Races (I’m not sucking up, I promise!), though I also tore through Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking trilogy. I’m looking for readers / crit partners for early pieces of my manuscript. Let me know 🙂

    • Carey

      Hey Faine! Your book sounds awesome! My name is Carey, and I’m looking for a CP too! My book is the starter to a YA fantasy series about an evil government, magic, werewolves, a revolution, and assassins. My characters are pretty angsty too, plus mine has some Maine wilderness 🙂 I have finished the first draft of the book, and I’ll be starting revisions on it soon so it can be read within a month or two! Let me know if you’re interested in swapping chapters.

      • Faine

        Hey Carey! Sounds great!! I’m in the revision/redrafting stage at the moment, so I’m pretty much in the same boat as you – full readable manuscript will be ready in a month or two. (Also, I love that we’re both working on series projects rather than single novels, because it means we’re both tossing around big-scale ideas and complicated plotting … we understand each other! hahah.) My email is – drop me a message and we can have a chat / swap some early chapters 🙂

      • von1trice .

        Wow Carey, your book sounds extremely interesting! I’m writing a YA fantasy as well with magic, a military, a twisted government, and bizarre twists and spins. Interested?

      • Carey

        Well thank you! 🙂 And awesome! Yes, I’m interested! Email me at, and we can talk that way!

  • Ari Lessiers

    Hi I’m Ari!

    Not sure if this is still going!

    I’m currently revising my YA Dark Fantasy. The story is POV of the children of a dark Lord, brought up to lead a dark army in a war that has never been won. Sort of the opposite of the good vs evil stories out there. (I tend to root for the bad guys generally)

    I don’t have an agent, I’ll start querying this year once the book is nice and polished! The book I loved the most recently was Siege and Storm #2 In Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha series. It shares a similar tone (darker YA fantasy) to what I’m writing at the moment. I’d also mention Nix’s Abhorsen series as probably off the same shelf in a bookstore!

    I can be reached at

    • finn

      are you still looking? that sounds really interesting!

      • Ari Lessiers

        Hey Finn,
        I only started looking yesterday! I’m currently revising my book, was hoping to have a rough version ready by Jan, this wouldn’t be super polished, in fact I’m looking for crit at this early stage for story issues. Wanna drop me an email? we can do what Maggie suggests above and swap pages to see how well we fit.

      • finn

        cool! shot you an email!

  • Kaylee Pratt

    Hey everybody, my name is Kaylee.

    My YA novel showcases amnesia, borderline alcoholism, roommates who show up stabbed in the side, fallen guardian angels, potential half-demons, running from the past, and the horrific reality of falling in love.

    Meet Jace, an amnesiac who’s only been awake for three months.
    Meet Skye, the girl of his dreams… Literally.

    The two collide in a whirlwind of awkward first kisses, all the while avoiding their intensely opposing lifestyles.

    I don’t have an agent and am only 50 pages/2100 words into this one.
    You can reach me at

    Books that I love: Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver series and Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.

  • Camryn Garrett

    Hi, everyone! I’m Camryn.

    My YA novel is about a road trip to New York City that helps them escape from isolation and their neglectful families, but most importantly, a forgotten mother. It involves girl who’s been living in a tree house for as long as she can remember and who is transported into a different child’s dreams every day for a year, a boy who’s best friend has been a weird girl he sees in his dreams ever since he quit playing the cello, and Walden the laptop.

    I don’t have an agent and finished this first draft during NaNoWriMo, so I’ll probably still be editing for a month or two. My favorite novels (that I can think of right now) are Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, Eleanor and Park, If I Stay, and Before I Fall.

    • JC

      Hi Camryn, I’m JC. Your WIP sounds awesome–I’ve always loved reading and writing about road trips–and your favourite novels are some of mine as well. If you’re still looking for a CP, my NaNoWriMo project is a YA contemporary ghost story. I’d love to talk more/swap pages/see what you think! 🙂

  • von1trice .

    Hi everyone! My name is Desiree or Devon. My book is a suspenseful YA military/ fantasy adventure. I have a very flexible schedule, moderate critiquing experience, a healthy fascination with all fantasy elements, and I love to read. My story revolves around mystical creatures, military training, suspense, mystery, humor and danger. If you’re interested, please contact me. Thanks. ^_^ I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Phoebe Wilton-Stuart

      Hey there, your book sounds interesting and I was wondering if you’re still looking for another Critique Partner? My book is what I hope to be a trilogy in the Fantasy/Dystopian area and focuses on revolution, rebellion, friendship, supernatural happenings and such. The first book focuses on Jax, the lead protagonist along with her friends and their attempt to escape Bendbrooke, a seemingly normal city that has everyone living there under the impression they are leading normal lives. Flick me an email at if you’re interested 🙂

  • Carey

    Hey guys! My name is Carey, and I’m looking for a CP! My novel, a YA fantasy novel, involves the difference between wrong and right, werewolves, assassins, lots of ass-kicking, confused villans, magic, ghosts, wilderness, an evil government, and cliff jumping. I am done with the first draft of the novel, and the first edits of it will be done in a couple of weeks (fingers-crossed). I’m aiming to use this book as the prequel to my series, so if you’re interesting shoot me a shoot! Thanks! 🙂

    • Phoebe Wilton-Stuart

      Hi Carey, 🙂 My name’s Phoebe and I am also in the process of editing a first draft for the first novel in what I hope to be a trilogy, Insurgo. It’s a Fantasy/Dystopian story that will include revolutions, rebellion, friendship, supernatural happenings and such. The first book focuses on the protagonist, Jax and her friends attempting to escape Bendbrooke, a seemingly normal city that has everyone living there under the impression they are living simple “Earth” lives. You’re story sounds like something I’d enjoy and hope to work with you! Thanks. 🙂

      • Carey

        Phoebe, your book sounds interesting! It seems we have similar tastes with our writing. Shoot me an email at, and we can chat some more! 🙂 Thanks and have a blessed day.

    • JC

      Hi Carey, I’m JC. 🙂 Your project seems like a lot of fun, and exactly the type of book I’d love to write/read. I write YA spec fic and contemporary, and I’m looking for a long term CP to crit with/bounce ideas off of and all that. If you think we might be a good match, I’d love to talk some more, swap chapters, and maybe partner up. Thanks!

      • Carey

        Hello JC! Thanks for messaging me. I love to sound of that! It’s just what I’m looking for too! Go ahead and shoot me an email at so we can chat some more! Have a blessed day.

    • Camryn Garrett

      Hi Carey! Your book sounds super interesting (especially since I’m outlining a novel that’s kind of like it, only without cliff jumping, ghosts, and werewolves. That is, as of right now anyway.) My YA novel that I finished during NaNo is about a road trip to New York City that helps two kids escape from isolation and their neglectful families, but most importantly, look for a forgotten mother. It involves girl who’s been living in a tree house for as long as she can remember and who is transported into a different child’s dreams every day for a year, a boy who’s best friend has been a weird girl he sees in his dreams ever since he quit playing the cello, and Walden the laptop.

      • Carey

        Hello Camryn! Thank you for sending me a comment, and thanks for the compliments! Werewolves, cliff jumping, and ghosts are awesome. If you can put them in your book, do it. Your book sounds extremely interesting and nothing like I’ve heard before! Send me an email at so we can talk some more! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  • Amy

    Hi 🙂 I’m Amy and I’m looking for a crit partner for my YA/NA novels. I write fantasy, both contemporary and secondary-world, though not high fantasy. I’m not up to the agent-hunting stage yet with novels (I suck at committing to editing them when I don’t have a reader to push me onwards ;)), but I do have several short stories published with various magazines and presses, and a non-fic book on worldbuilding under contract at the moment. I’m also a high school English teacher, so other people’s editing? Can do! :o)

    • Imagine_BsB

      Hello! Are you still interested :)? I love fantasy-but-not-high-fantasy and I’d really love to help you, as well as to be helped by you :D! I’m Italian, so I’ll have to translate my stories… Could you try and help me with my language mistakes, too?

  • Amanda

    General: My name’s Amanda. I’m a college student. English and Accounting (that equates to extreme organized chaos). I have an agent. I write YA fantasy of an uncertain sub-genre (and sometimes I write SF).

    My WIP: YA fantasy with historical/urban elements.
    Tagline: In order to prevent her brother from facing execution for murder, 16yo acrobat Gabrielle jeopardizes her dream of becoming the star of her circus and teams up with a criminal mastermind who has dangerous plans to unleash chaos on the city.

    What I’m Looking for in a CP: Someone who takes their writing seriously but is open to blunt, thorough critique (I go hard, but I’m always nice. Promise.). Preferably someone who writes YA. I’d love a CP who is good with balancing plot and characterization. And somewhat okay with handling my insanity (I will attempt to wrestle everything in my mind into a single email and it will be messy. I apologize in advance.)

    Me as a CP: I can do both big picture and line editing. For big picture revisions, I’m particularly good at characterization (though not in my own writing), plot structure, and world-building. For line editing, I will find your grammatical errors, unnatural dialogue, overused and unnecessary words, and awkward phrasing (awkward is my favorite word). I can be a tad slow getting back because of schoolwork but I always try to stay on top of it.

    • Camryn Garrett

      Hi Amanda! I read the tagline of your WIP and was hooked. It sounds awesome, and like something I’d love to read. If you email me at, maybe we could talk about trading a few pages with each other?

    • Karrie

      Hi Amanda! I’d love to trade chapters with you. I’m writing YA contemporary with dark themes (bullying, social anxiety, suicide). I’m looking for someone who can do look at characterization / plot / pacing. I also happen to train in some circus arts so I think we could make a good pair! E-mail me at and let’s chat 🙂

    • Ann Carpenter

      Hi, are you still looking for CPs? I also write YA, although mine’s contemporary.
      But based on the fact you like Seraphina and Doctor Who, I’d love to read a chapter of yours.
      runningatnight AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested

    • Takara

      Hi Amanda. Naruto’s my fav. Not sure if you’re still looking for CP. But really interested in your plot. I’m writing YA paranormal romance + adventure. If you’re interested email sunnykk99(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Leanne Bridges

    Can we have a 2014 Critter search please Maggie?

    • Yes, please! I’m really looking forward to the possibility of finding a crit partner!

      Although I completely understand that Maggie might be a touch busy satisfying our need to read more Raven Cycle books…

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